Circle Patterns for Photoshop, elements, psp etc - circular and curved tile artwork

curved artworks for psp retro design circle patterns for Photoshop and psp

Works with: Photoshop, Elements, Pages, Indesign, GIMP, PSP, Photo-Paint etc

Format: PAT, PNG (please see description)

License: Extended Commercial, royalty free

Free samplers

Circle patterns for Photoshop gallery (V103) 100 Circle patterns / Seamless tiles for Adobe ® Photoshop ® CC 2015 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS6 CS5 CS1 7 as well as standalone versions of the application, Corel PaintShop Pro X9 X8 X7 X6 etc, GIMP, Affinity Photo, Illustrator, Xara, Elements and many more for use on the PC and MAC (as the items are supplied in PNG format they can also be used on Linux etc based systems as well). The set include many different presets, filled circle patterns, retro, abstract tiles, dotted presets, star, outlines, complex, extreme, frame like artwork, perspective, colorful items and many more.


You receive the circle patterns set with a full extended license for you to use them in any projects you wish. They are for commercial use as well as personal use, all are by Andrew Buckle / and can be used to create items for sale such as logos, books, backgrounds, cards, posters, leaflets, textiles, mugs and much more. You can load the PAT via the presets panel; load the PNG images via the open and place command if you are using them in PS. How you load them in other applications will vary such as in Affinity Photo as the set is loaded via the bitmap option of the gradient tool as well as via the fill content layer (it does have the added advantage of a rotation feature though). You can also use the items as amazing brushes simply by saving the artworks as a brush via the edit menu. You can also use the seamless designs as powerful circular displacement maps by simply saving the artwork as a PSD file. The artwork can also be combined in 1000s of ways via the fill content (they are all seamless) as well as combined via the source PNG layers to create a near infinite resource for all your projects. You can also save all the results to the CC libraries and then access them quickly in future projects via that as well as use the tools in apps such as After Effects and Premiere.


On buying the set, you receive the circle patterns presets along with documentation and gallery and serial as well as a selection of actions for use with the presets. This is an amazing set of designs that you can use again and again.

blurry circle pattern for photoshop and elements combined with filter effects such as camera raw filter glowing retro connected design on pink filled circle patterns for Photoshop and elements and psp

Abstract circle patterns gallery (V91) 100 Seamless tiles for Adobe ® Photoshop ® and PS Elements as well as GIMP and PaintShop Pro, Affinity Photo, Illustrator and other applications. The set includes many different scratchy, oil, painted, rough, fragmented, random colored artwork, drawn etc tiles and all the tiles can be combined in millions of ways to create ever more complex or simpler tiles for your projects. PAT & PNG format.

Painted circle patterns gallery (V73) 50 Tiles for Photoshop, GIMP, Affinity Photo, After Effects, PSP etc are for commercial use as well as personal use, you receive a full extended license to use them in all your projects. Super colorful colorful painted circle pattern designs in many different styles including rough tiles, distressed, grunge, colorful painted presets, pastels, scratchy, grey, shadow designs, pencil designs, gradient filled art and many more. PAT & PNG format

Photoshop round circles gallery (V72) 100 Themed tiles set includes mottled, letters, logos, shadow designs, extrudded art, outlines, distressed, cut, double items, abstract circular art, wheels, frames, broken distress, cracked and more. PAT & PNG format


Windmill tiles gallery (V27) 100 Patterns for Adobe ® Photoshop, psp, photo-paint, elements and others includes such as rings, curved, wheels, colorful tiles and many more. Format: PAT + PNG.

Presets gallery (VB244) 100 Tiles included in the set. PNG & EPS format

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