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Antique Tile and historical and vintage pattern Photoshop / PSP designs

antique tiles photoshop patterns added to a layer with thick line and thin lines in white with red and mustard diamonds. The tile can be scaled as well as re-colored in 1000s of ways and it was created in an application called patterno which is available on the mac

Buy Price: $7

100 Antique tiles

100 Tiles for Adobe ® Photoshop ® CC 2017 / 2015 CS6 CS5 etc Elements PSP GIMP Pages Affinity Photo etc. PNG format Many beautiful antique tile themed designs are included in the set which can be re-colored and modified in countless ways using adjustments and effects. All the antique tiles are seamless artwork and all can be used to create commercial and personal work Antique tile patterns / colorful flooring and wall tiles for Photoshop, PSP, Indesign, Affinity Photo etc (Volume 97)


Buy Price: $7

100 Antique tiles

100 Colorful Photoshop tiles. PNG and PAT format Antique tile patterns gallery (Volume 59)

antique tile patterns for Photoshop screenshot antique tile patterns


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You can combine them in millions of ways with the other antique tiles or perhaps combine them with the other tiles for use in Photoshop etc such as the diamond patterns / sparkle tiles as well as diagonal and colorful line / stripe seamless patterns and weird and stretched colorful elastic patterns and more. You can use them as a wonderful set of powerful textures for brushes such as with the dot and spotty brushes and the beautiful lace brushes and intricate designs along with complex designs such lattice and line structure brushes etc


You can also use the antique tiles / historical patterns as great fills for designs such as custom shapes and fonts such as the letter and alphabetical decorative artworks and eps designs as well as other vector sets such as octagonal fonts and eps vector shape designs as well as Photoshop ornaments / decorative custom shapes and curved oval and elliptical custom shapes etc



You can find many tutorials on the antique tile patterns and others such as how to make lovely colorful triangle pattern designs in Photoshop tutorial and how to create stunning random colorful filled grid designs / square patterns tutorial and how to use the new search / help feature to explore commands and adobe stock in Photoshop On purchase of the set from our secure sales section, you receive the files along with notes and gallery and serial


green line antique tile patterns blue antique tile patterns antique tile patterns antique tile patterns antique tile patterns antique tile patterns antique tile patterns antique tile patterns antique tile patterns