Cloud patterns for Photoshop / Elements / PSP

Updated: July 4th, 2015

cloud patterns dark sketch  seamless tile grey and white

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Cloud patterns for Photoshop (#54)

100 Cloud patterns for Adobe ® Photoshop CC CS3 CS5 CS1 CS2 CS6 7 CS4 14 13 12, psp, Elements, GIMP, Painter and others.


Many different cloud patterns for Adobe PS and others are included in the set such as sketchy, gray, rough, outlines, solid, cartoon and many more.


All are amazing artworks, seamless and can be used with any size of work. You can also combine them multiple times to create 1000s and 1000s of other unique sky related artworks.


All by Andrew Buckle /, all for commercial use, royalty free, world wide use, no credit required, no time limit. Use them to create items for sale, use them to create logos, backgrounds, overlays, frames, adverts, packaging, mugs, posters, documentation, illustrations and much more


PAT and PNG format files, you receive these on purchase along with documentation and PS actions and gallery and serial.

cloud patterns Photoshop silhouette seamless tile for psp and elements on white

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Cloud patterns for Adobe PS and others (#52)

100 amazing cloud patterns for Adobe ® Photoshop, elements, psp and others PC and MAC OS X.


Commercial use cloud patterns for Adobe PS and others, all are by Andrew Buckle /



patterns cloud

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$ 7.95 (Use PayPal / Visa / Mastercard / Amex - purchase in US Dollars, GBP, Yen, Euros and others. Download)

Cloud patterns for Photoshop (#53)

100 cloud patterns for Adobe ® Photoshop, psp, elements and others.


Many different artworks are included in the set for use on the PC and MAC (Windows / 10.9 10.8 etc )


On buying the clouds seamless patterns set, you receive the download link to the patterns along with documentation about the installation and basic use of the cloud patterns as well as a serial number for any future updates and also a gallery. PAT and PNG.

Cloud patterns for Photoshop and Elements


two tiles sketchy white and drawn on blue

Cloud patterns for Photoshop - sketchy artwork

fill layer  rough sketch seamless tile in grey on white

Cloud patterns for Photoshop can be combined in multiple ways to create endless unique graphics

Cloud patterns - opening and loading patterns in Adobe PS

The cloud patterns set can be opened in a variety of ways. The PATs are opened via the patterns palette in Adobe PS. The PNG (or JPG) files are opened via the open command in Adobe PS or via the place command (so they can be used as layers). The pattern files can be located anywhere and can be accessed in Adobe PS from any location; though the PAT are best used via the presets patterns folder. All the cloud patterns are seamless tiles for any size of work.


cloud patterns  on any background with transparency

The cloud patterns can be applied to any background as they contain transparency, The above shows the pattern (black) and the background in blue in Adobe PS or psp etc


can be used as layers and duplicated over and over to build more patterns

They can be re-sized via the layer menu pattern layer panel and can also be duplicated via the layers palette and shifted as required to create millions of different patterns


 with any color and can be applied on any background

The same cloud patterns can be filled in Adobe PS and other applications using the magic wand selection and fill command

elements can be filled at source and then used as a source tile

The source files for the tiles can also be modified and filled with all kinds of work or perhaps effects applied or distorted and these can then be used as a new c pattern in Adobe PS and others such as the above colorful gradient filled artwork


cloud pattern effects for Photoshop with tiles, blurs can be applied and more layers added to create a sky

The cloud layer patterns can be applied multiple times and effects can be applied to the clouds in Adobe PS such as blurs. Above you have the same layer art but with an effect applied to the background layer

Cloud patterns applying in Adobe PS ?

You can apply the cloud patterns purely as layers, as pattern layers, via the scripted pattern fills, fills, pattern stamp brush layer styles pattern overlay, bevel textures etc. You can also use the cloud patterns PNG images as a source for brushes, displacement maps and more. Each of the pattern tools mentioned here also have many different options so the cloud patterns can be applied as is but they can also be modified in 1000s of different ways to create many different and unique cloud patterns in Adobe PS and PS Elements.


he new scripted (CC) feature can apply them as random sprays, along curves, / paths, in spiral paths, brick fills, cross weaves and more and even those different options include many settings such as scaling and rotation and color and brightness and density options.


