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Updated: August 29th, 2014

dinosaur font designs

Dinosaur shapes font for PSP etc gallery (V130)

100 Dinosaur shapes / font for Pages, Indesign, Microsoft Word, PSP, Painter etc including T-Rex shape designs, realistic dinosaur shapes, cartoon dinosaur shapes, scratchy dinosaur font shapes, silhouettes dinosaur shapes, t-rex dinosaurs and many more. Perfect for a prehistoric scene, perfect for a Hollywood movie. The dinosaur font shapes Pages / CorelDRAW etc are for PC and MAC (to install the dinosaur font / designs, simply add the font set to the control panel on the PC or use the fontbook application on the MAC - right click the TTF dinosaur file). The dinosaur fonts / designs are vectors for any size of work. The dinosaur fonts / designs can be re-colored, combined, blended, exported and more. The set includes the shapes in TTF true type font format and EPS vector shapes format. The dinosaur fonts / shapes are commercial (CU4CU) use - use the dinosaur font shapes to create items for sale such as prehistoric diaries, logos, books and more. All the dinosaur shapes are by Andrew Buckle (graphicxtras). On buying, you receive the link from shareit.com

Dinosaur font shapes for Microsoft Word, CorelDRAW etc

TTF In Microsoft Word

As with all applications, Microsoft Word has changed its interface multiple times. The typeface dropdown for the designs is located (in my version) in the Home panel on the top bar of the application. Select the name and then add the shapes via the keyboard as you would in Photoshop, PSP etc Select the size for the design as well. You can apply a number of visual effects to the design such as shadows, bevels, glows, rotations, 3-D effects, outlines, reflections etc as well as changing the color and more. Position the designs anywhere in the document using text boxes. Or use the wordart option.


dinosaur font shape eps


EPS design imported into Photoshop via the file place command. The design is a smart object layer and can be modified at any point or changed to a different dinosaur

dinosaur illustration design


Many different dinosaur designs are included in the set in the TTF and EPS format.

dinosaur effects


They can be modified by all kinds of effects such as camera raw, path blur effects and more

alien world dinosaur font shape


The designs can be added to any background in Photoshop and others such as a colorful gradient.

EPS in Microsoft Word

You can import EPS dinosaur shapes using the insert command photo and picture from file option. Once the design has been imported into the application, the design can be moved and effects can be applied such as bevels, glows, reflections, shadows, 3D, rotation and more. The dinosaur EPS shapes are still vector designs so can be re-sized to fill the entire document. You can use the recolor command to change the color from black to green or violet etc You can also apply corrections to the design to increase or decrease the brightness etc. You can modify the design further via the format command and picture.

Installing dinosaur fonts on PC

The file set is the TTF format and to install, simply drag the TTF file into the font section in the control panel. In earlier versions of Windows, you could also add the set via the menu commands in the control panel.

Installing dinosaur fonts on MAC

Right click the TTF file and select the fontbook application and then click the install command to add the set for use in your favourite application.

Use of Dinosaur EPS files in Photoshop

You can open the EPS designs via the file open command as well as the file place command. Open the EPS file via the file open command and Photoshop will ask for the rasterization of the file and setting of the dimensions and DPI, personally I prefer the place option.