Dot Shapes / PDF for Photoshop, PSP, Affinity Photo, Indesign etc inc. moire, spots, random, splat

dot shapes for Photoshop and elements circular

Moire Dot shapes for Photoshop, Pages, Indesign, Corel PaintShop Pro, Affinity Photo etc gallery (Volume 27) 140 Distress and grunge shapes include random colorful spots, distressed, grunge, splats and many more. PDF


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You can combine the PDF dot shapes sets with many other elements in Photoshop and others such as grid fonts and hexagon brushes and horseshoe fonts You can re-color the dot PDF shapes in numerous ways using Photoshop gradients as well as brushes such as ink brushes and patterns such as letter patterns and mark patterns The dot shapes / PDF designs can be edited in Illustrator and other vector apps that support PDF and you can then add additional elements and even more dots or perhaps re-color individual elements and use as a new unique artwork for your projects. You can find many tutorials by us on the subject of how to place PDF shapes into Photoshop

dot shapes for Photoshop and elements multiple spots dot shapes circular photoshop dot shapes for Photoshop and elements multiple spots

Random dot shapes gallery (Volume 14) 130 Noise themed artworks includes splatter, blots, colored, single spots etc PDF format.

Dot shapes gallery (Volume 12) 125 Windmill and splatters inc. multi-colored, splatter etc PDF format

Single dot shapes gallery (Volume 11) 130 Super graphic elements include abstract etc PDF

Dot themed shapes gallery (Volume 10) 130 Artworks PDF

Check out dot shapes presets in set (Volume 26) 140 Graphics including distress dot shapes, moire dot shapes, randomized scattered, spots PDF

dot shapes dot shapes dot shapes dot shapes dot shapes dot shapes