Dog custom shapes for Photoshop and elements to use in your projects


Dogs and more dogs in different poses for use in Photoshop CC CS6 CS5 etc and elements PC and MAC


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dog custom shapes for Photoshop and elements

How to open the dog shapes

The dog shapes for Photoshop are supplied in standard CSH format and that is native format for custom shapes for PS and PS Elements. The set is supplied in a CSH format along with other files such as documentation and serial. You can open the CSH file in a number of ways in Photoshop such as selecting the file and then right clicking and select the open command for that file type (though this does assume that the file assocation has been set correctly and does not open a custom shell script). You can also (in some versions) simply drag the file into the application. The best solution is probably to add them to the presets folder for the application and that can be found in the applications folder / program files folder (pc) for Photoshop or Elements, or add them into the user's account library section (appdata etc). The CSH file will then be accessible via the custom shapes' panel via the right side menu and the dogs can be accessed by name. You can also load and replace the files via the load / replace command in the same menu. The same options are available via the preset manager found in the edit menu.