Binary Code fonts / eps shapes for CorelDRAW, Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, PSP etc

Updated: July 26th, 2014

binary code fonts / designs corelDRAW etc

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Binary code font shapes for CorelDRAW etc gallery 100 Binary code shapes - Binary code font for CorelDRAW, Pages, Microsoft Word, PSP and others (V185)

100 Binary (10101010101 code font / shapes for Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, Indesign, CorelDRAW, PSP etc including thin designs binary code shapes, rough binary code designs, matrix binary code shapes, computer code shapes, warped binary code shapes and more. The binary fonts / designs (for CorelDRAW etc) are great for textures, patterns and more. The binary code fonts / designs are for use on the PC (windows 8, windows Vista, 7 and XP etc) and MAC OS X. The binary code shapes (for Word etc) are vector shapes for any size of work. Use the fonts / designs in projects creating items for sale, books, videos, adverts, packaging, parts of logos, hats, T-shirts, postcards and more. The binary code shapes (for Photoshop etc) font is for commercial (CU4CU) use. The binary font set / shapes is in TTF true type font format and EPS vector shapes format. Load the eps shapes via the file open, access the TTF font shapes via text / type dropdowns in most applications. Combine the designs in countless ways. The binary code fonts / designs (for Photoshop etc) are great for matrix like designs. You can also use all of the design as well as part of the design. You can re-color the designs with solid color fills as well as patterns and also combine with powerful live effects. You can blend the designs into images using blending modes or opacity or just layer and flatten. You can repeat the designs over and over or use multiple designs in the same image. You can transform the designs - scale, rotate, warp, distort, puppet warp, slant, perspective and much more. On buying the binary code fonts / designs set, you receive the download link to the binary code font set (binary fonts / designs for CorelDRAW etc) as well as documentation and a gallery of all the designs in the set along with a serial number for any updates of the binary font set. If you have any questions about the binary code shapes font set, please contact us on See all the binary code fonts / designs included in the set via the gallery link above.

Binary code fonts / designs etc images

binary code shapes for Photoshop

Binary code font installation

The binary code (0 and 1) font are all in truetype TTF vector format. The TTF binary code design set can be installed on the PC (Windows) by dragging the TTF file into the font panel of control panel (this has changed from version to version of Windows such as windows 8 and windows 3.1). On the MAC OS X, double click the binary code TTF truetype font and the binary code font set has been added to the user's font library. The powerful binary code font set can then be accessed via the typeface / font dropdown of most applications such as CorelDRAW, QuarkXpress, Painter, PaintShop Pro, Photoshop, Apple Pages, 3D applications etc.

Binary code combinations

You don't have to use just the binary code font design, you can use them in combination so use A B C all together to create ever more complex and unique binary code designs. The designs can be blended either using blending modes or different combinations of layout.

Binary code EPS shapes install

The binary code EPS shape designs can be loaded into many tools via the file / open command as well as file / place command of many applications (the eps shapes can be totally ignored if you only wish to use the binary code TTF font designs - they are exactly the same as the binary code shapes). The EPS binary code designs can be set to any size.

How did you create binary code designs ?

The binary code designs were created using a symbol plugin tool created by graphicxtras (symbol headlines) and the tool was used to create rows of random 0 and 1 designs in a variety of styles. After that, various tweaks were made to the binary code vector designs and these were then exported to Fontlab and the designs were then saved as a TTF file as well as EPS vector files.

Apply binary code font shapes

The binary code font shapes are applied as any font, by typing A B C D etc A document is included with the set showing the relationship between the keyboard characters and the designs (PDF format document). If this is an issue, then as mentioned, the set also contains the exactly same binary code shape designs in eps and they can be loaded via the file open menu command as well as displayed by browser tools (you can find more about those via google). How they are actually applied will vary from application to another application and what you can do with the binary code font shapes will vary depending on the application as well.