Gothic / Goth Brushes for Photoshop and Elements, PSP etc inc. ankh, dark, hats, barbed

face of a woman in black goth brushes for Photoshop and elements on a gray backing with an ankh symbol close to the eye and smooth silhouette

Works with: Photoshop, Elements, PSP, Affinity Photo, CorelDRAW, Pages, GIMP etc

Format: ABR, PNG

License: Extended Commercial, royalty free

Free samplers

Gothic brushes for Photoshop gallery (Volume 66)100 Goth brushes / Strokes for Adobe ® Photoshop CC 2015 CS4 CS2 CS3 CS1 CS6 CS5 14 13 Elements, Paint Shop Pro, Affinity Photo, Xara and many others. The set includes the artwork such as tribal goth brushes artworks, ivy, tattoos, hats, girls, barbed wire and much more


All royalty free 300 DPI goth brushes / strokes. All supplied in format ABR and PNG dabs. Easy to use and apply. The artworks can be used as a layer as well as just used as a background. You can use them as a smart object and combine with smart filters and adjustments in PS. You can also add layer effects to all the artworks. You can also use them as a wonderful source for all kinds of amazing pattern tiles in your projects as well as displacement maps. You can add all kinds of effects to the strokes and create millions of variant artwork dabs that can be used in all your projects. Commercial (CU4CU) use and by Andrew Buckle / Use to create items for sale such as books, adverts, leaflets, scrapbooking, tattoos, posters, artworks, textiles, fabrics, type, web pages, logos and much more. On purchase of the goth brushes set you receive the ABR and PNG files along with documentation and gallery and serial (used for updates etc) as well as PS actions.

goth brushes goth brushes goth brushes goth brushes