Abstract Shapes / Fonts / EPS for PSP, Word, Affinity Photo etc inc. warped, surreal, distorted

abstract font shapes for Photoshop, psp, GIMP

Works with: Photoshop CC and CS and standalone, Elements, PSP, GIMP, Pages, Illustrator, Microsoft Word, Affinity Photo etc

Format: TTF, EPS

License: Extended Commercial, royalty free, all items are by this site / Andrew Buckle

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Abstract font shapes gallery (Volume 143) 100 Curved artworks for Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Painter, PSP, CorelDRAW etc. Set includes weird abstract shapes, tile shapes and more. The set includes all the paths in TTF truetype format and EPS format (a standard vector format for most applications).


On purchase receive those along with a gallery and serial and notes and keyboard guide. For PC and MAC OS X as well as Linux and Android and iOS and other platforms. The abstract shapes can be re-colored, they can be filled, modified, blended, combined, joined with other elements, used as masks, effects applied (though this does depend on the application) as a source for presets and much more. Commercial (CU4CU) use as well as personal use and can be used to create items for sale such as books, logos, skateboard, illustrations, ceramics, textiles, wallpapers, web pages, elements on a page, mugs, posters, leaflets, cards, birthday cards, business card elements and much more. They are easy to load and install (as with any font) and add the decorative images via the keyboard. The abstract shapes set also includes the same artworks in EPS and they can be loaded via the picture or import or place commands of many different applications.

abstract font shapes

Abstract bit shapes gallery (Volume 138) 100 Bit vector graphics includes abstract art, blots, scattered, splatter, hashes and more. Use them in 99% of applications such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft Publisher, Apple Pages and others.

Abstract rounded font shapes gallery (Volume 74)


227 Rounded artworks includes rounded, marks, aztec, indian, dividers, sparks, connected items and more for use with Photoshop CC CS6 CS5.5 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 7 6 and earier and PS Elements, all versions of creative suites, Adobe Illustrator, Photo-Paint, Microsoft Word, CorelDRAW, Inkscape and many more.

Curve shapes font gallery (Volume 144) 100 Graphics including tiles, embossed, extruded, rows, dividers, extruded, shadows, stars and much more. They are in TTF and eps vectors for use in CorelDRAW, Adobe Indesign, Pages, Publisher, PS Elements, Microsoft Word, GIMP and others.

Tile font shapes gallery (Volume 104) 100 Tile artworks paths in a single TTF file includes tiles, weird, elaborate ornamental, constructive, broken, tiles, curved, circular, squared, frames, lines and many more. All are in TTF and EPS

Abstract shapes gallery (Volume 5) 184 Drop themed artworks including warped and weird, distorted, fish, curved, pulsed and many more in TTF true type format as well as EPS format. Commercial

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