Greek Ornament Shapes for Photoshop / Elements

Updated: February 8th, 2015

greek ornament shapes for Photoshop mixed artwork brown

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Greek ornament shapes for Photoshop (#67)

100 Ancient Greek ornament custom shapes for Photoshop CC CS3 CS2 CS4 CS5 CS1 CS6 Elements 2014 includes divider, antique, slanted, intense, rounded, singlular, extruded, outlines, shadowed and more.


The Greek ormanent shapes for Adobe PS and others are Vector graphics for any size of work so can be used with small documents as well as with large artworks in Adobe PS. Load the CSH custom shapes Greek ornaments via the preset's palette and use via the shapes tool found in the Photoshop toolbox.


The Greek ornament Photoshop shapes can also be exported as AI (Adobe Illustrator vectors) as well as raster (PNG) for use in many other applications.


All in CSH - on purchase of the set, you receive the CSH file and documentation and gallery and serial


Commercial (CU4CU) use, with all by Andrew Buckle ( You can use them to create t-shirts, logos, web sites, web pages, books, mousepads, fashions, ceramics, etc. On purchase, receive CSH + notes + gallery + serial



Greeek ornament shapes for Adobe Photoshop and Elements


paths can be duplicated

You can use them in any color as well as duplicate the paths


shadows can be added to any of the works

You can add shadows to any of the vector paths by duplicating the path - you can also add more effects by blurring and distorting the duplicated item

Opening Greek ornament shapes in Photoshop and elements

The set is in standard CSH format.


combine with text

You can combine them with type in numerous ways


To load them into the app, the best solution is to double click the CSH file and this loads them (adding them to the existing set of paths). You can also right click the CSH file and select the open option or open with. If the file association is set incorrectly then you may end up with Microsoft Word or something else opening but if all is set correct, Adobe PS or Elements should open


paths can be distorted

You can distort them as well as transform the graphics in numerous ways (rotate, shear etc)


Another option is to add the set to the presets folders of PS and elements and then the items should appear in the presets palette right side menu by name. You can also use the same menu to load (again adding the items to the existing set) or using the replace option which removes all the existing before loading.


You can also (in some versions) use the edit menu preset manager


gradients can be added

You can fill them with all kinds of color such as patterns and gradients

Greek ornament shapes for Photoshop and video tutorials

I have created 100s of videos on the subject of the vector files, you can find all our videos via the video link at the top of the page (it is on the graphicxtras channel on Youtube) and the videos show how to load and install and use as paths and how to warp them, use them with perspective warp, turn them into smart objects, how to duplicate them, how to transform them and much more.


effects can be added such as shadows and bevels

All kinds of effects such as paint daubs / shadows (above) bevels etc can be added to the items


paths can be added in many different ways such as stars

Other paths such as stars can be added to any of the works in many different ways


 brown historical and ancient art

Example of a greek ornament shape for Photoshop

extruded black zag and antique image on green background

Extruded artwork on a green background in PS

blue repeat tile pattern on a blue background

They can be set to any color such as blue

shadow and elements

Just add a black Greek ornament shape for photoshop to create a quick solid shadow behind any shape

 path  additional

You can add paths such as sparkles to the Greek ornament Photoshop shapes - any kind of fill can be applied such as text as well as images and more