Flame / Fire Custom Shapes for Photoshop CC & CS 6 5 4 3 2 1 Elements 2014

Updated: July 26th, 2014

flame shapes for Photoshop and elements mixed colorful design

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Flame custom shapes for Photoshop gallery 120 Flame / fire custom shapes (V39)

120 Flame / fire custom shapes for Photoshop CC & CS 6 5 4 3 2 1 2014 Elements includes fiery, tattoos, drag car designs, flickers, hot rod designs, fire designs, stretched designs, curved designs and many more. The wonderful Photoshop flame shapes filled artworks for any size of document. PC and MAC. The Photoshop flame / fire shapes are for commercial (CU4CU) use. The flame fire shapes are by graphicxtras.com and can be used to create items for sale. The flame / fire shapes (for Photoshop) are easy to apply and use, simply access the CSH format shapes via the Photoshop toolbox custom shapes tool. The Photoshop fire / flame shapes can be combined in millions of different ways as well as re-colored, warped, distorted, used as brushes and patterns and much more. Any questions about the flame shapes for Photoshop etc, please contact us via support@graphicxtras.com

Flame shapes for Photoshop etc images


flame photoshop shapes vectors combinations and color designs for elements CC CS3 CS2


Selection of flame shapes for Photoshop etc - the flame designs are all vectors for any size of work

Flame shapes - versions of Photoshop ?

Yes, the flame shapes will work with most versions of Photoshop probably currently running. If you are using Photoshop 4 then they won't work but the flame custom shapes have been accessible since version 6 and that was released, according to wikipedia, since 2000. The flame shapes will also work in 6, 7, 8 (CS), 9 (CS2) etc all the way up to the latest version of the application, 14.2 (as of January 2014). The flame shapes also will work with Photoshop elements 1 upwards. There is also no issue with either PC or MAC, the flame shapes work fine on either. The flame shapes were created in the Photoshop 6 format (which still works fine on my Photoshop 8.1)


flame shapes photoshop mix colors for elements vector curved design tattoo


The Photoshop flame shapes - can be a mix of color as well as solid colors, the shapes can be filled with effects, filled with gradients, styles, patterns and much more

Flame shapes - how to load into Photoshop ?

The flame shapes can be loaded by double clicking the CSH shapes file. Another approach to loading the flame custom shapes is to access the shapes via the file open command (this works on some versions). Another option to load the flame shapes is to go to the right side menu of the custom shapes palette (availble when you select the shapes tool) and use the load or replace command. You should also be able to access the shapes via the edit menu preset manager


flame shapes blur for effects in Photoshop and elements text type


flame shapes can be used as an excellent source for great blur effects via the shape blur filter.

Flame shapes - how to use in other applications ?

The flame shapes cannot be used directly in other applications so if you have Photoshop or Photoshop elements then you can create the design as a shape layer and then export the vector design via the PDF format as well as via the export menu ai path option. You can also just export the flame shapes as raster designs in Photoshop via the save for web or save command and save the flame shapes as PNG or TIFF files.


flame shapes duplicated layers for Photoshop and elements custom vector


The flame shapes can be applied as layers and those layers can be duplicated quickly via the alt key


flame shape shadow for Photoshop and elements shadow design vector duplicated


The flame shapes can have a quick shadow added by applying a flame shape in black and then the actual flame shape in Photoshop and elements


flame shapes for Photoshop and elements combined with other designs


The flame shapes can be combined with themselbes - the above design consists of the same shape applied six times and the flames shapes can also have other elements added such as the black dots in Photoshop and elements


flame shapes layers for Photoshop and elements duplicated and aligned etc


The flame shapes for Photoshop and elements can be applied as a layer and can be duplicated multiple times and distributed and aligned as required.

Videos for the flame shapes for Photoshop ?

You can find out more information via our video channel on youtube 'graphicxtras'. If you have any questions about how to use the flame shapes say with patterns etc, please let us know and I will try and create a video on the subject. Please contact us about the videos via support@graphicxtras.com


flame shapes for Photoshop combined with images


The flame Photoshop shapes can be combined with images. The flame shapes can be applied once or multiple times with different opacity settings (the flames can also be blurred and blended)

What can I do with the flame shapes ?

The flame shapes for Photoshop can be used in commercial as well as personal work, you can use the flame shapes to create items that can be used in turn to create items for sale (CU4CU). The flame shapes can be used to create logos, books, illustrations, patterns, documents, adverts, fashions, ceramics, posters, mugs and much more. If you have any more questions about the flame shapes, please contact us on support@graphicxtras.com


metal Photoshop flame shape layers - layer styles applied and combined


The Photoshop flame shapes can be applied as a layer and as a layer, styles can be applied such as metals. The metal flame shapes (above) were then duplicated and transformed and scaled as required for a metal fire

Flame shapes with the shape blur tool ?

One of the most powerful blur tools (for me) is the shape blur. The shape blur is probably the most flexible of blur tools as it always input from custom shapes (flame shapes or otherwise) to create 1000s of amazing blur designs and styles. The shape blur can be found via the blur menu in the filters menu. This is the only filter that uses the custom shapes (a pity that the shapes can't be used with others such as the oil paint filter.

Flame shapes with the Photoshop styles

Yes, apply the flame shape designs as a shape layer and then apply the styles such as metallic or gradient effects etc to create millions of wonderful flame designs. You can then further modify the flame shape design via the layer menu and layer effects.

What is supplied with the flame shapes set ?

The flame shapes set includes the shapes in CSH format along with documentation and a gallery (much like the one in the listing above) and a serial number for any future updates of the set

Do the flame shapes for Photoshop work with the latest version of creative cloud ?

Yes, they do. The flame shapes work fine with the latest version and with the new features for selecting the fill and stroke etc as well as different stroke options and also better selections of multiple shapes, the flame shapes even work better.