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easter egg shapes for Photoshop and elements

Easter egg shapes for Photoshop gallery (#149)

Works with: Photoshop, Elements

Format: CSH

License: Extended Commercial, royalty free, worldwide, multiple usage, no time limits

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100 Easter egg shapes / Holiday graphics for Adobe ® Photoshop CC 2015 2014 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 CS5 CS6 Elements 14 13 12 etc. Set includes many different wrapping easter egg shapes artworks such as speckled, graduated, wave lined artwork, circle filled, wavy line items, large spots and many more.


All in vector format for any size of holiday fun. All the supplied paths are in CSH - this the standard format for Adobe ® Photoshop ®, holiday season or not. Use on the PC and MAC. Use them with the cookie cutter tool in elements as well as the normal tool in both Photoshop and elements as well as the blur tool in Adobe ® Photoshop ®.


Commercial use, all royalty free, all the wonderful resources are by graphicxtras.com / Andrew Buckle and can be used in 1000s of wonderful fun projects such as logos, adverts, leaflets, wrapping, holiday cards, packaging, website artwork, books, selling items on Zazzle.com and much more.


On purchase of this wonderful easter egg shapes set, you receive the CSH (containing the 100 graphics) as well as documentation and gallery and serial for any future updates of the set.

Photoshop easter eggs gallery (#43)


100 Colorful Easter eggs graphics including speckles wrappings, elaborate wrappings, ornate wrappings and many more. All are in standard CSH


easter egg shapes for Photoshop and elements multiples


Easter egg shapes for Photoshop and Elements

What can I do with them

They can be used in commercial work as well as personal work, you can use them to create items that can be used in turn to create new items that can be sold and so on (CU4CU). They can be used to create logos, book covers and interiors, illustrations, advertising, packaging, posters, caps, scrapbooking, textiles, ceramics, skateboards, leaflets, web sites, templates, web pages, videos and much more. You can use them to create millions of stunning unique graphics. If you have any questions about them, please contact us about them and I will try and answer your questions as quickly as possible.


PDF sets

The PDF sets are not custom shapes, they cannot be used as custom shapes but you can use them as a silhouette and then use them as shapes (though this is best achieved in Illustrator). The PDF designs are useful for use in PaintShop Pro, Photoshop, Elements, GIMP, Affinity Photo etc as layers and backgrounds and images. They are all vectors and can be used to any size. They are in standard Adobe Acrobat format. The PDF files can be also be converted to most common formats such as PNG or TIFF as well via many tools such as Photoshop and online.


Related sets

You may also find the Easter egg patterns of interest as well as perhaps a selection of brush strokes for use in PS and PS Elements as well as fonts for all applications.



How to add more to the presets

You can use them as is but you can always add the vector artwork and then fill the CSH artwork with other paths. This depends on how you add the item such as a layer or fill. If added to a fill, you can quickly add other paths such as stars or spots or speckled or blurs or lens flares and much more. To make it easier to fill into the existing form, add the item to a a layer and then use the select and load selection and use the transparency. You can then fill the item with stars and spots and other paths without worrying about going onto the background. You can also make the size of the stars in the center a little bigger and make the edge of the artwork spots and stars a little smaller. You can also add lens flares etc to add an additional highlight to the holiday treat. Another option is to fill the graphic with a gradient which can be radial gradient etc to add a highlight to the graphic. If you are using the item as a layer then you can also just turn the item into a smart object and add effects such as lens flares though you can add layers to the artwork which can be added as a new layer above the existing one. You can also the smart object and the new paths into a new smart object as well as combine it with adjustment layers to re-color the holiday graphics Gradients are a really good source for creating interesting artworks based on the CSH as well as PDFs. You can add all kinds of gradients but the best are probably radial based. You can also combine them with patterns either as a fill or via the layer style and the gradient and pattern overlay. You can use all kinds of fills such as line based gradients or perhaps a gradient with a single stop. They are all generally effective at producing an interesting wrapper for your chocolate. You can also combine them with effects such as filter factory effects such as paint daubs or oil paint Another option to produce interesting wrappings is to use brush strokes which can also be added to the shell, there are 100s of brushes sets available on this site which all can be used to create some truly interesting wrappings


How to use the PDF vectors

The PDF files can be load into Adobe ® Photoshop ® as well as most applications (such as PSP) via the open command or via the place command. Once loaded, the PDF layers can be re-colored, modified, effects applied and much more. If you load the vector artwork as a placement then the item becomes a smart object and can be changed to any size. You can also open the PDF vectors in Illustrator (they were created in Illustrator) and you can then modify them in numerous ways as well as create many variant artworks The PDF files can be used as a great source for curved brush strokes for use in PS as well as PSP and others.


Video tutorials - how can I find out more

You can find all the tutorials by us via the Youtube.com website and the graphicxtras channel. You can also find a selection of other tutorial videos / instructions and notes via the Tipdesk.com website. You can find out how to use them as a layer, use as a path, how to use as a fill, use with fill and stroke, use them with the perspective warp, how to combine with other paths, how to use with type, how to use as a source for wonderful brushes, use as a tile, how to use with the blur tools, how to add grain and noise to the items, how to use them with blending modes and much more. Any questions, please let us know


How to use them as a smart object

The PDF and the CSH artworks can be quickly turned into a smart object via the PS layer menu and convert command. Once the selected item or items (the smart object can be made up of multiple objects) you can convert the work and then add smart filters such as Poster edges / water color / etc to the artwork as well as re-color it using the new adjustment features which attaches the adjustment solely to the object. You can also add additional elements to any of the vectors such as spots and dots and stars etc to the eggs and they can then be combined into the single smart object. At any point, the object can always be edited. You can also store the entire package into the CC libraries for future use as well as using the path in other tools such as Illustrator