Cross Shapes / Fonts / EPS for CorelDRAW, Photoshop, Affinity Photo inc. religion, plus designs

cross shapes font for Illustrator, Painter, Affinity Photo, DRAW etc

Works with: Photoshop, Elements, Painter, Indesign, Xpress, CorelDRAW, PSP, Pages, Affinity Photo etc

Format: TTF, EPS

License: Extended Commercial, royalty free

Free samplers

Cross shapes gallery (Volume 177) 100 Hi-impact cross shapes vector TTF / EPS decorative vectors for PSP, Microsoft Word, Elements, CorelDRAW, Painter etc. Cross font shapes Set includes historical cross shapes artworks, targets, religious cross font shapes, shadows, antique, frames, outlines, plusses, rounded, extruded and many more.


Add the cross shapes via the keyboard characters as simple as typing A B C D E etc as you would with any other but in this case instead of A B C D etc the decorative vectors appear. They can be combined in millions of different combinations as well as re-colored and modified and distorted and blended as well as exported to other formats. on the PC and MAC. Commercial use, all royalty free, world wide use, no credit required. TTF and EPS - on purchase of the cross shapes you receive those formats along with documentation and gallery and serial and keyboard guide

cross shapes font for PSP, Illustrator, word etc cross font shapes

Cross font shapes gallery (Volume 27) 596 Designs including ankhes and plusses, religious signs, curled, rounded, outlined, doubles, embellished, targets and many more.

Crosses font shapes gallery (Volume 140) 100 Graphics / EPS including contour and outlines and religious, embossed, contour, rippled, rounded and many more for Microsoft Word, CorelDRAW, etc You receive the items in TTF & EPS.

Cross fonts gallery (Volume 141) 100 Artworks / font / EPS including elaborate, embossed, weird, hand drawn, sketchy, shadows, scratchy and many more.

cross font shapes cross font shapes cross font shapes cross font shapes cross font shapes cross font shapes cross font shapes cross font shapes cross font shapes