Photoshop / Elements shapes : 3D

Updated: February 6th, 2015

cube custom shapes for Photoshop and Elements outline  in red vectors

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3D Shapes for Photoshop CSH (#50)

100 3D shapes for Photoshop CC CS4 CS3 CS2 CS6 CS5 14 13 12 Elements 7 6 2014 etc includes boxes, rough cube shapes, thin cubes, rough 3D, distorted, hollow cube, textured cube 3D, embossed, perspective and others.


Commercial (CU4CU) use, all royalty free, use them to create logos, books, adverts, documentation, leaflets, items for sale on etc


CSH Photoshop format - load by double clicking the file or via the presets palette.


PC and MAC OS X.


The cube / 3D custom shapes can be combined in millions of different ways to create even more amazing and unique graphics - you can re-color them, add effects, use as brushes, add additional items, tweak them, warp, blend and combine, export for use in other apps and much more. The 3D cube shapes are all vector shapes for any size of Photoshop work.


On buying, you receive the shapes along with documentation giving details about the installation as well as basic use in Adobe PS and elements + gallery + serial

 globe pdf  colorful for elements CC

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Gradient Spheres for PSP etc PDF (#30)

120 3D Shapes / gradient / sphere themed for use in Adobe PS, PSP, Illustrator and many other apps.


PDF format for PC and MAC OS X, all vectors for any size of work


Commercial (CU4CU) use. All the 3D shapes for Adobe PS and others are by Andrew Buckle / You can use them to create all kinds of work such as logos, books, mugs, posters, scrap booking, cards, leaflets and much more


On purchase, you receive the PDF files along with documentation and gallery and serial.


PDFs are all standard Adobe Acrobat format files for use on the PC and MAC. In PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format, you can quickly convert all the PDFs into JPG and PNG etc files of any size.

PDF Artworks cubes curled stars

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3D Extrude shapes for PSP etc PDF (#34)

100 3D / mixed 3D shapes for Adobe ® Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro GIMP and others.


Commercial (CU4CU) use artworks, all the wonderful resources are by and can be used to create items for sale.


All the extrusions are in PDF (Adobe Acrobat format) format and can be quickly converted to any size of PNG or JPG etc file.

globe  wireframe custom vectors elements

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3D Globe shapes for Photoshop CSH (#30)

50 Globe / sphere custom shapes including black holes, balls, cylinders, thin wires and more for Adobe ® Photoshop and Elements for CC CS6 CS5.5 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 7 6 (all versions of the creative suites) and elements as well as PS15 - 6.


PC and MAC OS X.


Use the globes in 1000s of your projects. The artworks can also be used in PS Elements 13-1 so can be used with the powerful Elements' cookie cutter tool.


Commercial (CU4CU) use.

3D Shapes for Photoshop and Elements


cubed basic


Outline artworks


filled item in red


You can fill the items with all kinds of color


multiple blocks and different color


You can use them once or multiple times. You can re-color them in 1000s of ways


textured face


Many different items are included in the set


colorful faces


The PDFs include many different colorful items


Animations in Photoshop

You can use them in multiple ways in PS, you can even animate them as layers (as well as pixels added to a layer). You can create multiple layers with the items and then go to the timeline (window menu) and create a video timeline for the various objects.


globe and elements pdf


They can be any size in Adobe PS and others. The sets include a vast range of different exciting graphics such as the above one including a mix of complex gradients to give the illusion of a sphere


You can set the duration / number of frames for that particular vector item as well as set various variable options such as the style (if you add a gradient overlay, say) as well as the opacity of that layer and also the position of the layer (so you can move the item over time from the start to end (or not, you can have the item stall half way through the video). You can then change the color as well as the stroke etc of all the items used.

Cookie cutter

They can be used as standard shapes in Elements but they can also be used as cookie cutters as well.


