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Cross brushes for Photoshop / Elements / PSP / Affinity etc

cross brushes for Photoshop and elements in black with extruded plus sign cropped and 3D effect ring and curved with yellow background also for psp and gimp

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Cross brushes for Photoshop CC 2017 2015 CS6 CS5 etc, PSP, GIMP, Affinity Photo etc gallery (Volume 169) 100 Cross brushes / Artworks ABR / PNG


You can also find a variety of different cross themed designs such as cross fonts (for all apps such as Photoshop, psp etc) as welll as cross custom shapes etc and cross symbols for Illustrator


The cross brushes can be combined with other artworks on the site such as metaball patterns and photoshop collection patterns as textures as well as pattern overlays


You can also use the cross brushes as masks with custom shapes such as polka dot shapes and polygon shapes


cross brushes cross brushes cross brushes

Buy Price: $7

Photoshop cross brushes gallery (Volume 155) 100 Strokes ABR / PNG

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Crosses gallery (Volume 154) 100 Cross brushes strokes ABR & PNG format.

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Check out presets in set (Volume 58) 120 Strokes ABR and PNG format

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Cross brushes gallery (Volume 156) 100 Artworks in ABR and EPS (vector format).

cross brushes cross brushes cross brushes cross brushes cross brushes cross brushes