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Cloud patterns for Photoshop / Elements / PSP / Affinity etc

dark sketched and hand drawn cloud pattern tiles in gray all random and rough and added shadow and gray center on a white background in Photoshop and psp

Cloud patterns for Photoshop CC CS6 CS5 CS4 etc and Photoshop elements, Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, PaintShop Pro and others. The cloud patterns are for pc and mac. The cloud patterns include sketchy cloud patters, rounded cloud patterns, abstract cloud patterns, cartoon cloud patterns and more. They are supplied in PAT and PNG format. They are all for commercial use, all royalty free, all the cloud patterns are by graphicxtras.com. They can be used as images as well as layers. You can re-color the artworks using adjustment layers. You can re-color the source patterns. You can use them as a great source for brush textures. You can combine the cloud patterns with other tiles using blending modes and opacity. You can add paths and other designs and type to the cloud patterns.

►BUY $7.00 • 100 Cloud patterns PAT / PNGCloud patterns gallery V54.

►BUY $7.00 • 100 Amazing tiles PAT & PNG. Photoshop cloud patterns gallery V52.

►BUY $7.00 • 100 Artworks PAT & PNG Cloud patterns gallery V53


cloud patterns


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The cloud patterns can be blended with other pattern sets such dot and spot patterns for Photoshop, psp, indesign, etc and can be modified further by plugins and also adjustment layers and color shape layers. You can use the cloud patterns as a wonderful source for all kinds of brush textures for brushes such as lace and symmetry brushes and lattice / line brushes and letter and typographical character brushes



There are many tutorials such as how to create patterns using Photoshop brushes and many more can be found via the links on the site along with many freebie tryout patterns sets for use in tools such as CorelDRAW, PSP, Photoshop etc


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