Flame / Fire Brushes for Photoshop / Elements / PSP


Updated: August 11th, 2015

flame brushes etc mixed gel  fire elements CC CS3 CS2 etc

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Flame fire brushes for Photoshop gallery (V14)

110 Flame and fire and tattoo brushes for Photoshop CC CS4 CS2 CS5 CS6 CS1 CS3 Elements PSP Pages GIMP includes many different tattoo dabs, basic, curved, extreme strokes, tribal and many more.


Load the via the presets palette and the edit preset manager menu. Once loaded, strokes can be re-colored, modified, used on layers, exported to other applications, combined in millions of ways and much more.


All the flame Photoshop brushes are by graphicxtras.com / Andrew Buckle. 300 DPI format mixed sizes.


Commercial use, royalty free, world wide, no credit is required. Use them as tattos, books, illustrations, on cards, cars, scrap booking, web sites and much more


ABR PNG format files, on purchase you receive them along with documentation and gallery and serial and PS actions

Flames brush for Photoshop fire outline  shadow yellow

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USD $5.49

Flame brushes for Photoshop (V133)

100 Fire and tattoo, stroke, outlines, flicker forms and others, great for PS, Elements, CC CS6 CS5 CS4 etc, PSP, Adobe Illustrator, Photo-paint, GIMP and others.


Commercial use, royalty free


ABR + PNG. Wonderful artworks for you to buy, all for your projects

scattered fire image effect and lines in PS on orange background

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USD $5.49

Flame fire brushes for Photoshop (V134)

100 Fire brushes includes graduated, flicker dabs, intense, thins, curved, tattoos and many more.


Commercial use ABR and PNG images


Use in PC and MAC

flame brushes fire graduated   mixed artwork abr cs4 cs2

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USD $5.49

Flame Photoshop brushes (V135)

100 Items includes graduated strokes, hot and burning strokes, curved and many more for all projects.


Commercial use, royalty free


ABR & PNG images.

fire graduated elements CC CS4 CS2

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USD $5.49

Flame fire brushes for Photoshop etc (V136)

100 Strokes including graduated based stroke, tattoos, curved, flickery, blurred and more.




Commercial use, royalty free strokes

Interested in related fonts and custom shapes ??

Flame and fire brushes for Photoshop and Elements etc

elements fire  and vibrance mixed image female image and smeared face



Photoshop flame brushes - Opening the ABRs / installing

The ABR can be opened in PS & Elements by double clicking the ABR file, you can also select the open with command to load the items. You can also load the ABR presets via the open command in some versions. You can also open the presets via the edit menu preset manager. If you place the ABR into the presets folder, the file then can be selected by name via the palette right side menu. You can also use the right side menu to load and replace (and browse) for the ABR set Tutorial on the loading of the strokes



Opening the Photoshop flame brushes PNG images etc

Many of the sets include the items in PNG as well as ABR (or perhaps just the PNG). The PNGs are far more flexible as strokes than the ABRs (only for PS). The PNG images can be opened via the open command and via the place command (which means the dab becomes a layer or smart object). The PNG can then be defined as a stroke via the edit menu define command. Once defined, the image can be applied via all the standard tools (as well as PaintShop Pro etc). You can also use the PNGs as a great source for layers, displacement maps (convert the PNG to PSD) as well as patterns etc.



Load the Photoshop flame brushes into PSP

Open the PNG document (any number) and then select the paint tool or one of the other tools. View menu command palette and tool options. Display the PSP tools palette showing all the default strokes and go to the bottom right (this depends on the version of PSP as in some versions, it was on the top right) and click the create from selection option - don't select the other button. To better define the stroke, use a selection to remove any white area you do not want. Give a name as well as steps and also give copyright etc details. If you select save variance then various settings are saved along with the stroke.



Photoshop flame brushes and Preset browser

If you have zillions of ABRs and have loads and loads of great artworks to use and searching for a particular artwork may be pretty tricky - this is where a preset browser comes in handy. There is a great application called Tumasoft presetviewerbreeze available. It handles ABRs, fonts, CSH presets, PAT, GRD files and more. Use the tool to create galleries of strokes / presets in seconds. You can find a free trial version on the web via most search engines.



