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Stretched lines font for PSP, Word, Affinity Photo ...

stretched lines font shapes for photoshop, psp

Stretched lines font set for use in Photoshop, psp, Microsoft Word, Pages, Indesign, Krita and many others. The artworks are all for use on the pc and mac.

stretched line font shapes reed black photoshop pspcolor stretched lines font shapes photoshop affinity photostretched lines font shapes psp affinity photo extrusion 3d

The stretched lines font set is for use in commercial as well as personal work, all royalty free, all are by / Andrew Buckle.


The stretched lines font shapes set are all vectors for any size of art. All the stretched line font shapes are in OTF opentype font format for use via most font / typeface dropdowns / text tools. Use in your projects in millions of ways

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