Button custom shapes for Photoshop / Elements

Updated: July 4th, 2015

Button artworks shapes photoshop mix of  vectors for elements CC CS4 CS2

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Button shapes for Photoshop (#37)

200 Button custom shapes for Photoshop CC & CS 6 5 4 3 2 1 Elements 2014 includes embossed, two holes, sewing, 3D, extruded and many more.


All are in CSH vector format for ease of use. Load the CSH via the palette load / replace command - use with the custom shapes tool and also with the cookie cutter tool (in Elements) and they can also be used with the powerful shape blur filter.




The Photoshop button shapes are vector graphics for all size of work - small or large and anything in between. As they can be applied as shape layers as well as fills and selections, they can also be filled with visual effects. They can be transformed, scaled, rotated, warped and more. They can be combined, blended, molded and more - they can be exported to other applications such as Illustrator and GIMP and Adobe Fireworks etc.


Use them with the wonderful new features in Adobe Creative Suite CS6 (as well as the latest creative cloud) - such as apply stroke effects (dashes) as well as feathering.


Commercial (CU4CU) use for Adobe ® PS and others - use to create items for sale. All are by Andrew Buckle / graphicxtras.com and can be used to create logos, web pages, documents, adverts, leaflets, videos and much more. It can be a simple case of opening the artwork and loading it into PS and applying or you can add additional colors as well as visual effects or you can combine them with other paths.


On buying the set, you receive the download link to the presets as well as documentation and a gallery along with a serial number for any future updates of the set

Button shapes for Photoshop and Elements


type added to the vectors

You can add type to the items in many different ways - to the left, right, above, pasted in etc


add fill such as gradient

All kinds of colors can be added to the artwork such as gradients


transformations and rotations and multiple copies

The Photoshop button shapes can be transformed in many ways, distorted, rotated and more. You can use them once or multiple times


you can add shadows in many ways

You can add many different types of shadows such as solid shadows by duplicating the vector


additional paths can be added for depth

You can always add additional elements to the work, you don't just need to use the single path


two hole

They can be applied in 1000s of ways such as in basic white on a purple background

 drop shadow vectors stand out

Shadows can be quickly applied and this can be done by adding a backing graphic or using the powerful layer effects in PS

metallic styles applied to vectors

Metallic styles can be applied to them, you can modify the style via the layer effects menu in PS

Apply styles to the Photoshop button shapes

You can apply styles as long as you apply the presets as a layer, this is defined via the top bar in PS (shape layer, path, fill pixel). Select the shape and then go to the styles palette (found in the window menu) and apply a style to the shape layer. You can also further modify the shape / style via the layer menu and the layer style dialog.


multiple colored vectors

They can be applied once or multiple times

Button shapes for Photoshop installation

They are supplied in CSH. They are to be placed in the presets folder 'custom shapes' of PS or PS Elements. They can then be accessed via the right side menu of the PS custom shapes palette. Once selected, they can then be used with the custom shapes tool in PS as well as the equivalent tool in PS Elements and also the cookie cutter tool in PS Elements.


You can also double click on the CSH presets to load the presets into PS etc - that might be an even quicker way to use them


combined with text

They can be combined in millions of ways - you can use them as part of the image as well as to the side of the design or with the opacity set to less than 50% etc or using it as a mask or use the paste into command to add to text to the preset and much more

camera raw glowing

The camera raw filter and plugin effects can be applied in 1000s of ways to modify the vector presets for PS and elements

gradient filled  layer  and elements blue

They can be filled with all kinds of paths such as text as well as solid colors and patterns and gradients (as above) in PS and elements

random fills mixed colors

They can be filled with all kinds of random color such as greens and reds etc using a combination of magic wand / selections in PS and elements

Photoshop button shapes uses

Now you have the presets - you can use them to create virtually anything. They are all for commercial use, all are CU4CU - use to create items for sale, use them to create personal items and much more - if you have any concerns about the uses, please contact us.


They can be re-colored, blended, modified, distorted, warped, turned into smart objects, used with perspective warps, grouped you can use visual effects, you can export the images for use to other applications and much more.


 elements stroke and fill

They can be applied as a shape layer and a stroke / fill can be added (white, above)

Button shapes for Photoshop export

You have the shape decorative graphic in PS but you want to use the shape in Adobe AI, well that is easy - simply apply the shape as a shape layer and copy and then paste in Adobe AI. Really depends on the application. Some applications can use PSD format and the shape formats included as vector data.


Another way would be to use the export command and paths to Illustrator which saves the data as an AI Illustrator file (though I have experienced issues reading the AI documents at a later date). They can also be saved as raster files via the save for web or save as command.


Save the imagery as TIFF or PSD or PNG or another format


drop shadow added to the image

They can be used with styles such as drop shadows

Video tutorials ?

There are no particular shape related videos available but there are 100s of videos on the subject of the vectors and their use in PS available via our video channel on youtube.


Hopefully the videos will show you how to install them, how to use them as layers, how to use them as a source for brushes and much more.


for  pink pixels

They can be applied as backgrounds and more


They can be used as a watermark - just change the opacity to 10% etc

Photoshop Button shapes format ?

CSH. The format is PS 6 which was the earliest version of PS for use with that format. You can use the CSH presets with the any version of PS and PS Elements since that date

Use the button shapes as other resources ?

Yes, you can use them as brush strokes and pattern tiles etc, simply apply the shape in PS to a document and select the area of the path and then go to the edit menu and use the define brush and define pattern command and then the presets can be used in millions of more ways