Butterfly shapes for Photoshop / Elements

Updated: March 10th, 2015

butterflies custom shapes for Photoshop and Elements

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Butterfly shapes for Photoshop (#65)

100 Butterfly shapes for Photoshop CS5 CS4 CS3 CS6 CC CS2 CS1 Elements 13 2014 includes embossed, gorgeous, flourishes, crinkled, surreal, unusual, fantasy, etc


The Photoshop butterfly custom shapes are for PC and MAC OS X


CSH - on purchase, you receive the CSH file along with documentation and gallery and serial


Commercial (CU4CU) use Photoshop butterfly shapes. Use them to create items for sale such as books, logos, adverts, packaging, videos, scrap booking items and much more.


They can be combined, re-colored, filled, used as a source for Adobe ® Photoshop brushes, as a source for patterns, used in textures, blended, modified, brush strokes applied, used with layer effects, exported, used with filters and much more.

butterflies graphics PDF Photoshop psp

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Butterfly shapes for Adobe Photoshop, PSP and others PDF (#44)

100 PDF butterfies for use in Adobe PS, Adobe Illustrator, PS Elements, Paint Shop Pro, Apple Pages and others.


PDF format (Adobe acrobat format) - you can also quickly convert this vector format for use as PNG files as well as TIFF etc at any size - so use 3000 x 3000 or 10,000 x 10,000 etc. On purchase, receive the PDF files along with documentation and gallery and serial


Commercial use (CU4CU) use, create 1000s of items for sale such as mugs, posters, scrap booking, enamels, adverts and much more.


Access them via the Photoshop open command or place linked or embedded command. The PDFs can be modified, combined, re-colored, distorted, warped, blended, effects can be applied, they can be exported to other applications and much more.


PC and MAC OS X.

Butterfly shapes for Photoshop and Elements and PSP

gradient blue filled insect


They can be used with any background, they can be added with any fill such as solid colors or gradients etc


transformed and rotated flowing insect


You can transform (rotate etc) them in 100s of ways to create new artworks


combine with type


Elaborate butterfly Photoshop shape. You can combine them with type in many different ways


 and effects and glow


They can be used with all kinds of effects in Adobe PS and others such as adding a glow using the camera raw filter graduated filter

path blur


They can be blurred using the various blurs in the blur gallery such as the Adobe PS CC 2014 path blur

fill selection magic wand


They can be re-colored and filled with many different colors (using the magic wand)

blur spin gallery strobe lighting


Theye can be modified in millions of ways such as using the new blur gallery 'spin blur' and strobe lighting. As with many features of Photoshop, more interesting effects can be achieved applying the filter multiple times or combining effects than a single pass of the filter

Butterfly custom shapes videos

You can find out more about them via our video channel on youtube "graphicxtras". Always adding many new tutorials on the channel such as how to load them, how to bend them in zillions of ways using perspective warps, how to use them in Scopeworks, how to use the cookie cutter etc tool, export them and more.


Any questions, please let us know and I will try and create a video or two on the subject (or at least try to)


Convert to linked smart objects and butterflies (youtube video)


What can I do with the butterfly shapes for Adobe PS and PS Elements ?

They can be used in commercial work as well as personal work, you can use them to create items that can be used in turn to create new forms that can be sold and so on (CU4CU). They can be used to create logos, books, cards, wrapping paper, tv, illustrations, advertising, packaging, posters, caps, textiles, ceramics, skateboards, leaflets, web sites, templates, videos and much more. You can use them to create 1000s of different items.


If you have any questions, please contact us

Butterfly custom shapes and Photoshop Elements' Cookie cutter

They can be used as normal paths in Elements but they can also be used as cookie cutters as well.


Select the PSE cookie cutter tool and then you will see the various options on the top options bar such as the path (which can be any of the vector CSH) as well as feathering and also crop (which will crop the entire document to the size of the vector).


combined with text on pink background


Text can be combined with them in millions of ways


If the crop is not set to ON then the result is just placed in the original location (feathered or not) with the full document and all the image outside of the cookie cutter removed.


sparkle   additional paths pink


You can all kinds of additional paths such as a sprinkle of stars to the insect


While applying the cookie cutter in PSE, you can constrain the proportions as well as rotate and scale and shear.


Once you have created the cookie cutter shape, you can always add another cookie cutter to chop even more away. You can use the end result as a wonderful source for strokes as well as patterns in PSE.


You can also use visual effects to the cookie cutter results.


black for elements CC CS3 CS2


Example above of a butterfly Photoshop custom shape - the shape decorative graphics can be any size as well as applied in any color such as black, blue, pink etc



If you want to have the original image as well as cookie cutter shape then before using the tool, simply duplicate the layer as many times as you wish and use the cookie cutter on those (in different locations if you wish) and you can then also combine those multiple cut layers using blending modes such as difference and darken.


See many different cookie cutter related videos as well as shape and PSE ones via the graphicxtras video channel.

Photoshop butterfly shapes / PDF

The PDF files are a mix of basic forms as well as more colorful items, they are not the same as the CSH format set. You cannot easily use them as CSH. Load the PDF files via the file open command or place embedded and place linked command. The file open will request that you give a file size as well as resolution and color mode etc but if you use the place commands, the items are added to the app to the same size or less of the current image and are added as a layer / smart object.


You can re-size the placed object to greater than the size of the current layer so if you perhaps want a wing or just the head of an insect shown you can re-size the layer to much greater than the existing document and arrange the layer as required. You can also edit the size at any point later via the layer palette.