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Cross Custom Shapes for Photoshop and Elements inc. religious and plus artworks

cross shapes for Photoshop and elements

Cross custom shapes for Photoshop CC CS6 CS5 CS4 etc and Photoshop elements. The cross custom shapes are for PC and MAC OSX. The cross custom shapes are in CSH format and supplied with gallery and notes and serial. The cross custom shapes are accessed via the custom shapes panel and tool in Photoshop along with the cookie cutter tool in Photoshop elements. The cross custom shapes can be used as a layer and as a path and fills. The cross custom shapes include many different designs such as frame cross custom shapes, religious cross custom shapes, ankh cross shapes, extruded artworks, rounded cross custom shapes, plus cross custom shapes and more. They can be used to any size. You can set them to any color such as gradients and patterns. You can use the powerful cross custom shapes with effects and plugins and layer effects and adjustments. The cross custom shapes can be used as cookie cutters in Photoshop elements. You can use cross custom shapes as masks with other resources in Photoshop. You can also modify the cross custom shapes by using other masks. You can use them once or multiple times. You can use them as selections and fill the cross shapes with all kinds of gradients and fills and brush strokes. You can add glows and bevels and gradients and patterns to the crosses via the layer styles in Photoshop. You can use them with other features of Photoshop. The cross custom shapes can be used as a great source for religious cross brushes and patterns and displacements. On purchase of the crosses, you receive the artworks along with notes and gallery and serial


Add to cart $3.99 / Download 100 Cross custom shapes CSH Gallery V16

Add to cart $3.99 / Download 565 Designs CSH Cross shapes gallery V9


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The cross custom shapes can be used with other tools such as adding fills such as diagonal and line patterns for Photoshop, psp, Affinity Photo etc and diamond and frame patterns as well as using the artworks as overlays and also as textures for the cross shapes.


The cross custom shapes can be combined with other custom shapes such as dash and dashed custom shapes as well as feline animal designs such as cat custom shapes for Photoshop and elements and dynamic and wow circle and circular and elliptical custom shapes as well as with PDF vector designs such as the circular retro / 50s shapes (such as joining them as smart objects with smart filters etc) There are also many different tutorials on the subject of the custom shapes such as the cross set and you can find them throughout the site or via the main page on the site, likewise there are also many freebie custom shapes available to tryout and sample the vector works for use in your commercial projects and personal ones.

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