Creating new Photoshop flame brush strokes ?

They are not cast in stone, they are also great as source material so you can create a new stroke simply by opening the existing PNG or applying dabs from the existing ABR and then selecting that and using the define command. You can also use visual effects such as blurs or oil paint etc to create more depth to the artwork and then save that.



Video tutorials on the Photoshop flame brushes

You can find a lot of information on the presets etc via our graphicxtras video channel on youtube.com. All the videos are by Andrew Buckle. If you have any questions please let us know (such as how to install them in a particular application or how to distort them or blend them into other elements, how to use them as smart objects, use with smart filters, use them with layer comps and many more. Apply the stroke to a layer and duplicate the layer and adding a blur or smear - you can also warp and distort the glow etc Adding a glow in CC 2014 video tutorial Combining Fl. Painter 3 Pro and PS - two great applications can be combined to create awesome color effects. Tutorial on how to copy them in PS (youtube video) Fl. Painter 3 Pro can be used to add all kinds of burning / fire effects to any image How to add fire burst to super hero character in FP3P app video (youtube video)



Use the Photoshop flame brushes with adjustments

The strokes can be applied but they can be modified in a huge number of ways by using the image menu and adjustments such as levels, curves, hue / saturation, photo filter, HDR toning etc. You can also use them with adjustment layers and as layers you can always remove and modify the settings - any adjustments though are just added to the current layer and are destructive. You can also modify the color by using the On software plugins such as their powerful perfect photo suite tools. You can also download a set of free tools via their perfect effects 9 presets and using those tools you can change the colors in 1000s of stunning ways.



Use the flame brushes as Photoshop layers

You can open the files as a layer via the place command or via the open command and then just select and copy and paste. The place command (embedded or linked in the latest version of PS) means the files all have transparency which can be modified and added to, also layer styles and effects can be added. The layers can also be re-position as required to create endless presets (you can also set up various layer comps to change the position and visibility.



Photoshop flame brushes / source for patterns in PSP

The PNG images can be quickly added to the patterns folder of PSP and then they will be accessible via the materials palette in PaintShop Pro. You can also add the PNG images to other folders such as textures etc. You can find the location for these folders via the preferences section 'file locations' in PaintShop Pro



How can I use them ?

Use to create commercial as well as personal work, you can use them to create items that can in turn be used to create new items for sale CU4CU. You can use them to create logos, books, illustrations, documentation, adverts, scrap booking items, videos, packaging, items for sale on zazzle etc.



Path blur and the flame Photoshop brushes / blur gallery in CC 2014 / 2015

The strokes can be used with most effects in PS and PSP but they can be used to great effect with the powerful blur gallery and in particular the path blur. The path blur means you can add a path and blur along a particular line of the flickery artwork. You can apply multiple blurs with the gallery itself or perhaps duplicate the fire artwork on layers and then apply different blurs in different directions to each layer to create a truly wonderful burning image. You can also use the layers to create an artwork spread over multiple frames of animations and this can be rendered to video. And as the path blur can be controlled in different directions each of the layers can be flickers in different directions. You can also extend this further by adding the stroke and then converting them via the layer menu to a smart object and then adding smart filters which can be changed at any point



Tools in the PS toolbox

You can use the strokes in PS via many of the tools in the toolbox such as paint tool, clone tool, sharpen tool, smudge tool, art history tool, history tool, dodge tool, pattern stamp tool and many others. Each of the tools have their uses as well as different settings via the palette (such as hue dynamics etc) as not all the tools can access all the various settings (blur has no interest in color so therefore the hue / color dynamics is not available). Many different settings are available in the panel such as scattering, dual, textures, pose, transfer, spacing, opacity, angle etc.



What do I get with the flame Photoshop brushes ?

On buying the sets, you receive the link to a ZIP (this is sent via shareit.com who handle all the transactions on our site) and the ZIP includes the ABR and / or PNG along with documentation and gallery as well as a serial number for any updates. You should be able to expand the ZIP without any additional software but if you do need some software to expand the file, stuffit expander is a good application to use which can be found on the Smith Micro website