Abstract Shapes / Fonts / EPS for PSP, Word, Affinity Photo etc inc. warped, surreal, distorted

abstract font shapes for Photoshop, psp, GIMP

Abstract font shapes / EPS designs for Painter, GIMP, Affinity Photo, Pages, Photoshop, Elements etc gallery (Volume 143) 100 Curved artworks includes weird abstract shapes, tile shapes and more. TTF / EPS


Related sets include abstract brushes and abstract custom shapes and tribal custom shapes


You can use the abstract font shapes with other font sets such as torus fonts and wave fonts as well as use patterns such as truchet patterns and tartan patterns to add fills as well as add pattern overlays and textures to the abstract font shapes


On purchase, you receive the files along with notes + gallery + serial + PDF guide

abstract font shapes

Abstract bit shapes gallery (Volume 138) 100 Bit vector graphics includes abstract art, blots, scattered, splatter, hashes and more. TTF / EPS

Abstract rounded font shapes gallery (Volume 74) 227 Rounded artworks includes rounded, aztec, indian, dividers, sparks, connected TTF / EPS

Curve shapes font gallery (Volume 144) 100 Graphics including tiles, embossed, extruded, rows, dividers, extruded, shadows, stars TTF / EPS

Tile font shapes gallery (Volume 104) 100 Tile artworks includes tiles, weird, elaborate ornamental, constructive, TTF and EPS

Abstract shapes gallery (Volume 5) 184 Drop themed artworks including warped and weird, distorted, fish, curved, pulsed TTF / EPS

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