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Updated: October 8th, 2014

arrow Photoshop shapes forr elements etc hollow outline

Arrow custom shapes for Photoshop gallery (#174)

100 Arrow custom shapes for Photoshop CC CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 Elements 2014 including many different direction arrow shapes, shadow arrow shapes, thin line arrow shapes and web designs . The Photoshop arrow shapes set includes the artworks in CSH and EPS format. PC and MAC OS X. The Photoshop arrow shapes artworks are loaded via the open command, shapes palette and used via the shapes palette. Commercial use. All are by Andrew Buckle / graphicxtras.com. Use the arrow shapes for Photoshop to create items for sale. If you have any questions about the arrow shapes, please contact us via support@graphicxtras.com FREE sampler to download

black and white  arrows

Arrow shapes gallery (#72) PDF

100 PDF vector shapes includes basic, complex resources, extruded, weird and many more for all kinds of stunning graphics work in PDF (Adobe Acrobat). The arrow shapes (for Adobe PS and others) commercial (CU4CU) use. Use the arrow shapes in Adobe PS, PS Elements, Apple Pages, Xara and many others. The arrow shapes for Adobe PS and others PDFs can be converted to other formats such as PNG or JPGs.

PDF  arrows vectors

Arrow shapes for Photoshop and PSP etc PDF gallery (#39)

160 PDFs, super colorful arrow shapes - wonderful arrow shapes vectors for all kinds of work. The arrow shapes (for Adobe PS and others) are for commercial (CU4CU), use to create items for sale and more. The arrow shapes are loaded into Photoshop, PS Elements and many other applications via the open command. PC and MAC OS X. Use the arrow shapes in Adobe PS, PS Elements, Adobe IND, Pages and many others. (#S39)

arrow shapes

Arrow custom shapes gallery (#164)

100 Stunning Photoshop arrow shapes including heads, shadows, hi-impact directions and many others. CSH vector format. On buying the Photoshop arrow shapes set you receive the download url (digital download) and receive the CSH presets containing the arrow shapes along with a thumbnail gallery and documentation. PC and MAC OS X.

Arrow shapes for Photoshop and Elements and PSP etc


arrow combination brushes arrow tile brush


Selection of different Photoshop arrow shapes in different colors in use in Adobe PS

arrow edge brush arrow tangle brush


The Photoshop arrow shapes can have shadows as well either via layer effects or by duplicating the path and then setting the color to a darker color; you can also use various effects as well as transforms to add even more interesting shadow effects or perhaps use the blur gallery to add subtle blurs (or use the blur tool found in the PS toolbox to add blurring to only part of the shadow path)

PDF arrow shapes for PSP etc

The PDFs are all vectors so the arrows can be any size, they are basically the equivalent of PNG and JPGs but they are vectors for any size of project - far more flexible. If you are not keen on PDFs, you can always quickly convert them into PNGs using various free application image conversion tools on the web - so you can then use the arrow shapes in PSP Painter etc in PNG.

Additional arrow shapes sets to buy

arrows custom shapes

Arrow shapes for Photoshop gallery (#22)

560 Arrow and direction custom shapes, curved, warped, doubles, sharp artworks and many more for Adobe ® Photoshop and Elements. Use the Photoshop arrow shapes in all versions of the Adobe Creative Suite. PC and MAC OS X. The Photoshop arrow shapes can be modified via the pen tool in Adobe PS, they can also be transformed, perspective applied, scaled, rotated, slanted and more.commercial (CU4CU) use arrow shapes, all the items can be used to create items for sale. All are by Andrew Buckle / graphicxtras.com

arrows custom shapes for Photoshop

Arrow shapes for Photoshop gallery (#58)

100 Arrow custom shapes including curved, embosseds, shadow, thin, raised, pulsed, circular presets, row sand many more for Adobe Photoshop CC CS6 CS5.5 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 7 6 and PS Elements. They can be combined, re-colored, modified , warped, distorted, blurred, effects added, layer effects added and much more. PC and MAC OS X. Commercial use, all royalty free, no credit is required

arrow photoshop shapes

Arrow shapes for Photoshop gallery (#84)

120 Arrow custom shapes - many wonderful and unique custom shape decorative graphics, all the artworks are vectors for any size of work. For Photoshop and Elements / Adobe CC. PC and MAC OS X. Use the arrow shapes for Photoshop in 1000s of your projects such as website creations and projects, packaging, documentation, galleries, brushes, textiles, logos and much more. They can be combined, modified, distorted, warped, exported, re-colored and more.


What can I do with the arrow shapes ??

A lot. They are for use in commercial work as well as personal work. You can use the arrow shapes for CU4CU. You can use them as logos, you can use them as book covers and interiors, DVD booklets, DVD templates, CD covers, illustrations, web pages, web sites, adverts, packaging, videos and much more. You can also use them as a great source for PSP etc brushes as well as picture tubes and nozzles. The CSH however are only for Adobe PS and PS Elements but the PDFs can be used in 100s of great applications on the PC and MAC

Arrow shapes videos

You can find all our videos about the custom shapes on the graphicxtras channel on youtube (there are lots of videos).


Arrow shapes as a linked smart object

You can combine multiple shapes and arrow designs and convert that layer into a smart object, from there you can convert to linked format (PSB) and save the design in situ for future projects. Re-import via the place command.

Arrow custom shapes for Adobe ® Photoshop

The arrow custom shapes are all vectors for any size of work. They are all stored in native Photoshop CSH and can be loaded into Photoshop via the open command as well as via the edit menu and also via the custom shapes palette load / replace commands. The Photoshop arrow shapes come in a vast range of different styles such as warped, multiples, blended, basic, crooked, weird and much more.


The arrow shapes can all be used via the Photoshop (and elements) toolbox custom shapes tool as well as via the Elements' cookie cutter tool also found in the PS toolbox. The arrow shapes can also be used with the powerful shape blur tool that can be used to create truly awesome blurring effects. The Photoshop arrow shapes can be applied as arrow layers, as arrow paths and as arrow fills.


They can be re-colored (they don't have to be just black) and they can be merged with other elements as well as blended, smudged, effects applied as well as exported to other applications. The Photoshop shapes can be used once or multiple times in the same image. The arrow shapes can also be used to create even more amazing resources for Adobe ® Photoshop and as the arrow shapes are vectors they can be used to create resources of any size.


arrow shape Photoshop Arrows


Apply the arrow shapes across different backgrounds, use once or multiple times in Adobe PS

arrow shape arrow shapes


Abstract arrow shape decorative graphics can be created as well as single standout arrow designs in Adobe PS


Physical Arrow products to buy

Sea fresh green arrow shape cushion / pillow

Pop art arrow stand out pillow

Cookie cutter

The arrow custom shapes can be used as standard shapes in Elements but they can also be used as cookie cutters as well. Select the cookie cutter tool and then you will see the various options on the top options bar such as the design (which can be any of the vector CSH) as well as feathering and also crop (which will crop the entire document to the size of the vector graphic). If the crop is not set to ON then the result is just placed in the original location (feathered or not) with the document and all the image outside of the cookie cutter removed. While applying the cookie cutter in PSE, you can constrain the proportions of the vector as well as shear, rotate and scale the item. Once you have the cookie cutter shape, you can always re-apply another arrow (or any other) cookie cutter to remove even more. You can use the end result as a wonderful source for strokes as well as patterns. You can also use visual effects to the cookie cutter.


If you want to have the original image as well as cookie cutter shape then before using the tool, simply duplicate the layer as many times as you wish and use the cookie cutter on those (in different locations if you wish) and you can then also combine those multiple cut layers using blending modes such as difference and darken and lighten etc