Frame Shapes / Fonts / EPS for Word, Pages, CorelDRAW, PSP etc inc. borders, corners, edge royalty free > Frame shapes / font EPS for Pages, CorelDRAW, PSP, Publisher, Microsoft Word inc. borders, corners, edged

frame font shapes for Photoshop, psp, indesign, pages

Works with: Photoshop, Elements, Pages, Indesign, Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Affinity Designer etc

Format: TTF, EPS

License: Extended Commercial, royalty free

Free samplers

Frame font shapes gallery (#199) 100 Frame shapes / Ornate artworks for Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, CorelDRAW, PSP, Adobe Indesign etc, all royalty free.


The set is stored in a truetype font and eps format for use in most applications.


The frame shapes images are all accessible via the keyboard, simply type a letter such as A and the design will magically appear and can be then modified, re-colored, expanded, distorted, exported to other applications and much more. All vectors for any size of work.


Commercial (CU4CU) as well as personal use.


If you are using an application such as Photoshop, you can add the frame shapes via the type / text tool and then fill the design with gradients and patterns and solid colors as well as adding strokes and also layer effects or use the shapes as smart objects and layers, they are really super flexible.

frame font shapes

Frames font gallery (#17) 102 Vector designs graphics for CorelDRAW, PSP etc. Many different items are included in the set. TTF and EPS

Frames gallery (#69) 224 Vector shapes - Another powerful set full of truly unique borders such as diamonds, rounded, abstract, films, outlines, combined, extended and many more for CorelDRAW, PSP etc all in TTF / EPS format

Check out presets in set (#36) 210 Curved edges for all your projects. The corner shapes can be combined in millions of different ways to create 10000s of unique items for all your projects.

Frames shapes gallery (#107) 100 Wonderful wavy shapes / fonts / graphics for use in CorelDRAW, Pages, Microsoft Word, PaintShop Pro and 100s of other applications

Ribbed font gallery (#111) 100 Ribbed set for Microsoft Word, PSP, CorelDRAW, Apple Pages includes many ribbed decorative graphics, squares, rectangular artworks etc In TTF and EPS vector format.

Windows themed gallery (#151) 100 Window graphics for Word, Pages etc. Commercial use. The set is supplied in TTF and EPS vector format for any size of work.

Frame fonts / shapes for Photoshop, PSP, Word etc

How can I use them

You can use them in commercial as well as personal projects, you can use them in teams, you can use them to create items for sale that can be used in turn to create new items for sale. You can also use them to create books, adverts, packaging, videos, documentation, web pages, scrap booking, articles, illustrations, textures, hats, fabrics, carpets, wallpaper and much more. Any questions, please let us know. The frame font shapes can be used on their own or can be combined with other items or itself


frame font shapes

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frame font shapes


frame font shapes