Select the cookie cutter tool and then you will see the various options on the top options bar such as the path (which can be any of the vector CSH) as well as feathering and also crop (which will crop the entire document to the size of the vector graphic). If the crop is not set to ON then the result is just placed in the original location (feathered or not) with the full document and all the image outside of the cookie cutter removed. While applying the cookie cutter in PSE, you can constrain the proportions as well as rotate and scale and shear.


spheres globe  shiny purple balls elements


They can be used once or multiple times - use the alt key to duplicate the layers in seconds


Once you have the cookie cutter shape, you can always re-apply another cookie cutter to chop even more away. You can use the end result as a wonderful source for strokes as well as patterns. You can also use visual effects to the cookie cutter.


If you want to have the original image as well as cookie cutter shape then before using the tool, simply duplicate the layer as many times as you wish and use the cookie cutter on those (in different locations if you wish) and you can then also combine those multiple cut layers using blending modes such as difference and multiply and overlay and exclusion etc.


There are many videos on my youtube channel giving some uses for the cookie cutter



A quick guide to recoloring the items (youtube) You can also find many other videos about the CSHs as well as the PDFs via the website and the graphicxtras channel.


If you have any particular questions about them please contact us on and I will try and create a video about the subject

3D Shapes - PDF and opening the files

The PDFs can be opened via the open command of Photoshop and many other applications as well as the place command. If you open the graphic via the place command, the image is made into a smart object / layer and can be quickly blended with other elements.


intense blue on orange


Many different wireframe globe are included in the set and they include many intense line works for your projects


With the latest versions of Creative Cloud / Adobe PS then you can also add the PDF file to the new dynamic libraries (October 2014) and these can then be selected at any point in the future and used in PS / Illustrator as well as on different machines and also different OS

3D shapes - CSH and opening the files

The CSH can be opened by double clicking the CSH files and they are then loaded into the application. You can also place CSH 3D graphics into the presets folder of Photoshop or PS Elements and access the shapes via the s dropdown load / replace commands.


basic  elements CC CS3 CS2 wireframe


The globes for Adobe PS and PS Elements can be applied in any color, black above


In some versions you can load the CSH vectors via the preset manager menu command found in the edit menu.

What can I do with them after purchase ?

You can use them to create commercial as well as personal use, you can use them to create new items that can be in turn used to create new items for sale (CU4CU). You can use them to create logos, posters, documentation, items for sale on zazzle and cafe press etc, mugs, coasters etc.


If you have any questions about them, please contact us on


globe wireframe  blue on black background


The globe / wireframe can be combined with all kinds of art in Adobe PS and elements such as a circular background shape in black

PDF shapes - convert them to PNG ?

Yes, simply open the PDF files and then save them via the save command as PNG. You can also use visual effects etc and then save the PDF to PNG (as well as other formats such as JPG, really depends on what applications you want to use with the work.


You can also open the PDFs in llustrator and then export them as AI or other vector formats such as SVG which can be used quickly on any number of web pages (such as this one)

CSH - converting the 3D shapes to other formats

Apply them to an image and then go to the save command to export the images as a PNG image is the quickest and easiest way of saving the artwork - you can al also do the same on a new layer and delete thebackground to save the artwork and the transparency and this means you can easily slot this PNG into most other images as well as video applications such as Cyberlink PowerDirector or After Effects.


As the items can be any size, you can save the PNG file as 100 x 100 or 500 x 500 or 10000 x 10000 etc 600 DPI or 300 DPI etc as required.


They can be applied once or multiple times, effects can be applied as well as adjustments etc to create millions of wonderful paths to use in other projects. With the latest version of Creative Cloud (2014.2) you can now add the CSH paths to the dynamic libraries and they can then be used in Illustrator without the need to copy and paste as in previous versions.

Three dimensional ? ?

No, they are no use if you are looking for OBJ etc files and for use in various apps such as Poser or Lightwave etc but they can be used in the PS Extended app - they are still basically flat graphics but with a three dimensional look