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100 Goth custom shapes for Photoshop CC 2015 2014 & CS 6 5 4 3 2 1 Elements. CSH format - on purchase, you receive them along with documentation and gallery and serial. Easy to use and apply. For a whole range of commercial (CU4CU) use and by Andrew Buckle /, all royalty free. Use them to create all kinds of artworks such as adverts, books, posters, hats, cups and much more. Many different items are included in the set such as webs, cups, hats, cats, tribal and many more.

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100 Goth shapes for Photoshop etc on the PC and MAC. Many presets are included in this set for Photoshop and other applications including cats, crosses, barbed wire and many more. Easy to use and easy to apply in Photoshop, PSP, Apple Pages, Illustrator, GIMP and many others. The items are in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat) as well as EPS and PNG. Commercial (CU4CU) use and by Andrew Buckle / Use to create items for sale.

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100 Goth shapes for Photoshop, PSP, Affinity Photo, etc on the PC and MAC. Easy to use and apply. Commercial (CU4CU) use, all are by Andrew Buckle / Use the gothic shapes for Adobe PS and others to create items for sale such as logos, books, illustrations and more. PDF format - on purchase, you receive the PDF files along with documentation and gallery and serial. The set also includes the artworks in EPS and PNG format for even more applications

Gothic / goth shapes for Photoshop and PS Elements


How to load the CSH presets ???

The set is supplied in CSH format, the native vector format for PS. You can place them in any location and access them by a number of means though the best location is the presets folder found in the applications path (if you have the admin privilege) or the equivalent for the user account such as the appdata folder and library application support for the mac. You can double click the CSH file to load them into PS or right click the CSH file and select a version to open them with (there may be multiple versions listed). You can load and replace them by name via the presets palette if you add the items to the presets folder. You can also load and replace (browse for the files) via the same menu. You can do much the same via the edit menu preset manager in some versions. You can also open the set in some versions as well via the file open command.



Video tutorial - how to learn more about the products ???

There are many tutorials out there on the web. Our tutorials can all be found via the site (graphicxtras channel) as well as site as well as on other sites such as You can find out how to load them, install them, warp them, use them as cookie cutters in PSE, use as a frame, use with channel, use as a source for brushes and tiles, use as a source for smart objects, combine multiple items, use with layer effects and much more. If you have any questions about the tutorials, please let us know. Always happy to create a number of new videos about most subjects graphics.



How to load the PDFs in PS ???

The other sets on the page are in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat) and they can be added to any location. You can load them via the file open command or many apps such as PSP and PS etc as well as the file place command or file import command. You can edit them using tools such as Illustrator and you can open them and place them there and edit the individual points as well as the colors of the artwork. You can also place the PDF files into CC libraries to easily access the graphics at any point without the need to open the file. When you open the file in PS etc, you will need to enter the size (height and width) and resolution; in vector apps this is not an issue. The sets also include the artworks in EPS and PNG format as well as some apps have problems with some formats of PDFs having the EPS and PNG (raster) generally allows them to be used in even more tools.



How can I use them as smart objects in PS ??

You can use the CSH items and the PDF items as is but you can also turn them into smart objects. What is the use of that ?? Smart objects can be used with smart filters and smart adjustments so they are infinitely more flexible than the original source material. You can add all kinds of wonderful effects to the items and you can then also modify those effects at any point. You can also modify the adjustments. You can add layer effects that can be modified at any point also, You can add multiple items into a single object. You can also edit those as well at any point so the source material can be changed very quickly. You can also add the smart objects to the CC library and use those linked assets at any point. So all the ankhs, women, cats, barbed wire etc can be used in seconds via the library with all the effects / adjustments attached. This can be done with PDFs and CSH and you can also combine the two



What can you do with them ??

You can use them in commercial use, you can use them in professional work, personal work, any kind of work. You can use them to create items that can be used to create new items for sale. You can use them to create items for as well as etc to create mugs, posters etc. You can use them to create logos but consider that they may be used by others. You can use them to create book covers, illustrations, scrap booking, documents, posters, mugs, hats, fabrics, textiles, cards, wrapping paper and much more. Any questions, please let us know




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