Basic Custom Shapes for Photoshop / Elements


Updated: August 24th, 2015

basic shapes Photoshop rounded and diamond and spark

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Basic custom shapes for Photoshop gallery (#192)

100 Basic shapes for Photoshop CC CS6 CS1 CS2 CS3 10 CS4 CS5 Elements 13 12 etc includes circles, squares, outlines, star shapes, squares, diamonds, octagons, triangles (and variants of) and many more.


The basic shapes are stored in CSH Photoshop format.


For PC (windows 8, windows 7, windows Vista, XP - basically whatever you use Photoshop on) and MAC OS X (all versions). The Photoshop basic shapes are easy to load via the shapes palette and once loaded can be used via the shapes tool found in the Photoshop toolbox. The shapes can also be used with the powerful cookie cutter tool in PS Elements; as well as the shape blur tool to create truly superb and unusual blurring effects.


The basic shapes can also be used as a source for amazing Photoshop brushes as well as patterns and displacements and distortion effects. Use the weird and wonderful Photoshop basic custom shapes with the photoshop custom shapes tool as layers or selections or fills. The basic shapes can be combined in millions of ways to create the most amazing unique graphics in Adobe PS.


The basic circular / rectangular etc shapes can also be exported for use in other applications such as CorelDRAW and Illustrator and Inkscape and many others - they can be exported as vectors as well as raster format PNGs. Re-color them as well as transform and rotate them, blend them, combine them and much more. They are all unique graphics and not repeated in any of the sets on the site. They can also be used in PS Elements via the cookie cutter tool.

basic custom shape Elements

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Basic shapes (#63)

230 Basic and mixed custom shapes includes Steeples, basic rainbow, temple, fish, tabular, fork, masks and more. CSH presets for Photoshop and Elements.


PC and MAC OS X.


The Photoshop basic shapes are loaded either via the open command in Adobe PS as well as via the edit menu preset manager and also via the shapes palette itself. They can also be used in PS Elements via the cookie cutter tool and the CSH tool. You can also use them via the shape blur filter in Adobe PS to create 1000s of stunning and unique blurring effects.


They can be used to create stunning unique Photoshop brushes of any size in seconds; they can also be used to create patterns in infinite varieties as well as being saved as PSD format for use with displacements and textures and glass distortion effects.


On buying the set, you receive the download link from shareit.com and the set will include the CSH along with documentation about the shapes and also a gallery and also a serial number for any updates


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Basic shapes for Photoshop (#151)

100 Basic custom shapes includes surreal, rounded, asterix, basic highlighter, weird, angled, alien, eye shapes, hollow, outlines, distorted and many more for in Adobe PS CC (creative cloud) CS6 CS5.5 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 7 6 (as well as the standalone versions of Photoshop) and Adobe PS Elements 16-1.


The format is CSH - all very easy to use via the custom shapes palette and the shapes tool as well as the cookie cutter in PS Elements and also via the powerful shape blur filter (accept shapes files as inputs to create the most amazing blurring effects for any image). They are all the decorative graphics for any size of work. They can be combined, re-colored and much more.


Commercial (CU4CU) use (as well as, of course, personal use) - All the items are by Andrew Buckle / graphicxtras.com for use to create many millions of unique items - they can be for sale as well as personal use and can be used to create items for sale such as logos, web pages, posters, fashions, t-shirts, hats, shoes, mousepads, adverts, videos and more.


On buying the shapes set, you receive the download link to the CSH as well as documentation and a gallery and a serial number for use if you wish to update the set at any later point.

Basic custom shapes for Photoshop and Elements

gradient artwork themed alien weird



What can I do with the basic shapes for Adobe PS and PS Elements ?

They can be used in commercial work as well as personal work, you can use them to create items that can be used in turn to create new vectors that can be sold and so on (CU4CU). They can be used to create logos, books, CDs, DVD booklets, publishing, mugs, illustrations, advertising, packaging, posters, caps, textiles, ceramics, skateboards, leaflets, web sites, templates, videos and much more. If you have any questions, please contact us about them and I will try and answer your questions as quickly as possible. We can be reached on support@graphicxtras.com



Using the basic shapes as paths in Photoshop

You can use them as layers but you can use them as pixels as well as paths. To do so, select the required option at the top of the options bar (once you have selected the CSH tool in the toolbox). Paths have no color etc but they have points and they can be manipulated using the pen tool / direct selection tools to move and distort and warp the paths. You can use the generated paths in a variety of new features such as the script pattern and "along path" feature as well as using them with the render and tree and flame renders. You can use them as a great source for selection as well via the path palette.