Cat Custom Shapes for Photoshop

Updated: December 18th, 2014

cat shapes for Photoshop and elements mixed feline vectors

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Cat custom shapes for Photoshop gallery CSH (#120)

100 Cat custom shapes for Photoshop CS4 CS6 CC CS5 CS2 CS1 CS3 14 13 Elements includes basic, hand drawn, silhouettes, shadowy, rough, outline, posed , scratchy and more On buying the Photoshop cats shapes set, you can use them in countless projects. Load the cat custom shapes via the open command or preset manager or the presets load / replace command. Set the color via the foreground color. Use the Photoshop cat shapes with effects for even more amazingly colorful artworks. The Photoshop cat shapes are for PC (Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista) and MAC OS X. All by Andrew Buckle / Use the cat custom shapes to create items for sale such as on plates, mugs, coasters, logos, web pages, documents, adverts, packaging and much more. FREE sampler to download

Commercial use, royalty free

Use as cookie cutters / blurs / layers / paths / selections

Vector graphics CSH

feline PDF silhouette  for Photoshop and elements

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$ 7.95 + VAT depends on location (Euro, GBP, Yen etc) Pay by Visa / Mastercard / PayPal etc

Cat shapes for Adobe PS and others gallery PDF (#57)

100 Cat Silhouettes in PDF - many wonderful cat shapes including cat silhouette shapes, scratchy cat shapes, pencil cat shapes and more. The cat shapes (for Adobe PS and others) artworks are all in standard PDF (Adobe Acrobat). Use in many applications such as PS Elements, Photoshop, Apple Pages, Illustrator and more. Use the cat shapes PDFs via the Photoshop open command and the place to import the cats. Blend the artworks, re-color, modify, distort, convert, export and much more. The cat shapes for Adobe PS and others are for PC MAC. Commercial (CU4CU) use, all are by Andrew Buckle / The Photoshop cat shapes PDF shapes can be quickly converted to PNG and JPG etc for other applications

Cat shapes for Photoshop and Elements

Shape blurs

The cats can be used to create truly amazing blur shapes. You can use them in the shape blur filter found in filter menu. The tool uses the path along with the radius or strength of the effect. Personally I always find the tool a little extreme if the setting is set too high - basically you can't see much but blur if it is too high. The best approach seems to be to apply with low settings and re-apply a number of times to create a distinct shape that sort of matches the input. You can also combine the effect with selections which can also dampen the end result and leave more of the image.


As with many of the Photoshop effects, you can also apply the effect to a duplicated layer and then blend the end result with the original; or use the fade option found in the edit menu. You can also apply the shape blur effect as a smart object which means you can always alter the effect at any point as well as combine multiple shape blurs (though it should be noted that the effect is not the quickest so unless you have a super powerful machine it is probably not a good idea to go for more than a few blurs). You can also apply the effect over channels via the channel palette which does create very weird and wonderful colorful smearing of the cats. There are numerous other ways to use the tool to create stand out results.


There are many videos on the youtube graphicxtras channel showing possible ideas for the blur effect such as combining with the blur gallery (how I would love to see the tool included in that) along with art history and other options in Adobe PS. Sadly, the shape blur is not available in PS Elements


cat shapes photoshop silhouette  for elements on pink


A selection of cat custom shapes for Adobe ® Photoshop. They are all vectors for any size of work. The shapes set includes many different shapes in different poses and styles.

