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Is your 'Buy now / checkout' secure?

Yes, all are handled by shareit.com, part of myecommerce group



Can I get a refund ?

Yes, of course. Please contact us and will sort out a refund. Please contact us and discuss it as it is possible that an alternative product can be supplied or an easy fix is possible.



Can I purchase with PayPal ? Visa ? Mastercard ? cheques, debit card, etc ?

Yes. There are many payment options and PayPal is one of them.



How can I see all the items included in the set ?

In most cases, just click the product name link beneath the product image on our pages - the link will then show a Thumbnails / image gallery included in the set



Do you have any free samplers ??

Most of the pages have free samples - they are listed as samplers, demos etc and you can use them to tryout our various products as well as use the items in commercial (CU4CU) use



Can I use you items to sell my own products such as a T-shirt etc or ceramics or wallpaper patterns etc ?

Yes, you can use the designs in many different things and sell the created items.



Will the items work in PS Elements ? Paint Shop Pro ? Illustrator etc?

The listings often only mention something like PS Elements but not the numerous versions or the platforms (most work with PC and MAC). any doubts, please contact us or even better, use the free samplers to tryout the items and check that they work in your favourite application



Have you got any video tutorials ? How do I use the items ?

There are now over 1000+ video tutorials available (by graphicxtras) on Youtube



Do you add new items ?

All the time. Three or four packs each and every week. The best place to check out all the latest news and videos and support is the google+ pages



Currencies ? do you accept Yen etc

Yes, shareit.com accept a vast range of different currencies. You might see the price as USD 3.99 etc on our site but on that site, you can see the actual price and the various taxes etc