Distress Circle Brushes for Photoshop, Affinity Photo, CorelDRAW etc inc. rough, rings, cuts royalty free

graphicxtras.com > Distressed coarse circle brushes for Affinity Photo / Photoshop / PSP 2015 CC CS6 inc. roughened rings

distress circle brushes for Photoshop cover and elements and psp

Works with: Photoshop, Elements, PaintShop Pro, GIMP, Affinity Photo, CorelDRAW etc

Format: ABR, PNG

License: Extended Commercial, royalty free

Free samplers

Distress circle brushes for Photoshop gallery (#164) 100 Strokes for Affinity Photo / Adobe ® Photoshop ® CC 2015 2014 CS6 CS5 CC CS3 CS4 CS2 CS1 14 13 12 2014 Elements PSP Painter GIMP etc. Set includes cracked distress circle brushes, rings, distress, weird, mottled, rough artworks and many more.


Supplied in ABR and PNG. PC and MAC. 300 DPI.


Commercial use CU4CU, all are by Andrew Buckle / graphicxtras.com. They can be used to create items for sale such as books, illustrations, logos, posters, mugs, adverts, cards, wrapping paper and much more.


On buying the distressed circle brushes set, you receive the download link to them as well as a gallery and also a serial number for any updates.

distressed circle brushes for Photoshop screenshot

Distressed circle brushes for Affinity Photo / Photoshop etc

What can you do with them ?? License details

You can use them in commercial work as well as personal. They are all royalty free. No credit is required for their use. No time limits. No restrictions. They can be used world wide. They were all created by Andrew Buckle / Graphicxtras.com. You can use them to create book coversm illustrations, textures, patterns, strokes, cards, hats, mugs, items for sale, items for zazzle, items for cafepress, fabrics, textiles, advertising, web pages, packaging, leaflets, CDs, DVD covers and much more. If you have any questions, please let us


Distressed circle brushes for Photoshop etc video tutorials

There are 100s and 100s of wonderful videos available on the web, a quick search on google or bing can find many. You can also find our video tutorials about the subject via our graphicxtras channel on Youtube.com as well as on tipdesk.com and also a selection on vimeo.com and other video sites. You can find out how to load them, how to distort them, how to blend, use them as a source for patterns, use them with other objects, use them with smart filters, how to use them with other applications, use them with layer comps, use them in video timelines, use them in 3D, how to export them and much more. Any questions, please let us know


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What apps can I use

You can use the PNG files in

Photoshop CC 2014 2015 CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3 etc as well as standalone

PS Elements 14 13 - 1

PaintShop Pro

Affinity Photo

Affinity Designer

Apple Pages

Microsoft Word




GIMP and 1000s of other apps on the PC and Mac