Bow Ties Custom Shapes for Photoshop

Updated: August 18th, 2014

bow ties shapes photoshop designs mixed designs red background elements

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Bow tie shapes for Photoshop gallery (V113)

130 Photoshop Bow ties shapes for CC CS3 CS2 CS5 CS6 CS4 Elements 2014 CS1 7 6 etc includes dividers, masks, highlights, spirals, shadow designs, mottled, mixed, crinkled designs, frames and more. Use Photoshop bow ties shapes as layers, paths, selections and more - use once or multiple times, combine the designs, blend them with images, use with text, export to other applications and much more. The bow tie custom shapes are loaded via the custom shapes palette and used via the custom shapes tool: use as a layer as well as a path or fill. Use the bow tie shapes to create items for sale such as books, logos, web pages, web sites, documents, ceramics, textiles, posters, postcards and many more.

Vector designs

Commercial use, royalty free

On buying, receive the CSH file and serial and documentation and gallery

Bow ties graphic vector shape design for Photoshop bevel designs

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PDF Bow tie gallery (V45)

203 Bow tie designs includes cartoon designs, Japanese designs, colorful shapes, rounded bow tie shapes, frames, sketches and more. The bow tie shapes are all in standard PDF format (this is the Adobe Acrobat format) and this can be used in countless applications to load the bow tie shapes into Photoshop, Indesign, Pages, Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Illustrator, PS Elements and many more. You can also convert the bow tie themed PDF shapes to other formats by using various conversion applications freely available on the web. PC & MAC OS X. The bow tie shapes (for Photoshop) are for commercial (CU4CU) use PDF bow tie vector shapes, all the designs are by for use to create items for sale. t.

Bow tie shapes for Photoshop and Elements


bow tie shapes photoshop text red design lines perspective


The bow tie shapes for Photoshop can be combined with text

bow tie shapes photoshop dramatic rounded design perspective


The bow tie shapes for Photoshop can be combined to create dramatic background designs

bow tie shapes effects photoshop red lens flare


Effects can be added to the bow tie shapes for Photoshop such as flares and blurs

Cookie cutter

The bow tie custom shapes can be used as standard shapes in Adobe PS Elements but they can also be used as cookie cutters as well. Select the cookie cutter tool and then you will see the various options on the top options bar such as the design (which can be any of the vector CSH designs) as well as feathering and also crop (which will crop the entire document to the size of the vector design). If the crop tool is not set to ON then the design is just placed in the original location (feathered or not) with the document and all the image outside of the cookie cutter removed. While applying the cookie cutter in PSE, you can constrain the proportions of the graphic as well as rotate and scale and shear. Once you have the cookie cutter shape, you can always re-apply another arrow (or any other) cookie cutter to chop even more away from the design. You can use the end result as a wonderful source for strokes as well as patterns. You can also apply effects to the cookie cutter design. If you want to have the original image as well as cookie cutter shape then before using the tool, simply duplicate the layer as many times as you wish and use the cookie cutter design on those (in different locations if you wish) and you can then also combine those multiple cut layers using blending modes such as difference and darken to create some truly wow designs.


bow tie shapes photoshop channels mixed red green and blue rounded


Different bow tie shapes can be applied across different Photoshop channels

PDF designs

There is also a bow tie PDF shapes set. Please don't confuse them with CSH shapes, they are not the same. One big advantage of the PDF shapes is that they can be used in countless other applications such as Illustrator and PSP and GIMP. The vector designs can be made up of many different elements and colored shapes, custom shapes are just vector information without any pre-defined color or real size (though you can select the original size - I rarely use that option). The PDF designs are imported via the file open command as well as the file place or file linked. With the placed, the size of the PDF document is defined by the size of the document but you can always re-size it to any size, small or large. The PDF designs can be distorted and transformed and re-colored and much more. You can also edit the original design


bow tie shapes for Photoshop and elements spotted design add path


The bow tie Photoshop shapes can be combined with other elements such as white dot shapes

Shapes uses

OK, now you have the bow tie shapes - you can use them to create virtually anything. The bow tie shapes are all for commercial use, all are CU4CU - use to create items for sale, use them to create personal items and much more. The bow tie shapes can be re-colored, blended, modified, distorted, you can apply effects to the bow tie shapes, you can export the designs for use to other applications and much more. Literally, the bow tie shapes are an unique toolkit of great designs for your projects.

