Crescent Brushes for use in Photoshop / Affinity / Elements inc. lunar, moon

crescent brushes for Photoshop and elements and psp

Crescent brushes are for Photoshop, Photoshop elements, Affinity Photo, PaintStorm Studio, Clip studio paint, GIMP and many others. The crescent brushes are for use on the pc and mac. The crescent brushes are supplied in PNG format along with ABR. The crescent brushes includes lunar brushes, moon crescent brushes, shadow crescent brushes, textured crescent brushes, outlines and more. The crescent brushes are loaded into Photoshop via the brushes panel and used with the brush tools such as paint tool, clone tool, art history tool, dodge tool, blur tool and many othets. The PNG crescent brushes can be loaded via the file open command and file place command and then defined in Photoshop via the edit menu. They can be used in countless other applications by numerous load methods such as via the brushes panel etc. The crescent brushes for Photoshop etc can be applied in any color via the foreground and background in the toolbar. You can modify the crescent brushes in 100s of ways via the brushes panel. You can use them as images as well as layers. You can apply effects and plugins and styles to the crescent brushes in tools such as Photoshop etc.

Add to cart $3.99 / Download 200 Crescent brushes / Strokes PNG (ABR) Crescent gallery V73

Add to cart $3.99 / Download 100 Curved crescent brushes PNG Gallery V167


crescent brushes texture stroke with triangles crescent brushes in Photoshop and camera raw filter crescent brushes and analog efex effects

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The crescent brushes can be re-colored in numerous ways using the foreground and background color as well as using adjustment layers and overlays of color from patterns etc (such as contour patterns and diagonal / black and white patterns and diamond / sparkle patterns) and can also be textured by using the same pattern designs.


You can also combine the crescent brushes with other resources such as fonts (diamond fonts and cross fonts) as well as using custom shapes such as dash shapes


Free brushes / samplers are available