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100 Eagle shapes / font / EPS for Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, Apple Pages, CorelDRAW, Xara, PSP etc. The set includes the realistic and scratchy hand drawn, rough, silhouettes, half lit, flying, woodcut decorative graphics in TTF truetype format as well as vector EPS decorative vectors format for most applications. PC and Mac OS X as well as Linux. Commercial (CU4CU) use - use the shapes in logos, leaflets, books, packaging, adverts, posters, mugs, ceramics and much more. They can be combined, modified, re-colored, distorted, exported, blended, effects applied, used as a source for brushes and much more - a powerful toolkit of wonderful images for all your projects. The TTF set is very easy to install and use, simply add to the panel on the pc and use the applications folder fontbook to load onto the mac. Once installed, access the artworks for Word / PSP and others as you would any other TTF set on your machine. The set also includes documentation as well and a serial number as well as documentation showing the relationship between the characters / artworks and the keyboard. They are all vectors for any size of work. The EPS can also be loaded very easily into many applications such as CorelDRAW, Illustrator etc.

Eagle fonts/ shapes for Microsoft Word, PSP etc


How to use them ????

They are for most apps though the actual approach to the type / text varies and some allow for the paths to be accessed viax a typeface dropdown, some use a panel or palette, some even use an import menu command or via the toolbox. They can be used in desktop apps like QuarkXpress and Adobe Illustrator, Apple Pages, Xara; they can be used in vector apps; in DTP; in 3D applications (Poser, sadly, does not support text and nor does Daz Studio though). Many of the apps will at least allow the use of visual effects (blurs, smears, emboss, color manipulation, distortions etc) as well as some basic manipulation of the text such as scaling or size etc though if you really want to manipulate the birds, it is best to use apps such as Illustrator or CorelDRAW or fontlab (they were all created in those apps in the first place and they have the best range of vector tools)



What does the set include ??

The set includes documentation though personally I think the easiest documentation are the videos via the Youtube link above (you can find the link at the top of the page). All the videos are by me. The set also includes a gallery as well as a document showing the relationship between the keyboard and the decorative artworks and this can be printed out to give you a guide to all the birds included in the set and how to access them. If you prefer, you can use the EPS files (they are the same as the TTF) as you can use various browser tools to see all the images. You can also load them via the place command and open commands of most apps.



How can I use the TTF and EPS ????

The truetype shapes are duplicated in EPS. EPS has alway been a tricky one for me as sometimes the file format is supported and sometimes not. The files are the best supported but in some situations the artworks are best explored via the EPS (encapsulated postscript) graphics. You can also quickly convert the EPS decorative vectors to raster format PNG JPG TIFF and other format files if you wish. Actually there is a useful application available for conversion and it can be found on the mac 'Font Pestle' though I am certain there are also many PC conversion applications as well. You can import the EPS files into many applications such as Affinity Photo, PSP, Photoshop etc. With the recent releases of creative cloud, Photoshop and Illustrator have now got glyph panels and you can use those panels to quickly display all the characters included in the bird set. You can see all the poses and head shots and sketches etc and then just double click the entry in the panel to add them to the current document with the current color and size etc of type



How can I use them ?? Legal / license details

They are all for commercial use (as well as personal, of course), basically unrestricted use - they were all created by graphicxtras.com / Andrew Buckle for that purpose. You can see a list of possible uses but it is virtually unlimited. You can use them to create all kinds of work such as logos (parts of as the set is non exclusive birds), fashions, t-shirts, books, illustrations, packaging, posters, items for sale on zazzle and Cafepress etc. The license gives world-wide use, no time limits. No credit is required for the use of them (though it is nice if you have a website and link back to the site)



How to use them with the fibers feature in PS ???

The fibers Photoshop effect applied to an artwork - makes a passable wood texture as well as interesting randomized grain when applied combined with blurring. The fiber filter was added to recent versions of Adobe PS with little fanfare and yet used with some trial and error as well as combined with other filters and then combined with others via either scripting or PS actions, the fibers tool can be used to create many different random wood as well as particle effects (just a pity it doesn't have a few more options such as some of the more recent tools as well as smart filter options). The fibers tool comes with two options - variance and strength as well as the option to randomize. The fiber effect does also require the foreground and background to be set (for wooden effect, try two different brown grains). You can apply across layers and then rotate the fibers and combine using layer blends (darken or lighten or multiply) to achieve many interesting color backgrounds such as charcoal or pencil effects



How did you create them ?

They were created as renders in Poser and exported into Illustrator where they were turned into vectors via the image trace feature and then the end result was exported for use in Fontlab and for conversion into a standard TTF truetype file as well as the EPS files. The birds were created in a variety of poses in Poser such as head shots, in flight, in different sketch renders as well as to create far more scratchy and sketchy looking bird. As the items are vectors, you can also just zoom in to a particular part of the artwork so if the entire bird is shown you can just use the head or perhaps the wings of the animal. Poser is an application from Smith Micro which is normally for renders of people but it also allows for the rendering of many different animals and objects.



How to install them ?

They are installed by double clicking the TTF and selecting the install or add option - this is much the same on the pc and mac. You can also install the set via the control panel on the pc (drag the TTF to the fonts panel). You can also right click the TTF and select the viewer application and then install the item that way. On the mac, use the applications' folder, FB app (found in the applications folder) can be used to add the set and you can then access them in your favourite tool such as PSP or Affinity Photo or PS Elements. On the latest versions of windows 10, simply drag the TTF into the panel however it will ask for your admin password to install it (this is not the serial number supplied as that is not required at any point and is only of use with updates of the set)



How to access them ?

This varies from app to app but generally access the set via the typeface dropdown (such as in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop) and then type A B C D etc to generate the paths. The set comes with documentation that shows the keyboard relationship and the graphics included. With the latest versions of Photoshop etc you can now also see all the bird shapes via the glyph panel.