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2000 Animal custom shapes for Photoshop CC 2015 CS3 CS2 CS1 CS5 CS6 CS4 elements 2014 including dogs, cats, birds, owls, insects, spiders, turtles, horses, frogs, cows, panthers, sharks, centipedes, realistic, butterflies, bears, silhouettes, thin edge, sketched, sharks, robins and many more. The set includes 21 different sets of CSH files, approx 100 different items for each (i.e 100 dogs, 100 horses, 100 bears, 100 insects). The sea creatures set also includes fish, sharks, seals, crabs and many others. The insects set includes spiders, cockroaches, centipedes and many more. Commercial (CU4CU), no time limits on their use. All are are by Andrew Buckle / Use them to create items for sale, templates, logos, books, wallpaper, scrap, kits, adverts, documents, video, packaging and much more. Access them via the open command as well as via the presets palette. You can then apply them in 1000s of ways such as blend them, combine, modify, export to other applications, use as new resources within Adobe PS and so much more. The set includes the 21 CSH presets along with a Thumbnails as well as documentation. The set for Adobe ® Photoshop are all in CSH.

Animal custom shapes for Adobe ® Photoshop and Elements


How to open them ????

The sets includes the graphics in CSH. You can also load them via the presets palette load / replace command and browse for the CSH files. You can also place the CSH files in the presets folder and then access them by name in the dropdown list of the presets palette. You can also add them to the palette by double clicking the CSH file or right clicking the CSH file and selecting the open with PS. You can also load them via the edit menu preset manager. They are loaded via the open command of Adobe PS in some versions



How to access them via the preset browser ???

Just select the preset from the presets palette - you will notice that there are many different poses of dogs / bears / insects as well as types such as hand drawn, realistic, cut, smudged, pencils, edged, silouettes and many more - this is the same with many of the other sets in the collection - so you will find realistic cats, scratchy cats, rough bears and more. Select the path via the palette and apply using the current set color or layer effect depending on the selected option in the PS control bar. If you wish to swap one set with another, simply go to the presets palette and select the replace command and browse for the new set - all the items that are currently stored in the palette will be removed and replaced with the new set. If you have added any new presets to the palette then a dialog will appear asking if you wish to save the changes to a CSH file. You can, if you wish, load all of the vectors into a single palette - this should be possible but I must admit, I haven't tried. You should be able to load them all in Adobe PS CC CS6 but earlier versions may have issues with trying to load too many.



How to use them as a source for brush strokes ??

You can use them in 1000s of ways but you might also wish to use them as tiles / strokes and use them as other resources within Adobe PS - it is very easy to convert the vectors to other formats via the edit menu define commands. Simply add the vectors to a layer or a background (they can be used to any size as they are vectors so they can be used to create 1000 x 1000 brushes etc) and then use the edit menu to save the path to a new resource set for use in later projects (you will still have to use the save command in that palette to save them for permanent re-use). You can apply them once or multiple times, you can interweave them in Adobe PS with effects as well as layer effects and then save the vectors as strokes. You can do this action in any versions of Adobe PS from version 6 onwards.



How to use them as layers / paths ??

The vectors can be added in three different ways : layer, path and fill - they each have their pros and cons. The layer and path option does allow for the use of the cats / dogs / birds etc as vectors and they can be re-sized at any point in the create process - you can also apply layer effects to the layers. The paths can be also used as a source for selections and masks. You can also alter the actual form of the artwork while keeping the item editable. The fill layer can be applied to any size of document but it is a lot harder to modify them at a later point (unless you add the artwork to a layer and just delete the layer). All three formats can be combined as well as exported. The layers / path can be exported as vectors, the fill can be exported as a raster format file such as a PNG image. They can all be merged with the background image.



What can I do with them ???

They can be used to create items for commercial / personal use; you can also use them to create items that can be used to create items for sale CU4CU. They can be used to create items such as books, items for sale on CafePress and Zazzle and many others, you can use them to create mugs, t-shirts, fashions, posters, ceramics and much more.



How to convert them for use in other applications ???

They are in CSH. You can't use the CSH in other applications so what can you do if you want to use them in other apps ??? Well, if the other application is Illustrator then it is fairly easy as you can apply the graphic as a vector layer or path and then just copy that from Adobe PS and paste into Illustrator and it can then be saved as an AI vector format file. You can also use the layer and save that via the export command in Adobe PS. The cats / dogs etc can also be saved as a vector via the PDF and also PSD format file. If you want to save them as a raster format file then simply add the artwork as a fill pixel (#ia the top menu options) and then save that to PNG via the save command (you can also save it as a TIFF etc file as well). You can also use visual effects etc to create even more amazing graphics for other applications. If you apply the artwork to a layer and then delete the background and then save the cat / dog / bird etc as a PNG image you can save the transparency for loading in other applications (useful for Painter as well as PSP and other applications).



What is included in the set ?

















Sea creatures





Bear / cat / cat / butterfly / frog / crab / panther / rabbit / owl / different examples / screenshot