Art Nouveau brushes for Photoshop

Updated: October 26th, 2014

art nouveau brushes for Photoshop curved white black embellishments CC CS6 CS5

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Art nouveau brushes for Photoshop gallery (#23)

100 Art nouveau brushes for Photoshop CS2 CS3 CS4 CS1 CS6 CS5 Elements CC 14 13 2014 PSP GIMP Word Pages etc including hearts, curly, tangled forms, frames, circular and many more in ABR / PNG 300 DPI - wonderful edge and embossed and tile art nouveau / Edwardian period influenced themed brush strokes are included in the set. For 32bit as well as 64 bit Photoshop on the PC and MAC OS X. The art nouveau brushes (for Adobe PS and others) are mixed sizes, 300 DPI. They can be combined in millions of different ways to create 1000s and 1000s of wonderful images. All amazing, all unique graphics. Use the art nouveau brushes for Adobe PS and others to create millions of unique items / products. Very easy to use and apply. Commercial (CU4CU) use - use to create items for sale such as logos, books documents, adverts, cards, wrapping paper, phone casings and much more. All the items are by Andrew Buckle / They can also be used as a great source for amazing patterns, or as layers, as elements and more. FREE sampler to download

Art nouveau brushes for Adobe ® Photoshop and Elements


art nouveau brushes red swirly photoshop psp strokes


applied to a red background in Adobe PS

How to load art nouveau brushes - ABR

The ABR can be loaded into Photoshop by double clicking the ABR. They are all then loaded into the brushes palette in Adobe PS. You can also right click the ABR file and then select the open command.


The y can also be placed into the brushes presets folder of Photoshop and elements and then they can be loaded via the right side menu of the Photoshop brushes palette by name. You can also use the right side menu load / replace command to load and replace the art nouveau brushes into Photoshop. You can also use the preset manager found in the edit menu to do the same.


Once added into Adobe PS and elements, they can be selected via the brushes palette and used with most of the brush tools such as clone tool, mixer tool, art history tool, history tool, blur tool, brush tool, dodge tool, smudge tool and others


art nouveau brushes for Photoshop and elements glowing brush stroke using blur


Glowing in Adobe PS using the same stroke on a blurred background

art nouveau brushes rippled in Photoshop and elements filter gallery


They can be rippled / distorted etc via the plugins in Adobe PS to create distressed art - the above was created using the ripple filter

Art nouveau videos for Adobe PS / Corel PSP / elements etc

You can find a lot of information on the Photoshop / psp / gimp brushes etc via our graphicxtras video channel on All the videos are by Andrew Buckle. You can find out how to install, use with selections, how to modify, how to warp use visual effects, how to use them as layers, how to export, use as masks, use across RGB channels, use in different image modes, use as a source for other resources, how to convert them to Vector graphics and much more.


art nouveau pink background Photoshop brush strokes


Add them in any color

Use the art nouveau brushes as 3D graphics in Adobe PS

You can use the art nouveau brushes via the Photoshop 3D features (if you have Adobe creative cloud). Apply the PNG etc to a layer or open the art nouveau brush via the place command in Adobe PS. Select the new 3D extrusion from selected layer or new mesh from layer commands to create a 3D graphic.


The 3-D model can be re-modeled using a number of 3D features included in the application. You can also save the '3D' model via the 3D menu export 3D layer command as well as print to a 3D printer (if you have one). You can export the art nouveau 3D models to Collada DAE, Flash FL3, Google Earth format, STL format and Wavefront OBJ (a much more useful format - especially for me as I use the format with Poser). You can then use the 3D results in other graphic applications as well as using the models in 3D printing


art nouveau brushes for Photoshop stained glass random color fill


They can combined and can be used as a template for stained glass colorful random fills in Adobe PS and psp etc

Saving the art nouveau brushes

You can also modify them by applying effects, perhaps erasing parts of the image or adding to it and then you can re-save the entire image via the edit menu define command. Once you have added to the palette, you can also save the current set to a new ABR. The ABR will be in the current format (such as Photoshop CC) and this file format may not be readable in earlier versions of Adobe PS or elements.

Art nouveau brushes as layers in Adobe PS and others

Using them as layers by using the place command in Adobe PS, you can combine multiple art nouveau brushes layers as well as duplicate the same to create 1000s of unique graphics.


As layers, they can be used as hi-impact smart objects in Adobe PS and can be transformed (such as scaled, rotated, slanted etc), modified and more and combined with smart filters (which can be removed and / or changed at any point in your creative process).


The PS layers can also be combined with layer styles to add drop shadows and pattern overlays and glow effects and contoured bevels to the art nouveau brushes (you can also turn them into metal effects and faded art nouveau brushes and plastic effects and gels and millions of other styles).



art nouveau tangled brushes layer effects with stroke applied for Photoshop and psp


They can be applied to layers and layers can have layer effects applied in Adobe PS (such as strokes etc)

art nouveau emblem circular  for Photoshop and psp in white and green


They can be added once or multiple times in Adobe PS. In the above image one of the art nouveau brush has been applied to a single background shape

What can I do with the art nouveau brushes for Photoshop, elements etc ?

You can use them to create commercial as well as personal use items, you can use them to create items that can be used in turn to create new items for sale CU4CU. You can use them to create items such as logos, textiles, fashions, t-shirts, cards, books, frames, wrapping paper, adverts, video, textiles, ornaments, scrap booking items, mugs, website creations and projects, templates, caps, packaging, posters, items for sale on and much more.


art nouveau brushes photoshop frames and other elements added paths


They can be used as brushes but they can be used as layers and masks and frames etc in Adobe PS

How to load the art nouveau brushes in Corel PSP etc?

The (if the PNG images are included - this varies from set to set) PNG images need to be opened via the open command in Corel PaintShop Pro and then select the brush tools and display the brushes palette, you will find the commands to save the current selection as a custom tool.


If you are using Corel Painter, load the files and then use the Painter brush controls and capture dab to use the dabs with the oil / charcoal etc features of Painter.


art nouveau text brushes for Photoshop and elements


They can be combined in many different ways with text / type - great for frames as well

art nouveau brushes combined with text using paths


They can be combined with text - use the stroke / selection to create a work path for the text on a path

art nouveau shadow brushes layer effects Photoshop embellishments


They can be applied in any color and on any layer, if used on a layer you can also add color overlays as well as a shadow

art nouveau shadow effects and double layer style in Photoshop orange blue


They can have styles applied, you can also rasterize the style layer and then add a new shadow to the brush (as well as the original shadow). The stroke was then modified by a camera raw filter to add highlights and under exposed area.

art nouveau brush tiles for Photoshop - large and small tile rows in colors


They can be used in any color and in any combinations such as the tiles above in black along the top row and white (smaller) along the bottom row of the image.

angle jitter art nouveau brushes applied to a frame in Photoshop


You can use the angle jitter feature found in the palette of Photoshop to add randomly rotated presets onto a frame surrounding a sea blue green background. Any can be applied and you can always alternate the brushes or randomly select the brush from the palette (it would be a nice feature if the item could randomly select the brush tip from the selection - that feature does not appear to exist in Adobe PS)

art nouveau brushes opacity 10% in Photoshop for backgrounds and overlays


They can be used to create interesting and subtle watermarks or overlays or backgrounds by setting the opacity to 10% instead of going for the full 100%

art nouveau brushes and blending modes difference in Photoshop


The art nouveau Photoshop brushes do not need to be applied in just normal blending mode, you can always use them in darken / subtract, exclusion, divide, difference (as above) etc