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easter egg font shapes for psp, word, gimp etc

Works with: Photoshop, Elements, PSP, Pages, Painter, GIMP, Fireworks, Affinity Photo, Illustrator etc

Format: TTF, EPS

License: Extended Commercial, royalty free

Free samplers

Easter egg font shapes gallery (#149) 100 Easter egg shapes / vector designs for Microsoft Word, PSP, CorelDRAW, Xara, Publisher, Illustrator, Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, Inkscape etc. Includes drawn Easter egg shapes, speckled, star filled designs, basic artworks, ribbons and many more.


PC and MAC OS X. The set includes TTF true type format and EPS vectors. All are super easy to load and install simply add the TTF to the control panel fonts section on the PC and add them to the Fontbook app on the Mac. The EPS files are identical to the TTF set and can be loaded via the file open command as well as place command of many different applications.


All are are by Andrew Buckle / graphicxtras.com. Use them in commercial work, use them royalty free, use them with no restrictions.


On buying the easter shapes set, you receive the download link to the TTF and EPS files along with documentation and gallery of all the set and serial for any updates of the set. If you have any questions, please contact us.

easter egg shapes font designs for PSP, Pages, Indesign etc

Easter eggs font gallery (#16) 100 Vector shapes wrappings including sketched, stars, hearts, flowers and more. TTF & EPS

Easter Eggs font shapes for Microsoft Word, PSP etc

How can I use them

Well, you can use them in virtually any project. You can use them in commercial as well as personal projects. You can also use the holiday themed artwork to create items that can be in turn sold to create new items and so on. They are all non exclusive. You can use them to create logos (well, at least part of), adverts, packaging, web pages, documents, illustration, comics, hats, textiles, wrapping paper, cards, fashions and many more. Any questions, please let us know


What do I get

You receive the set as a zip from shareit.com who handle all our transactions. You will find in the set a selection of EPS files and the same artworks in TTF truetype format. They are identical but they have their different uses. The set also includes the documentation and gallery and serial


How to install them on the PC and MAC

The easter egg font shapes set is supplied in TTF as well as EPS, they are identical other than in formats and also apps that can use them. The TTF set can be installed on the PC (Windows) by adding the TTF into the control panel / font section along with all the other TTF installed on your system such as Verdana and Times New Roman and Arial. With the MAC OS X Operating System (Maverick etc), double click the TTF truetype file and the Fontbook app will appear and you can then just click the install button and then the set is added to the user library. You can also drag the set into the FB application and they will then be added to the library and can be accessed as all the other truetype etc sets. They can then be accessed via the typeface dropdown of most applications such as CorelDRAW, PaintShop Pro, Photoshop, Pages etc and they are then added via the keyboard and with the recent versions of the creative cloud, you can now also add the artworks via the glyphs panel. The decorative vector graphics can be loaded into many applications via the open command as well as place command (or import or it may have another name). If you wish, you can ignore the EPS files as they are totally same as the TTF files


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How to use them in PaintShop Pro

Use the vector artworks in Corel PaintShop Pro via the text tool in the tool box, select the set from the typeface list and then add the graphics as required (a b c d e 1 2 3 A B C D etc). If you want to use them as a native format file (vector) then you can right click the artwork and you will see a menu and one of the options is to convert the current selected item into a native format file. You can also convert them by going to the object menu and selecting the convert command there. If you wish to use this in future projects, it is recommended that you go to the layer panel and rename all the various layers involved in the work as this will avoid a possible name duplication error. Go to the file menu and export and then export. The item will be added to the cache and can be re-used via the preset tool. You can also add textures / layer effects / gradients / patterns / solid color etc to the work. You can also add layer styles via the layer menu properties dialog - you can add glows, reflections, shadows, bevels etc. You can rasterize it and then save it as a PNG file and the item can then be used as a pattern tile in PSP or save the item via the export as a tube command and save to a PSPtube format.


How to generate the artwork

If you are using the TTF set, you need to access the set by selecting the set in the typeface dropdown of your favourite application (this varies from app to app); this is the same as selecting Times New Roman or Verdana or Geneva etc. Once selected, you can then just type the letters A B C D etc or lowercase or numbers on the keyboard. The artworks can also be re-colored as well as blended with the others or converted to the native format (such as turning them into standard custom CSH files for use in Adobe ® Photoshop ® or presets in PaintShop Pro or image portfolios in Painter and so on.


Video tutorials

You can check out all our videos via the graphicxtras channel on Youtube - the videos show how to install them, warp them, use them in native preset format, use them in different channels, use with the gradient tools, use them in Affinity Photo, use them as patterns, how to use the tools in various applications, how to combine them and more. All the videos are by Andrew Buckle / www.graphicxtras.com. If you have any questions, please let us know