How to load the cat shapes in Adobe PS

Double click the supplied CSH presets and the cat shapes are then loaded into Adobe PS and others. Another option, place the custom shapes CSH cat shapes file into the presets custom shapes folder for Photoshop or PS Elements and the cat shapes will then be accessible via the custom shapes browser, you can load the cats quickly via the dropdown menu of the browser. If you are using Photoshop, you can also use the preset manager found in the edit menu to load the cat shapes. You can also use shapes palette right side menu to load and replace the cat shapes (replace the existing shapes with the cats). You can then select the cat shapes and apply them as shape layers / paths / pixels


cat shapes silhouette for Photoshop and elements red  vector on green


Red silhouette cat vector custom shapes for Adobe PS and PS Elements CC CS3 CS5 etc


cat shapes shadow for Photoshop and elements silhouette yellow


They can have shadows added in seconds using a different color cast in the background

cat shape blur  gaussian shadow


The cat shapes can be blurred and applied as shadow shapes using the blurred art (red) and new silhouette shape above


metallic cat shapes  layer effects scaled


They can be add as a shape layer and as a shape layer, PS Styles such as metallic effects can be applied


cat shape opacity for CC CS4 CS3


The cat shapes for Adobe PS and PS Elements can be used with opacity less than 100% to create interesting colorful backgrounds


cat shapes  multiple


Multiple cat shapes for Adobe PS and PS Elements can be applied - the above image has three vector cat shapes added in different sizes


cat shapes  text combine


They can be combined with text / type in millions of ways

How did you create the cat shapes ?

The cat shapes were all created in Poser using 3D renders, they were then exported from Poser in PNG and used with Illustrator and via the image trace tool, turned into Vector graphics. The Vector graphics were then copied via the pasteboard into Photoshop and saved as a custom shapes CSH presets.


cat shapes images  scribbles drawn and blurs and effects


They can be blurred, the color modified by image adjustments such as color lookup; as well as plugin effects such as camera raw filter

How can I use the cat shapes in Adobe PS and others ?

You can use them in commercial as well as personal work, you can use the cat shapes to create items for sale such as logos, books, documents, adverts, packaging, posters, cards, scrapbooking, mugs and much more. You can use the Photoshop cat shapes to create items that can be used in turn to create new cat shapes that can be used then to create items for sale (CU4CU). If you have any questions about the use of the Photoshop custom shapes cats, please contact us on

Are there any videos to see how to use them ?

Yes, please check out our graphicxtras channel on youtube. There are many different video tutorials available. If you have any questions or would like to see other videos about the subject, please contact us. You can find out how to use them, how to export, warp, distort, use in displacement maps, glass distortions, how to use as patterns and more

How to convert the cat custom shapes as PNG images / export

The cat shapes are in standard custom shapes CSH. You can't use the CSH in most applications (there are a few applications) so what can you do if you want to use the cat shapes in other applications. Well, if the other application is Adobe Illustrator then it is easy as you can add the animal as a vector shape layer or path and then just copy that from Adobe Photoshop and paste into Illustrator and the path can then be saved as an AI vector format file. You can also use the cat shape layer and save that via the export command in Adobe PS. They can also be saved as a vector via the PDF and also PSD format file.


If you want to save the cat shape as a raster then simply add as a fill pixel (#ia the top menu bar options) and then save that to PNG via the save command (you can also save the work as a TIFF etc file as well). Effects can also be used with the raster images and the results can be a radically changed pet.


If you apply the shape to a layer and then delete the background and then save the cat as a PNG image you can save the transparency for loading in other applications (useful for Painter as well as PSP and other applications). There are probably many other ways to export the cat shape graphics

Cat shapes as brushes and patterns ?

Yes, you can use them as a great source for wonderful brush strokes and also pattern tiles. Simply open a file and then go to the edit menu and use the define brush and define pattern command to save that for future use.


You can also use them as a great source for displacement maps simply by saving the PNG as a PSD and you can then use those in the displace filter and glass filter (as well as the filter gallery for additional glass effects) and texturizer etc

Shapes file format

CSH. They are stored in Adobe PS 6 format and can be used with all versions of Photoshop and PS Elements upwards (Photoshop 6 dates back to 2000, this was the first version with the custom shapes format). The cat shapes can be used on the PC and MAC

Creative cloud and the cat shapes

Yes, the cat shapes work fine with the latest version of the creative cloud from Adobe. They work even better with the wonderful new features for the fill / stroke etc as well as other options for selection and applying the shapes. You can also use the shapes combined in the deco scripted patterns etc .