Border patterns for Photoshop / Elements / PSP / Affinity etc

border patterns for photoshop on a white background with outline squares

Border patterns for Photoshop, PSP, Affinity Photo, CorelDRAW, Elements etc. The border patterns are for use on the PC and MAC. They are for commercial use, all for royalty free use, all are by The border patterns are seamless tiles for any size of work. The border patterns set is supplied with the designs in PAT (Photoshop patterns) and PNG format. They also include a gallery and serial and notes. The border patterns include a vast range of border styles, shadow border patterns, extruded border patterns, thin line outline border patterns and many more. The border / frame / edge patterns can be used via the fill command in Photoshop (and in other apps) as well as via the fill layer content and also via the layer styles pattern overlay. You can use the border patterns as a wonderful stroke design. They can be added as the stroke and fill to any custom shapes. The border patterns can be used as amazing textures as well as backgrounds and overlays. You can use them as a powerful texture element for brushes. You can use them as a source for displacement maps and distortions. The border patterns can be used in Affinity Photo via the bitmap fill and you can scale and rotate the designs and combine them in millions of ways.

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raised border patterns for Photoshop compounds with narrow edge in black and 3D effect embossed on an orange background for psp and affinity photo border patterns

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You can use the border / frame patterns as images in many apps and as layers, you can combine them with other tiles in 1000s of ways by using blending modes and transparency to create amazing designs etc such as flame and fiery patterns great for tattoos and hot rod artworks and for even more amazing designs with the border patterns you can use flower and rosette themed super colorful patterns The border frame patterns can be used as a fill or texture or overlay with custom shapes such as flower and floral custom shapes and also used with weirder shapes and designs such as gothic / goth custom shapes for Photoshop and elements and an intense lined manga themed zoom custom shapes


You can find many different tutorials on the site about how to use patterns and tiles in Photoshop as well as many other applications. You can also just use the border frames as a wonderful image design in its own right.