Cloud patterns for Photoshop / Elements / PSP / Affinity etc

dark sketched and hand drawn cloud pattern tiles in gray all random and rough and added shadow and gray center on a white background in Photoshop and psp

Works with: Photoshop CC and CS and standalone, Elements, GIMP, PSP, Affinity Photo, Illustrator, Fireworks etc

Format: PNG, PAT

License: Extended Commercial, royalty free, all items are by this site / Andrew Buckle

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Cloud patterns for Photoshop gallery (Volume 54) 100 Cloud patterns / Seamless tiles for Adobe ® PS CC 2017 / 2015 2014 CS3 CS5 CS1 CS2 CS6 7 CS4 14 13 12, psp, Elements, GIMP, Painter, Corel PSP as well as the standalone versions of Photoshop and also any application that supports the PNG format (and you can always find many free apps on the web to convert PNG format to TIFF etc and then most apps will support the artworks).


Many different artwork / tiles are included in the set such as sketchy cloud patterns, gray, rough cloud patterns, outlines, solid cloud pattern theme designs, cartoon, rough, smooth and many more. All the cloud patterns are seamless and can be used with any size of work so the clouds can be used with small images as well as big artworks such as posters and you can also combine the results of the tiles with effects with further allows the work to be used with larger documents. You can also combine them multiple times to create 1000s and 1000s of other unique sky related artworks. All the cloud patterns presets included in the set are by Andrew Buckle /, all for commercial use, royalty free, world wide use, no credit required, no time limit. You receive the full extended license for the use of the art in all your projects. Use them to create items for sale, use them to create logos, backgrounds, overlays, frames, adverts, packaging, mugs, posters, documentation, illustrations and much more. The cloud patterns set is supplied with the art in PAT and PNG format files, you receive these on purchase along with documentation and PS actions and gallery and serial. You can find a whole lot more about the presets via our videos on our graphicxtras channel on

cloud patterns

Photoshop cloud patterns gallery (Volume 52) 100 Amazing tiles for Adobe ® PS CC 2017 / 2015 CS6 CS5 etc, Photoshop elements as well as the standalone versions of the Adobe ® Photoshop ® application, Corel psp and others PC and MAC OS X. The artworks included in the set are all supplied with full extended license so you can use them in all kinds of your projects. PAT & PNG format.

Cloud patterns gallery (Volume 53) 100 Artworks for Adobe ® Photoshop, psp, elements, Affinity Photo and others. PAT & PNG format mixed cloud patterns

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