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Last Modified : August 17th, 2015

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PDF Artworks dot shapes Photoshop distress moire intense random

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Random dot shapes PDF gallery (#27)

140 Random dot / distress / grunge shapes for Photoshop, Pages and many others. Dot shapes for Photoshop, elements, PSP Pages, GIMP inc. moire, random, spots


Commercial use, all by Andrew Buckle / graphicxtras.com.


Set is in PDF (this is the standard Adobe Acrobt format).


They can be used to create logos, books, illustrations, backgrounds, posters, documentation, adverts, ceramics, leaflets, scrapbooking, items for sale and much more.


The dot shapes in this set include random colorful dots, distressed, grunge, splats and many more.


They can be opened easily in many different applications and you can also convert the PDFs into PNG and other formats. They can be exported from Photoshop and other applications and used in others. You can combine the dot shapes, re-color the dot shapes, blend, use visual effects to the work


On buying the set, you receive the download link to the set (in zip format) and includes the PDFs, gallery, documentation and serial number for any future updates of the set.

dots shapes splatters for Photoshop GIMP etc

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Dot shapes for Adobe PS and others PDF (#14)

130 Dot and random and noise and splatters includes blots, colored, single spots, complex items and more.


Vectors for any size of work, use them with small work as well as super large work


They can be used in countless applications such as Photoshop, PS Elements, PSP, Photo-Paint, Apple Pages, Adobe Illustrator and many others.


PC and MAC. PDF is Adobe Acrobat format.


The set includes all the wonderful images in PDF and the set also includes documentation giving details on the installation and use of the graphics in Adobe PS and others as well as a gallery and serial number. If you wish, you can quickly convert all the PDFs for use as JPG and TIFF format.


The PDFs can be combined, re-colored, modified, exported as PNG, blended, effects applied and much more.


Commercial use, royalty free, world wide use. They can be used as layers, as backgrounds, as a source for brushes and patterns as well as be re-colored, modified, distorted, warped, combined, exported and much more. All the dot shapes for Adobe PS and others PDFs can be quickly converted to JPG or PNG if you wish.

dot splatter shapes  Adobe Illustrator psp

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Circular dot shapes for Adobe PS and others PDF (#12)

125 Dot / windmill and splatter graphics, multi-colored, dot splatter, weird decorative graphics, frames and many more.


The set can be used with Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Paint Shop Pro and many more on the PC and MAC OS X.


All are included in PDF format. The PDF is standard Adobe Acrobat format. You can also convert the PDFs to PNG and JPG to use them in countless more applications. On purchase, you receive them along with documentation, gallery, serial and more


They can be re-colored, combined, warped, used as a source for amazing new brushes and patterns and more.


Commercial use, royalty free, all are by Andrew Buckle / graphicxtras.com

single item eye highlight

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Dot shapes for Photoshop PDF (#11)

130 Individual dots, abstract, weird and more. The shapes are for use in Adobe PS, PS Elements, Adobe IND, Adobe Illustrator, PSP and many other applications. All are vectors for any size of work. They can be modified, they can be transformed, blended, added to, warped, effects can be applied and much more.


They are an amazing toolkit of great resources for all your projects.


Commercial (CU4CU) use. All the items are for use to create items for sale - all are by graphicxtras.com. The PDF graphics can be quickly exported as PNG or JPGs and used in many more applications and plugins.

rows and columns of items

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Dot grid shapes PDF (#10)

130 Dot / grid themed artworks shapes for Photoshop, psp, GIMP and many other applications on the PC and MAC.


All are by Andrew Buckle / graphicxtras.com and are for commercial use CU4CU.

distress grunge pdf

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Dot distress shapes PDF for Photoshop (#26)

140 Dot shapes including distress dot shapes, moire shapes, randomized scattered, spots and many more and for use in Adobe PS, PSP, Apple Pages, Illustrator and many other applications on the PC and MAC.


Load them via the open command or via the place / import command and use them as layers in many different applications. The distressed artworks can be combined, merged, exported, distorted, re-colored, blended and much more. They are all vectors for any size of work.


Commercial (CU4CU) (as well as personal use), no time limits. You can use the items to create items for sale. Use them to create logos, covers, textiles, ceramics, packaging, adverts, posters, hats and much more

Dot shapes for Photoshop, PSP, Elements etc

blue mountain range


Opening the Photoshop dot PDF shapes in Adobe PS and others

All apps open the PDF files in different ways, though most probably use the open menu command. In some you have to load the PDF via the insert command or use the place / import command or some other panel / palette. Anyway, when you open the set in many of the apps you will find the item is turned into a raster format file and you will need to set the size for the PDF such as 300 x 300 or 3000 x 3000 as well as the resolution etc. In some apps, you will be able to continue to use the PDF as a vector (such as Illustrator). In some apps, you can load the file via the place or import command and in Adobe PS / creative cloud you can then use this at any size and for the graphic to be displayed as a raster format file but at the same time it is a vector which can be modified at any point (such as a smart object)



What can I do with the Photoshop dot shapes ?

You can do virtually anything with them. You can use them in commercial projects, you can use them in personal projects as well as using them to create items that can be used then to create new items for sale and so on (CU4CU). Use them to create logos, adverts, videos, books, illustrations, items for sale on zazzle and much more. If you have any questions, please contact us on support@graphicxtras.com



How did you create the dot shapes for use with Photoshop ?

All were created using Illustrator and they were then saved as PDF via the save command. The Vector graphics were all generally manipulated in Adobe AI as well, though in some cases the designs were modified in the excellent, Fontlab



Video tutorials about the dot shapes for Adobe Photoshop and others ?

Not particular but you can find many videos about how to install them, load them, use them as smart objects, modify them in Illustrator, how to use as a layer, , how to use with other paths, use them etc via our graphicxtras channel on Youtube. Any questions, I will be happy to try and create a video on the subject - please let us know on support@graphicxtras.com



Photoshop dot shapes in PDF format

Yes, they are in PDF (unless stated). PDF is Adobe Acrobat format so it is a fairly common format and used widely in applications. You can quickly convert the PDFs to PNG and TIFF etc if you prefer