Frame Shapes / Fonts / EPS for Word, Pages, CorelDRAW, PSP etc inc. borders, corners, edge

frame font shapes for Photoshop, psp, indesign, pages

Frame font shapes are for use in QuarkXpress, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Apple Pages, Affinity Designer, Photoshop, Painter etc. The frame font shapes are for use on the pc and mac. The frame shapes include circular shapes, rounded frame shapes, ornate artworks, wavy frame font shapes, ribbed frame shapes, window themed frame shapes and many more. All the frame font shapes are supplied in TTF / EPS format.

Download $3.99 / Buy now 100 Frame shapes TTF / EPS Frame shapes gallery V199.

Download $3.99 / Buy now 102 Frames TTF and EPS Frames font gallery V17

Download $3.99 / Buy now 224 Frame shapes TTF / EPS Frames gallery V69.

Download $3.99 / Buy now 210 Frame / Curved edges frames TTF / EPS Display of artwork in set V36.

Download $3.99 / Buy now 100 Frame artworks TTF / EPS Frames shapes gallery V107.

Download $3.99 / Buy now 100 Ribbed set TTF and EPS Ribbed font gallery V111.

Download $3.99 / Buy now 100 Window graphics for Word, Pages etc. TTF / EPS Windows themed gallery V151


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You can combine the frame font shapes with all kinds of other sets such as saw blade fonts and rounded fonts as well as re-color the frame fonts with different colors using patterns such as rose petal patterns and romantic mix patterns / hearts.


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Frames freebies

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The frames include a variety of designs all for commercial as well as personal use