Dinosaur fonts for CorelDRAW, Microsoft Word, PSP, Apple Pages, Indesign etc

Updated: July 26th, 2014

dinosaur font designs

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Dinosaur shapes font for PSP etc gallery 100 Dinosaur shapes / font for Microsoft Word, PSP etc (V130)

100 Dinosaur shapes / font for Pages, Indesign, Microsoft Word, PSP, Painter etc including T-Rex shape designs, realistic dinosaur shapes, cartoon dinosaur shapes, scratchy dinosaur font shapes, silhouettes dinosaur shapes, t-rex dinosaurs and many more. Perfect for a prehistoric scene, perfect for a Hollywood movie. The dinosaur font shapes Pages / CorelDRAW etc are for PC and MAC (to install the dinosaur font / designs, simply add the font set to the control panel on the PC or use the fontbook application on the MAC - right click the TTF dinosaur file). The dinosaur fonts / designs are vectors for any size of work. The dinosaur fonts / designs can be re-colored, combined, blended, exported and more. The set includes the shapes in TTF true type font format and EPS vector shapes format. The dinosaur fonts / shapes are commercial (CU4CU) use - use the dinosaur font shapes to create items for sale such as prehistoric diaries, logos, books and more. All the dinosaur shapes are by Andrew Buckle (graphicxtras). See all the dinosaur font shapes designs in the set via the thumbnail gallery link above. On buying, you receive the link from shareit.com