Doodle Custom Shapes for Photoshop CC CS6 CS5 Elements inc. hand drawn, sketch

doodle shapes for Photoshop and elements

Doodle custom shapes are for Photoshop CC CS6 CS5 CS4 etc and Photoshop elements. The doodle custom shapes are for pc and mac. The doodle shapes are all in CSH format. Many different doodle / scribble / sketch shapes include line doodle shapes, frame doodle shapes, circular doodle shapes, loose doodle shapes, squiggles, spots and dot doodle shapes and more. All are for commercial use, all are for royalty free, all are by

BUY $3.99 / Download 100 Sketch / doodle vector shapes CSH Doodle custom shapes gallery V122.

BUY $3.99 / Download 100 Sketchy artworks CSH Photoshop doodle shapes gallery V8.


doodle shapes for Photoshop and elements fireworks doodle shapes distress circle brushes

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You can use the doodle custom shapes with other resources supplied with the application as well as with other custom shapes (use set operations to combine them) such as button custom shapes and art nouveau custom shapes designs


You can also re-color the doodle shapes using fills such as solid colors, gradients and patterns such as chevron patterns and Chinese patterns tiles

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