3D Shapes fonts / EPS vector designs inc. globes, cubes for word, corelDRAW, Photoshop etc

3d font shapes for word, psp globes

Works with: Photoshop, Elements, Pages, Illustrator, PSP, Indesign, Affinity Designer etc

Format: TTF, EPS

License: Extended Commercial, royalty free

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3D Shapes / fonts gallery (Volume 43) 100 Vector 3D shapes for Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Affinity Photo, PSP, Photoshop, Elements, Paint Shop Pro, CorelDRAW and others. The set includes black holes, spheres, globe 3D shapes, warped, sketchy artworks, distorted shapes and more. They are easy to use via the text / type tools and typeface dropdown in most applications. Add the design by simply typing the character and then set the size and color and manipulate the artwork in many more ways.


The set is supplied in TTF true type along with EPS for use on the PC and MAC. The EPS artworks can be loaded quickly via the open and place command of many different applications such as Photoshop and PSP and can then be used as layers. You can also edit them using tools such as Adobe Illustrator and Affinity Designer and Inkscape. They can be distorted, turned into native formats (though this varies from app to app), used as a source for stunning brushes and much more.


All can be used to create items for sale such as books, illustrations, adverts, mugs, posters, packaging and others. The set is by Andrew Buckle (of graphicxtras.com). All are for commercial use as well as for any personal projects. On purchase of the set, you receive the full extended license for their use.


On purchase of the 3D shapes set you receive the TTF and EPS along with documentation and gallery and notes and serial.

cube font shapes 3D vectors spotted lines 3d font shapes

** USD $6.99 (Fastspring)

3D Fonts gallery (Volume 22) 105 Graphic designs including hollows, thin, drawn, outline, sketched cubes, double edge cubes, grained cubes and more for Adobe ® PS Elements, XPress and other applications.

3d font shape 3d font shape 3d font shape