Dash Shapes / Fonts / EPS for Photoshop, Pages, CorelDRAW, PSP inc. edges, lines, frames royalty free

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dash font shapes for Photoshop, psp, affinity photo

Works with: Photoshop, Elements

Format: CSH

License: Extended Commercial, royalty free

Free samplers

Dash shapes font gallery (V80)


363 Dash shapes / Vector designs for CorelDRAW, GIMP, Pages, PSP, Microsoft Word, Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo etc.


Commercial use CU4CU, all CU4CU, all are by Andrew Buckle / graphicxtras.com, world wide use, no credit and no time limits on their use are imposed.


On purchase of the set, you receive the dash shapes TTF and EPS format files and documentation and gallery and serial along with a keyboard guide showing the relationship between the artworks and the keyboard.


All are vectors for any size of work. You can modify, change, distort, warp, distort, apply effects, expand, export, combine, re-color them in 1000s of ways. Any questions about the set, please contact us

Dash font shapes for PSP, Word, Pages, GIMP etc

The dash font shapes include a variety of different designs such as ones with shadows inbuilt


How to install them

The paths are in truetype TTF format as well as EPS (encapsulated postscript) format. The set can be installed on the PC (Windows) by placing the TTF into the font panel (found in the control panel - use the search feature of windows to bring up the control panel). You can also use the viewer app by right clicking the TTF and selecting the viewer app to install. For the mac, double click the TTF truetype set and the FB app (or select the open with command) will open and then you can click the install / add button. Once added, you can then validate as well as remove and disable the set as well as the other truetype items in the library. You can also drag the set into the FB app and then that will also install the set. The set can then be accessed via the typeface dropdown of most applications such as CorelDRAW, Photoshop, Affinity Photo, Photo-paint PaintShop Pro etc. The EPS files can be added to any folder and then loaded via the file open command as well as file place command of many apps (not all though) on the pc and mac.


The dash font shapes can be combined with type in numerous ways


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You may find the dash custom shapes set for Photoshop and PS Elements of interest


You can combine the dash font shapes with all kinds of artwork such as a basic circle but it doesn't need to be just a circle


How to use them as a source for patterns

Of course, this depends on the app as not all apps have patterns or textures and not all allow for third party resources to be added to their patterns section. You can certainly use them as pattern resources if you are using the artworks in PSP / Photoshop / Illustrator etc. If using Illustrator, you can use them as live type as well as expanded in the swatches. Simply select the type / character or characters and drag them into the swatches panel and then use that with other paths as fills (or strokes). The artwork will still be live so you can double click the swatch icon to edit the pattern in the editor and change the character from 'd' to 'e' say and this will be reflected in any of the artwork using that swatch. If you wish to use in Illustrator as expanded type (not live) then select the required characters / artworks and object menu and expand and then manipulate the vector path in 100s of ways and add to the swatches panel. If you are using them in Photoshop, simply use the type and either delete the background layer and define via the edit menu command (so you can also define them as brushes as well) or you can flatten the layers and select the required area for the swatch and use that with a variety of command such as the edit menu fill and layer styles as well as layer menu fill layer content.


You can fill the dash font shapes with all kinds of colors such as gradients or patterns as well as effects and solid colors


Video tutorials - how can I find out more about them

OK, will have to admit I doubt if I have created any videos exactly on the subject but if you ask me to, perfectly happy to add a number of videos on that subject as well. You can find all my truetype / EPS vector tutorial videos via the graphicxtras channel on Youtube, there are also a number on the Tipdesk.com website as well as Vimeo.com. You can find out how to load them, use them as smart objects, use them in different image modes, how to load the eps files via the file place command, how to use them with styles, how to use them as a source for swatches, how to distort them, how to outline, how to use them with other paths and much more. Questions, please contact us


You can use them as a source for 3D artworks via the 3D menu in Photoshop as well as via other 3D apps


They can be added in any number of colors


Above, the dash font shapes can be used once or multiple times and in different colors as well as scaled and reduced


The dash font shapes can be used with styles and layer effects in Photoshop etc


You can add all kinds of effects to the dash font shapes such as blurs. You can also use them as a smart object and add smart filters which can be altered at any point


You can add all kinds of transformations to the artworks such as distort and perspective