Flower Shapes for Photoshop / Elements

Updated: March 25th, 2015

flower shapes for Photoshop and elements rounded vector CC CS4 CS3

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Flower custom shapes for Photoshop (#45)

100 Flower custom shapes for Photoshop CC 2014 CS3 CS5 CS6 CS4 CS2 CS1 elements 13-1 includes embossed, petals, offsets, extruded, shadows, basic, intense and more.


They are in CSH format. Easy to load (either via the CSH presets or via the presets palette). Once loaded the Photoshop flower shapes can be used with the custom shapes tool as well as the cookie cutter tool (if using PS Elements) and the powerful blur filter found in the filter menu. They can be used as layers (and have layer effects applied) and they can also be used as selections / paths as well as just basic fills. Set the color of the layer as well as the stroke and other stroke settings such as dash etc via the new stroke options.


The flower Photoshop shapes can be transformed, blended, distorted, effects applied and more. They can also be used as a source for new even more amazing unique decorative graphics via the transform and pathfinder combinations. They can also be exported for use in other applications either as raster format or as a vector graphic in Adobe AI etc. They can be used as masks and displacement maps and distortions and more.


Commercial use, royalty free, no time limits. You can use them to create all kinds of work such as logos, adverts, textiles, videos etc

elaborate floral  for Photoshop and elements

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Embellished flower shapes for Photoshop (#173)

100 Flower custom shapes including shadows, intricate, embellished, curved, warped, basic, large stroked and many more all in CSH.


Commercial use, royalty free downloads for all your projects.


Many different Vector graphics included in the set, all by Andrew Buckle.


On purchase, you will receive the download set which will contain the CSH set along with documentation and gallery and serial

Flower shapes for Adobe ® Photoshop and Elements

multiple elements filling image


You can use them once or multiple times and fill an entire image or only part of an image. The vector has also had an additional path added (yellow)


outline vectors combined using the unite pathfinder command


You can select all the vectors and then use the pathfinder / unite / set operations to combine all into a new single item


offset the vector path


You can add a background / shadow / offset effect to any of the vector paths


extrude 3d effects added to the paths


You can use them with the 3D features in the app


shadows can be added via duplicate paths


You can add shadows by adding additional duplicated paths in black or at least, darker colors


blend them with type in numerous ways


You can combine them with type in many different ways

Flower Photoshop shapes with styles

If you apply them as a layer, you can use them with styles in Adobe PS. You can use them with styles via the palette and Adobe offers a large range such as transparencies, bevelled items, gels, textures and more - all instant one click.


If you wish to only add a shadow or bevel to the artwork then you can do that via the layer menu layer styles panel / palette. You can also add a stroke, glow, gradient, pattern etc. You can set any of the settings to the default as well.


You can also convert the items into a smart object (combined with the effects) and add a whole new batch of effects and so you can create two or more shadows as well as two or more glows as well as combining two or more patterns to create some truly weird and wonderful and abstract (and hopefully, useful) styles by using the smart object. You can repeat this a number of times via the layer menu. To edit the layer styles though does become a slightly more complicated edit of repeat PSB files. You can find a number of videos on the subject via our graphicxtras channel on Youtube.


You can also add adjustment layers into the mix and also use the combinations of styles / smart objects to great effect in the video timeline (again, there are a number of videos on this subject via the graphicxtras channel)


they can be combined with gradients


You can fill them with all kinds of colors such as gradients



They can be added once or multiple times as well as in different colors


outlines elements mixed white


White lines on a black background

random color elements


They can be applied in any colors such as red, orange, etc

 petals color  and text


They can be filled with all kinds of color and can also be combined with text in millions of ways

Installation / load of Photoshop flower shapes (CSH format)

They are stored in CSH and can be loaded via the Photoshop presets palette load / replace command and used with the CS tool and cookie cutter and shape blur filter (be really nice if that was added to many other filters of Adobe PS).


You can also, in many cases, open the CSH file in Adobe PS via the open command but this is not generally the case on the mac.


spotted  and elements vector CC CS4 CS3 etc


They can be combined with other elements in the applications such as red and yellow etc spots to create all kinds of unique art


You can right click the CSH file and select the open command to load them as well as just double click the CSH file to load them


You can also load them via the edit menu preset manager in the most recent versions of Adobe PS.


shadow   elements yellow on black on red


They are all vectors for any size of work, they can also be combined with shadows (black) and yellow


You can load the set over and over but that will just keep adding the same vectors to the presets palette which will eventually mean you hit the limit on the maximum number of presets in the palette. Also, adding more and more sets will also have a hit on the resources available to the app. You can also just hold the alt key down and delete individual items added

Photoshop flower shapes and Creative Cloud updates

With the October 2014 update of the Creative cloud subscription, you can now take the artworks from the palette (either as a layer or pixel / fill) and place them in the new CC libraries.


garden text and elements combination


You can combine multiple pieces of text with them - either using them as layers or as overlays or just adding the text to the side or below or on the artwork


You can also drag any of the artworks with attached styles as well as adjustment layers as well as the same as smart objects and place them also in the creative libraries. You can create multiple libraries perhaps for a particular project, perhaps work in progress, for a certain color, perhaps items with shadows and so on. All can be saved for future work. You can also quickly take the resources and place them for use in Illustrator (hopefully at some point the libraries feature will be extended to the other applications of Creative Cloud)


seamless tile define elements red and yellow


They can be used as a source for seamless tiles in Adobe PS and elements as above showing a red on yellow artwork


You can also use the paths (path option via the top bar options) in the October 2014 release with the powerful new flame tool. You can then create a vast range of blazing imagery using any of the CSH presets. You must use them in the path mode. The flame feature works best with the results being added to a layer as any creation can be moved and duplicated and deleted and you can also add styles and other effects to the flames.


stamp plugin effect  CC CS3 CS2


They can be modified by plugin effects such as blurs and stamp effects found in the filter gallery in Adobe PS

Flower Photoshop Shapes - how can I use them ?

You can use them to create commercial as well as personal work, you can also use them to create items that can be used in turn to create items for sale.


You can use them to create logos, books, illustrations, adverts, surreal, packaging, mugs, t-shirts, videos and much more.


elements watermark and color adjustments


They can be applied as a watermark to an image using opacity less than 100%. The image was also modified further using a color lookup via the image adjustments

Video tutorials

You can find all our videos about the vectors for Adobe PS and others via the graphicxtras channel on Youtube. You can find out how to install them, how to blend, combine, export to other applications, how to re-color them and much more.