Exporting the shapes

You have the bow tie shape design in Photoshop but you want to use the shape in Illustrator, well that is easy - simply apply the bow tie shape as a shape layer and copy and then paste in Illustrator. If you want to use the vector design in other applications then that depends on the application to receive the bow tie shapes. Some applications can use PSD formats and the shape formats included as vector data. Another option would be to use the export command and paths to Illustrator which saves the data as an AI file (though I have experienced issues reading the AI files). The bow tie shapes can also be saved as raster files via the save for web or save as command. Save the imagery as TIFF or PSD or PNG


photoshop bow tie shapes with style applied green border


The bow tie Photoshop shapes can be combined with Photoshop styles such as the green stroke style / border style

bow tie metal shape for Photoshop and elements star design


Bow tie shapes can be combined with Photoshop styles such as metallic effects

Shapes for Photoshop installation

The bow tie shapes are supplied in standard CSH format. The bow tie shapes are to be placed in the presets folder 'custom shapes' of Photoshop or PS Elements. The bow tie shapes can then be accessed via the right side menu of the Photoshop custom shapes palette. Once selected, the shapes can then be used with the custom shapes tool in Photoshop as well as the shapes tool in PS Elements and also the cookie cutter tool in PS Elements.


bow tie combine with other paths in Photoshop different colors


The bow Photoshop tie shapes for CC CS4 CS3 etc can be combined with other elements such as an ellipse to create all kinds of shape designs

Photoshop bow tie shapes adjustments image and spiral


The bow tie Photoshop shapes can be combined with other shapes in numerous ways as well as re-colored using tools such as adjustment layers in Photoshop 'color lookup'

bow tie pop art shapes for Photoshop and elements backgrounds


They can be added to any backgrounds, great for pop art designs

colorful bow tie shapes for Photoshop selection


The bow tie shapes for Photoshop using a selection can be filled with all kinds of color, great for random color bow tie designs - a showstopper

bow tie shape for Photoshop and elements spotty


Spots as well as other designs can be added to the bow tie shape for Photoshop - a great spotty tie for any party

Videos ?

There are no specific videos on the bow tie shapes but you can check out our video channel on youtube where there are a lot of videos on the shapes CSH designs as well as how to use the PDF shape designs, also information on the installation of the shapes and how to convert them to other formats as well as use them as a source for brushes and patterns and more. Most of the videos are about Photoshop CC but most of the information relates also to previous versions of Photoshop other than in specific areas.


Convert to linked and layer comps saved to a PSB file in Photoshop CC 2014 (youtube video) - bow ties

A quick guide to the powerful new linked feature for creating amazing shapes and saving them


Perspective warp and distort the bow tie shapes and shadow

You can group a whole set of bow tie shapes and distort use them the powerful perspective warp tool (via smart objects) in Photoshop

Using shape to create new presets

You can take the bow tie shapes and apply them either as shape or pixel designs (or even paths / selections) to create new designs in multiple colors and with multiple styles, combine with effects such as blurring in Photoshop and then use the edit menu to defne as a brush or pattern or save the design as a PSD file and use as a displacement map. You can also create styles using a combination of patterns and the shapes. All these designs can used in future projects. You can use one shape or multiple shapes to build more complex designs to save as strokes or tiles.

Free custom shapes for commercial use

Commercial use, royalty free bow tie shapes for all your projects. CSH format. Free bow tie Photoshop shapes download