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Dot Brushes for Photoshop, Elements, PSP etc with spots and lines, all royalty free

singular spread of spots dot brushes for Photoshop and psp

Buy Price: $7

Dot brushes for Photoshop, PSP, GIMP, Photoshop Elements, Affinity Photo, CorelDRAW etc gallery (Volume 104) 100 Stunning dot brushes strokes ABR / PNG includes many different strokes for your projects


There are other dot sets on the site such as dot PDF and splatter shapes and dot and splatter and spray fonts and eps shapes and dot patterns and seamless tiles for Photoshop, psp etc and well as moire dot and spots custom shapes


You can find similar dot related sets such as the checkerboard and check Photoshop brushes and variety of checkerboard custom shapes You can add all kinds of textures to the dot brush strokes by using effects as well as other presets in Photoshop etc such as patterns (chevron and stripe patterns, border and edge patterns for Photoshop and psp etc, background patterns and supercolorful tiles, arrow pattern designs and tiles etc) You can use the dot brushes as strokes but also as layers for all kinds of amazing imagery combined. You can re-color the work using adjustments as well as using effects such as the NIK plugins Analog Efex etc. You can find many tutorials on the brush strokes etc such as how to change / set the size of the brushes as well as size limits etc tutorial



circular windmill dot brushes for Photoshop and elements and psp dot brushes for Photoshop and elements and affinity text and type spots

Buy Price: $7

Random dot brushes gallery (Volume 9) 110 Graphics / strokes PNG and ABR.

Buy Price: $7

Dot Photoshop brushes (Volume 6) ABR only 100 Hi-impact splatter strokes ABR only

Buy Price: $7

Moire dot brushes for Photoshop (Volume 102) 100 Moire graphics PNG format.

Buy Price: $7

Complex dot strokes gallery (Volume 143) 50 Dot brushes / Strokes ABR / PNG

dot brushes dot brushes dot brushes dot brushes dot brushes dot brushes dot brushes dot brushes dot brushes