Greek ornament patterns for Photoshop

Updated: July 4th, 2015

border  seamless tile in black on brown

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Greek ornament patterns for Photoshop (#13)

140 Greek ornament patterns for Adobe ® Photoshop CS3 CS2 CS1 CS6 CS5 CS4 CC Elements, GIMP, Xara, Photo-Paint, Painter and others. The ornament patterns for Adobe PS and others are in PAT and PNG. Load the PAT patterns via the patterns palette, load the PNG images via the open command or via the file import / place command. They for commercial (CU4CU), all are by Andrew Buckle / All the Greek ornament patterns for Adobe PS and others are seamless tiles for any size of work. The Greek ornament patterns can be blended, combined, distorted, effects applied, used with other elements, exported, used as a source for other resources in Adobe PS and others.

Greek ornament patterns for Photoshop and Elements


greek ornament patterns sepia for Photoshop and elements in black mixed  on brown

They are seamless tiles for any size of work. They can be re-colored, as above (sepia filter applied)


rough woodcut for Photoshop and elements in black

The previous Greek ornament pattern for Photoshop but now modified using the oil paint filter to give it a really antique look - this was then combined with threshold effects / posterization to further reduce the color

large scale border for elements psp

Use as a standard layer


greek ornament pattern scaled thin line border  for Photoshop and elements

It has been scaled to 10% of the original size in Adobe PS

What can I do with the Greek ornament patterns ??

You can use them in thousands of ways. You can use them in commercial as well as personal use projects. You can use them to create items that can in turn be used to create items for sale (CU4CU). You can use them to create mugs, posters, books, tiles, antique ceramics, dividers, skateboards, videos, logos, adverts, backgrounds, packaging and much more.


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greek ornament pattern overlay

They can be used in pattern overlays as well and textures in bevels in layer effects

Greek patterns - opening and loading patterns in Adobe PS

The Greek ornament patterns set can be opened in a variety of ways. The PATs are opened via the patterns palette in Adobe PS. The PNG (or JPG) files are opened via the open command in Adobe PS or via the place command for use as layers as well as even more useful, smart objects. The Greek pattern files can be located anywhere and can be accessed in Adobe PS from any location; though the PAT are best used via the presets patterns folder. All the ornament patterns are seamless tiles for any size of work.


greek ornament pattern for Photoshop CC CS4 CS3 etc brown and text and type

The Greek ornament patterns for Adobe PS and others can be combined with text / type


greek ornament pattern paths can be combined in millions of ways

The Greek ornament patterns for Photoshop, psp etc can be combined with other elements such as circles and dots


greek ornament embossed pattern  for Photoshop and elements in red

Set include many different exciting graphics / seamless tiles such as an embossed in yellow on red

Greek ornament patterns and Creative Cloud CC libraries

With the latest release of the CC 2014 (October) subscription, libraries have been added. The libraries features means resources such as brushes, tiles, etc can be shared across machines (as part of the subscription) as well as different OS and different projects. You can use it as a store of all the work for a particular project or just perhaps work in progress or work in a certain color or style. You can also use them with the PAT files. Create a fill content layer and then drag that from the image to the CC dynamic library and it will be stored in the current library. To re-use at any point, just drag the pattern to the image and all the scaling etc are restored - you can then re-modify the tile as well as blend with other items


image adjustment layers to change color

You can change the color of the Photoshop Greek ornament patterns in seconds by using image adjustment layers such as color lookup (blue tone)

Greek patterns - layers in Adobe PS

If you open the greek ornament PNG images via the place command in Adobe PS you can use them as basic layers and the layers can be combined and merged and blended in 1000s of ways using the powerful blending modes (lighten, darken etc) in Adobe PS and PS Elements. The greek ornament patterns can also be used as layers in Adobe PS via the layer menu fill layer command and these also can be combined in millions of different ways.


The PS layers can be used to create ever more complex patterns as well as even more amazing unique patterns for use in Adobe PS (as well as other applications).


With the Greek Photoshop pattern layer, you can even scale them (the fill command can also be applied to a layer so the patterns can be used with the new scripting features and that allows for rotation and color changes as well)


greek ornament patterns for Photoshop and elements camera raw filter re-color

They can be altered in millions of ways using filters such as the camera raw filter - re-color and blur them in seconds

Greek ornament patterns applying in Adobe PS ?

You can apply the Greek ornament patterns as layers, as pattern layers, via the scripted pattern fills, fills, pattern stamp brush layer styles pattern overlay, bevel textures etc. You can also use the Greek ornament patterns PNG images as a source for brushes, displacement maps and more. Each of the tools mentioned here also have many different options so the greek patterns can be applied as is but they can also be modified in 1000s of different ways to create many different and unique Greek ornament patterns in Adobe PS and PS Elements.


The new scripted patterns feature can apply them as random placed fills, along paths / curves (pre-create the curve either in PS or Illustrator), spirals, symmetry (and there are many different symmetry options available), brick fills, cross weaves scripted patterns and more and even those different options include many different settings such as scaling and rotation and color and brightness settings


red adjustments added

They can be modified using the powerful image adjustments such as hue + saturation / color lookup etc

Greek patterns for Photoshop and convert to PS Styles

You can also use them via the layer style menu and the powerful pattern overlay. You can also use them with the stroke section in the layer style dialog as well as texture section in the bevel. They can also then be saved as permanent styles ASL format for future use. If you use them as smart objects, you can apply multiple styles / overlays / strokes / textures to the same image

Greek Ornament patterns can be used in ?? PNG

Adobe Photoshop CC CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 etc

Adobe PS Elements 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 etc

Corel PaintShop Pro X6 X5 X4 X3 X2 X1 9 8 etc

Corel Photo-Paint


Xara Photo


Adobe Flash



GIMP (Linux etc)

Picture Publisher

DAZ Bryce


Microsoft Office

Microsoft Word


and many more