Christmas angel patterns for Photoshop / PSP / Elements > Christmas angels for Photoshop CC 2015 CS6 CS5 CS4 Elements inc. Festive, Xmas, decorations

christmas angels innocence drawn sketch patterns for Photoshop and elements stars scatter and in black on blue sky backdrop

Works with: Photoshop, Elements, Affinity Photo, Pages, GIMP, PSP, Illustrator, Word etc

Format: PNG

License: Extended Commercial, royalty free

Free samplers

Christmas angel patterns for Photoshop gallery (#126) 50 Christmas angel / Seamless Tiles for Photoshop 2015 CS6 CS5 CS4 etc. Set includes elaborate Christmas angel patterns, spots, wintery, abstract work, drawn, hand drawn, rough, basic, shadowed work and much more.


Stunning Xmas artwork in PNG format for you to use in all your projects. Use in Photoshop, Corel PSP, Creative Cloud 2014, GIMP, Elements, Pages and 100s of other apps. PC and MAC - windows 10 / 8 / 8.1 etc as well as as MAC 10.9 10.10 10.8 etc - any version. Use once or millions of times, combine, export, distort, add, reduce, re-color, blend, use with effects and filters and more


Commercial use, all royalty free, no time limits, world wide use, no credit is required for the use of the angels.


On purchase of the Christmas themed set you receive the PNG files for use as patterns along with documentation and gallery and serial and PS actions

Christmas angel patterns for Photoshop and Elements and others

How to open them

They are all in PNG format and you can open them via the open menu of most applications (certainly ones that support PNG format but you can always use a conversion app to convert PNG to JPG or TIFF etc). You can open also via the place command. Now with the creative cloud release (October 2014) you can also add them to the creative cloud library and then just drag them from there to the image and use them once or multiple times. You can also open them in other applications such as Bridge and then access them via that. Another option is that you can also open them as a smart object. There are many options


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Above, the Christmas angel pattern (sketched design with wings and praying) has been modified using blurring effects in Photoshop along with the camera raw filter to change the color into intense heavenly blue. The edge of the artwork was selected and pasted into the same image and a blur was added to that selection


How did you create them

They were created on paper and then scanned into Illustrator and then using combinations of image traces as well as the pen tool with the image on a template, all the images were generated and the results were added to the new Creative Cloud libraries. Once they were stored in the library, they were then modified in Illustrator as well as Photoshop and used to create a set of PNG images. The set finished at 50 images but an additional 30 or so bonus items were added based on the same source images and these were then added to the final set


Video tutorials - how can I find out more

You can find a huge number of videos about how to use them, how to blend them, use them as frames, how to re-color them, how to use them as smart objects, how to combine with smart filters, how to use with smart adjustments, export, distort, combine using opacity and blending modes etc via the graphicxtras channel on Youtube. pack 126 [Youtube] - see a preview of many (not all) of the tiles applied as a fill content / layer


What can I do with them ??? license details

You can use them in commercial as well as personal work. You can use them to create items that can be used in turn to create new items for sale / CU4CU. You can use them in textures, backgrounds, logos (or part of as they are non exclusive), mugs, hats, web pages, scrap booking, fashions, shoes, t-shirts, leaflets, skateboards, cards, wrapping paper, decorations and many more. Any questions, please let us know