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Last Modified : August 24th, 2015

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The fonts videos include a wide range of different topics, always adding new fonts videos on Youtube giving more ideas and hopefully some inspiration to how to use the fonts.

Video tutorials

How to copy paths to all artboards in Illustrator (youtube video)

How to fade type in Photoshop using a single gradient (youtube tutorial)

How to create a Photoshop gradient zigzag (youtube tutorial)

How to copy items using the creative cloud (youtube tutorial)

How to use the bevel world tool in Painter (youtube tutorial)

How to warp type / text in Photoshop (youtube tutorial)

How to import flames into Photoshop (youtube tutorial)

How to rotate custom shapes in Photoshop (youtube tutorial)

How to use brick fill / scripts in Photoshop (youtube tutorial)

How to add flames on a path in Photoshop (youtube tutorial)