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Updated: August 24th, 2015

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colorful patterns for Photoshop mixed seamless tiles for psp and others

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Colorful background patterns for Photoshop gallery (#32)

100 Color backgrounds seamless tiles for Photoshop CS4 CS3 CS1 CS5 CS6, DRAW, PSP, Elements (PAT + JPG format) includes super colorful tiles, golden glow designs, blue tiles, spots and more. The patterns are also for Adobe Creative Cloud.


The colorful patterns can be used on the PC and MAC OS X as well as Linux and also Android and iOS and other platforms. The colorful background patterns for Adobe PS and others can be re-colored and modified and distorted and exported and more.


The colorful background patterns for Adobe PS and others are all for commercial (CU4CU) use. They are all for use to create items for sale. 300 DPI mixed sizes. The colorful patterns can be mixed, combined, distorted, used as source for Adobe ® Photoshop brushes, used with effects, exported to other applications and much more. The patterns can be used in the layer effects Pattern overlay; fill pattern layers; as textures in bevels; in fills. Use the patterns as wonderful layers that can be combined in millions of unique ways. Use the mixed colorful tiles as a source for amazing new brushes. For PSP, install the colorful patterns in the patterns folder of Paint Shop Pro. See the documentation for other applications for installation details.


If you have any questions, please contact us via support@graphicxtras.com. On buying, you receive the download link to the patterns as well as documentation and a gallery and also a serial number for any future updates of the patterns set. Free patterns download

Background patterns for Photoshop and Elements

background patterns for Photoshop screenshot



Background patterns - scripted patterns in Adobe PS CC

The latest version of Photoshop CC now uses the patterns in even more amazing ways. To use the new pattern features in Adobe PS, go to the edit menu and fill command and select the pattern option and select a pattern (preferably one with transparency otherwise you will see square pattern tiles in the end result) and then select a scripted pattern option such as "random fill" or symmetry.


You don't have to use the scripted patterns, you can leave the check to off and just generate the standard patterns. With the earlier versions of Photoshop CC you could still use the patterns but with the latest version you get a dialog and a preview of the pattern which means the background patterns can be manipulated in a vast number of ways such as scaling setting a minimum and maximum for the background patterns as well as changing the color and brightness as well as rotation (the background patterns can be applied as is and not randomly rotated) and also the density and as the background patterns can be seen, a whole lot easier to create stunning designs.


You can also apply the background patterns to layers which means you can build up ever complex symmetry, random fills, cross weaves, brick fills and all the variants etc. I would love to see a feature in the pattern scripts to use blending modes as well as perhaps use multiple patterns in the apply, at the moment it is a single pattern. Personal favorite is definitely the random fill pattern script



Background Patterns work in ??

CC CS6 5 4 3 2 1 Elements 13, 12, 11, 10 to 1 and standalone


PaintShop Pro X7 - PSP 8


Affinity Designer

Affinity Photo

Apple Pages


and many others