Capturing Paper Textures / Grain in Painter Tutorial

capturing paper grains in Painter tutorial

How to capture papers / paper texture / grains in Painter. This is for most versions of Painter 2012 2015 X3 etc. Painter can use an image as well as text and tiles etc. Go to the papers panel found in the window menu). Right side menu and capture paper. You can then use the captured paper texture in your projects. You can then scale and set the contrast and brightness etc for the paper via the papers panel. You can then use the captured paper texture with many Painter tools such as apply surface texture, color overlay etc. You can also save the result to a paperlibrary file for use in Corel Painter in future projects. This tutorial shows you the steps to capture paper / paper textures / grains in Painter and the filters that use the paper textures (as well as brush strokes).


  1. Open image in Corel Painter or use current image

  2. Go to select menu and set ALL.

  3. Go to the papers panel (found via the paper panels in the window menu)

  4. Goto right side menu

  5. capture paper.


Seamless pattern

All the our PNG images for patterns and textures are seamless so the paper grain will also be seamless but if you use your own image, the result may not be seamless.


The paper grain has now been captured and can be used as a paper file in Painter. You can now set the scaling and constrast and brightness as well as capture additional presets in the application


PNG files

Early versions of Painter could not load PNG images so to capture the PNG image as a paper / grain file requires an initial step such as converting the PNG image into JPG etc. The reason I mention PNG images is that most of the pattern sets and brush sets on this site include the textures in PNG. You can find many free apps on the web that can convert PNG / JPGs etc such as Irfanview


Capturing images

You can use the PNG files on this site (after conversion) but you can also use images, pages of text, your own patterns and textures and many more. Any image can be used such as old public domain documents to images you own as well as images that you create from scratch.


Applying the Painter paper grain / texture

You can apply the papers in many parts of Painter 2017 2016 2015 etc such as


  1. Apply surface texture

  2. Brush strokes

  3. color overlay

  4. glass distortion

  5. apply screen

  6. express texture etc


Capturing paper in Painter - saving to paperlibrary

If you wish to permanently save the paper file then you have to save the captured paper grain to a paper library.


  1. Go to the paper libraries panel (found in the paper panels in window menu command)

  2. right side menu

  3. export paper library

  4. select the correct paper library and export the captured designs


You can then re-use the Painter paper library at any time in the future (as long as the format is still valid).


Other tutorials

1. capturing Corel Painter patterns for use with apply surface texture etc

2. creating interesting 3D texture effects using custom tile filter in Painter


Video tutorial

Capturing PNG images as a Painter grain Youtube video

The video shows the steps to capturing a Painter paper in version 12 as well as the application of a few effects / filters using the papers


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