Chevron Shapes for Photoshop and Elements, GIMP, PSP Indesign, etc

Updated: March 7th, 2014

Photoshp chevron shapes

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Preview : 100 Chevron custom shapes (V133) CSH

100 Chevron custom shapes include multiple chevron shapes, double chevron custom shapes, extrude chevron shapes, embossed, line chevron shapes, shadow chevron shapes designs and more for Adobe ® Photoshop CC CS6 CS5.5 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 7 6 (Photoshop 14-6) and Photoshop Elements 12.0 to 1.0 (all versions) PC and MAC OS X. The Photoshop chevron shapes designs are stored in standard CSH format as well as EPS. Vector clip art for any size of work - use the chevron shapes artworks small or large. Use the designs as a shape layer, path / selection or as a fill (you can also use it as a source for other features of Photoshop). Commercial (CU4CU) use Photoshop chevron shapes, all are by Andrew Buckle / Use the Photoshop chevron shapes designs to create cards, books, artworks, packaging, parts of logos, web site designs, surf boards, fashions, adverts, leaflets, watermarks, greeting cards, binders, bowls, plates, gloves, bags and much more. On buying the Photoshop chevron shapes set, you receive the download url to the digital file set of designs, the set also includes documentation and thumbnail gallery. If you have any questions about the chevron custom shapes, please contact us on See all the chevron shapes for Photoshop etc in the set via the gallery above.



chevron vector shapes for Photoshop

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$5.49 (also in euros, GBP, Yen using PayPal, Visa etc)

Preview : 100 Vector Chevron Shapes (PDF # 61) PDF

100 Chevron vector PDF shapes - super colorful designs - many different and wonderful chevron designs all in standard PDF format (Adobe Acrobat format) - you can always just convert the Chevron shapes PDF (vectors) into TIFFs and JPG file

Chevron shapes videos

Shape blur effects using chevron shapes - a video to show how to use the chevron shapes to create truly unique blurring effects in Photoshop, the chevron shapes can also be modified and new shapes can be created which in turn can be used as a source for new chevron themed blurring effects. There are also many additional videos available about the shapes (CSH and PDF) on the graphicxtras channel on youtube - if there are any particular questions you would like to ask about the chevron shapes etc, please let us know and we will create a video on the subject.


Chevron shapes as a source for brick fill patterns - a quick video showing some of the options and how you can create the design for use with the scripted tool. The chevron shapes can be an excellent source for millions of unique tile designs.



What can I do with the chevron shapes for Photoshop and elements ?

The chevron shapes can be used in commercial work as well as personal work, you can use the chevron shapes to create items that can be used in turn to create new shapes that can be sold and so on (CU4CU). The chevron shapes can be used to create logos, book designs, illustrations, t-shirts, fashions, advertising, packaging, posters, caps, textiles, ceramics, skateboards, leaflets, web site designs, templates, videos and much more. You can use the chevron shapes to create millions of different designs. If you have any questions about the shapes, please contact us about the chevron shapes and I will try and answer your questions as quickly as possible. We can be reached on (Andrew Buckle)