can be scaled and duplicated skyline to create all kinds of background

They can be re-scaled to 10% etc of the original size and can be combined in millions of ways via the layers palette to create all kinds of abstract imagery


 elements dark cartoon filled clouds on blue sky

The set includes many different exciting graphics for Adobe PS and PS Elements etc such as filled dark artwork, perfect for rain.


oil paint  and camera raw filter

The cloud patterns for Adobe PS and others can be used as is but you can also modify the cloud patterns using effects such as oil paint to smear them, camera raw filter to add the suitable dark and gloomy look as well as a quick sunburst to brighten up your day


 fill the entire document and sky

You can fill the entire image (or sky) with the clouds using layers in Adobe PS and psp


scripted  using edit menu fill and random fill with color

The cloud patterns can be also applied in Adobe PS via the edit menu fill command and the above example has the scripted patterns feature set to on and random fill used. The random fill of the clouds uses color and brightness randomization to fill the sky with super colorful clouds

Cloud Patterns in video timeline in Adobe PS

You can use the cloud patterns in video timelines. Create a new Photoshop layer and then add a pattern overlay via the style menu command to that layer and then go to the timeline (found via the window menu) and twirl open the options for that video layer such as position and opacity and (layer) style. Click the style enable button (a timer icon) and you can apply keyframes for the PS Styles to the cloud Photoshop pattern. You can change the scale etc of the pattern applied over time.


As you can add multiple layers with different blending modes and opacities, you can create ever changing and more complex pattern animations.


Once you have created the video animation (and you can add multiple layers as well as multiple keyframes so it might take some time), you can then render the video or save the file as an animated GIF. It would be lovely if Photoshop offered some quick and easy presets though for the video timeline for text / layers as in Adobe AE.


silhouette cloud patterns  drawn look against blue sky

The set includes many different exciting graphics including silhouette clouds, applied to any background such as a blue sky


cloud patterns  silhouette applied against a gradient blue sky

Any kind of sky can be used as a background such as the gradient sky above. The cloud patterns for Adobe PS and others can also be used with actual photos of sky or art generated in Smith Micro Poser or Daz Bryce or Studio

glow cloud patterns using styles / layer effects

The fill content of the patterns can be rasterized or turned into a smart object in Adobe PS, styles such as gel above can be applied to create wonderful glowing artworks / sky

Cloud patterns - layers in Adobe PS

If you open the cloud PNG images via the place command in Adobe PS you can use them as basic layers and the layers can be combined and merged and blended in 100s of approaches using the powerful blending modes (lighten, darken, lighter color, normal, difference etc) in Adobe PS and PS Elements.


The patterns can also be used as layers in Adobe PS via the layer menu fill layer command and these also can be combined in millions of different ways. The layers can be used to create more complex patterns as well as even more amazing unique resources for use in Adobe PS and PSP and GIMP etc.


cloud patterns  gradients fill

The set include many different exciting graphics / seamless tiles such as a gradient filled and sun filled work

Cloud patterns - scripted patterns in Adobe PS CC

The latest version of Photoshop CC now uses the patterns in even more stupendous ways. To use the CC pattern features in Adobe PS, go to the edit menu and fill command and select the pattern option and select a pattern (preferably one with transparency otherwise you will see square pattern tiles in the end result) and then select a scripted pattern option such as random fill or symmetry. You don't have to use the scripted patterns, you can leave the check to off and just generate the standard patterns.


With the earlier versions of Adobe Photoshop CC you could still use the patterns but with the latest version you get a dialog and a preview of the pattern which means the cloud patterns can be manipulated in a vast number of ways such as scaling setting a minimum and maximum for the cloud patterns as well as changing the color variance and brightness variance and rotation and also the density and as the cloud patterns can be seen, a whole lot easier to create stunning work.


You can also add the patterns to layers which means you can build up ever complex symmetry patterns, random fills, cross weave patterns, brick fills etc

Cloud videos for Adobe PS and others

You can find a lot of information on the Photoshop / psp patterns etc via our graphicxtras video channel on


All the patterns for Photoshop videos are by Andrew Buckle. If you have any questions, please contact us and I will try and create a video or two on the subject.

Cloud patterns for Photoshop and convert to PS Styles

You can also use the cloud Photoshop patterns via the layer style menu and the powerful pattern overlay menu command. You can also use the patterns with the stroke section in the layer style dialog. The cloud Photoshop patterns can also then be saved as permanent styles ASL format for future use