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Last Modified : August 12th, 2015

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Face shapes females for Photoshop and elements mixed artwork


$7.49 (6.65 EUR, £4.92GBP 901 Yen Approx)

Thumbnails (#193)

50 Female face shapes for Photoshop CC CS4 CS5 CS6 CS3 CS2 CS1 Elements in different styles and different hair styles and emotions and expressions and angles and poses including sketch, abstract, shadowed and scratchy and more. Face brushes for Photoshop CC CS5 CS4 2015 CS6 elements inc. female, expressions, head, women. PC (windows 10 / 8 / 7 etc) and MAC OS X (all versions). They are all in standard Photoshop CSH and are very easy to load and apply via the presets palette. The set also includes EPS files for use in Paint Shop Pro, Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Apple Pages, Inkscape and others. They can be combined using the various pathfinder tools in Adobe PS (as well as via export and import to Illustrator) and also just applied as fills on the same layer. They can be blended using the blending mode options as well as the opacity settings. They can be used as selections and masks - the selections and masks can be filled with images as well as solid colors or gradients or patterns. All are for commercial use, all royalty free, no credit is required for their use, world wide, no time limits. You can use them in 1000s of your projects such as scrapbooking, documents, adverts, cartoons, comics, illustrations, artworks, posters, hats, skateboards, selling items on zazzle.com and much more. On purchase, receive the Photoshop face shapes CSH + EPS + gallery + serial + notes.


Face shapes for Photoshop and elements illustrations shadow


$7.49 (6.65 EUR, £4.92GBP 901 Yen Approx)

Thumbnails (#169)

100 Photoshop Face shapes in different poses such as laughing, smiling, looking, talking, angry, sad and much more. They are in vector format for any size of work. CSH format for Adobe Photoshop CC CS6 CS5.5 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 7 6 and PS Elements 13.0 - 1.0 as well as the recent Adobe Creative Cloud. Load via the open command and apply as layers, paths, fills. You can also export the artworks and use them in many other apps such as Illustrator (especially easy if you combine with the creative cloud new dynamic libraries)


For use on PC and MAC OS X.

face shapes for Photoshop and Elements mixed female


$7.49 (6.65 EUR, £4.92GBP 901 Yen Approx)

Thumbnails (#152)

60 People / female shapes including scenes, different hair types, different lighting, different poses, looksand much more. For Adobe Photoshop CC etc and Elements as well as the current Adobe Creative Cloud. On purchase, you receive the CSH file with all the female vectors along with documentation and Thumbnails and a serial number for future updates. They are all vectors for any size of work. You can also re-color them, combine them, modify, export, use as a source for brushes and much more. Commercial (CU4CU) use, all royalty free. They are all by graphicxtras.com and can be used to create items for sale such as posters, documents, adverts, packaging, cards, mugs and much more. CSH.

male closeup figure


$7.49 (6.65 EUR, £4.92GBP 901 Yen Approx)

Thumbnails (#93)

130 Face / male / female custom shapes including mainly males but there also many female artworks included in many different poses, different emotions, different lighting angles, realistic, sketched and much more. For Adobe ® PS CC CS6 etc and Elements 13-1 PC and MAC. CSH format - all easy to load and use in both apps. They can be combined with other artworks as well as themselves. You can use them with the cookie cutter tool in PS Elements as well as the blur tool. Re-color the exciting artwork via the toolbox or use with PS effects. Commercial (CU4CU) use. Use to create items for sale such as logos, adverts, mugs, books, posters, ceramics, textiles and much more.



$7.49 (6.65 EUR, £4.92GBP 901 Yen Approx)

Thumbnails (#54)

100 Photoshop Female faces including smiling, looking, flirting, hair styles, looks, realistic as well as scratchy and hand drawn and lighting effects and more. PC and MAC OS X - Photoshop CC 2015 CS6 etc and Elements 13, 12, 11, 10 to 1 and also the standalone versions of Adobe PS 16-6. CSH format. On buying the set, you receive the digital download (via MyCommerce / Digital River) including CSH as well as documentation and gallery along with a serial number for future updates of the set. They can be re-colored, combined, blended, modified, warped, transformed, distorted, exported and much more.

Face custom shapes for Photoshop and Elements

add backgrounds to the artwork highlights



Face custom Photoshop shapes - what can I do with them ?

You can use them to create personal and commercial use graphics, you can use them to create items that can in turn be sold on such as fonts or brushes etc. You can use them to create items to sell, ceramics, mousemats, logos, books, illustrations, adverts, videos, skateboards, mugs, posters, textiles, to sell on Zazzle and Cafepress etc and much more. If you have any questions or concerns about them and how to use them, please contact us, always happy to help (hopefully I can).


face shapes


How did you create the face Photoshop shapes ?

They were all initially created in Poser using various 3D poser models and these were then exported to PNGs and at that point re-opened in Adobe AI for image tracing and other effects. The final vector graphics were then copied to Adobe PS to be saved as CSH presets. They were all saved in PS 6 format (an old format but it does mean that they are still available for use in all versions of Adobe PS from 6 upwards as well as all versions of PSE. Of course, you can always open the set and then save them in PS CC 2014 etc format and there are some differences in formats. You can find a plugin from Amazon Canvas for use in Illustrator and that uses the latest version of CSH and you can use the vector artworks in AI to great effect.



How to load the face custom shapes in Adobe Photoshop ?

The easiest way has to be to place the CSH file into the presets folder of Adobe PS or PS Elements. With PS Elements, that is the only way to access the CSH decorative graphics. In Adobe PS, you can also use the load / replace commands found on the presets palette right side menu to load the CSH set (that is how I load the files but I am certain my approach is not always the best - some people like to load all their CSH files in one single go. So, whatever works). You can in some versions also use the open command to load the CSH presets. You can also double click the CSH file as well as right click the CSH file and select the open command or the open with command



Photoshop face shapes as smart objects

You can use them as layers as well as pixels and paths but you can also turn them into smart objects. To convert the selected items to a smart object, go to the layer and smart object and convert command. You can select multiple items and convert them into smart object but you can also just use a single item and convert that. You can also convert an item into smart objects combined with adjustment layers as well as layer effects etc. Once the item has become a smart object you will see a little icon appear beside the item (now combined) and this will indicate that it is a smart object. You can then go to the filter menu and apply smart filters. The smart filters can be modified at any point by going to the layers palette and double clicking the item. You can also add a new set of layer styles to that as well as additional adjustment layers etc. You can also convert a smart object into a new smart object so all the expressive female / male head shots can be turned into multiple layers of smart objects. These can all be edited by double clicking the smart icon in the layer palette.. You can edit the items at any point as well as apply additional transformations such as scaling and rotation etc as well as warping and also puppet warp and perspective warp. They are a powerful feature of PS



Face shapes and adjustment layers

You can now with the Creative cloud CC 2015, convert a vector layer into a smart object and also now add, as well as smart filters, add smart adjustments to the vectors. You can also modify any of the attached adjustments via the layer palette via the smart filter section. You can add black and white / hue and saturation etc. In previous versions, you could only add them to the entire document or above a layer but now they can be specifically attached to only that selected object and can be modified and removed at any point. You can also move them around adding items above or below others.



Face shapes and video tutorials

You can find all our Photoshop video tutorials via the graphicxtras channel on Youtube.com as well as via the superb TipDesk.com website. You can find out how to install them, how to use them with fills / strokes, use as layers, how to use as paths, use with blending modes, how to combine other paths, how to edit in Illustrator and much more. Any questions, please let us know