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Updated: September 10th, 2014

heart patterns Photoshop calligraphic designs seamless tiles for psp etc on pink

Heart patterns for Photoshop gallery (V86)

100 Heart patterns for Photoshop CC CS5 CS6 2014 13 12 11 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 Elements, PSP, GIMP, Pages etc. 300 DPI includes calligraphic presets, sketch designs, colorful tiles, curled designs, embellished and many more. All are are by Andrew Buckle / graphicxtras.com. Combine, distort, use visual effects, blend, blur, export to other applications and much more. Stunning designs for all your projects.


Commercial use, royalty free

Seamless tiles

On purchase, receive files + gallery + notes + serial + actions

calligraphic patterns seamless tiles in red heart designs for Photoshop and elements on pink

Hearts romance gallery (V85)

100 Calligraphic heart pattern seamless tiles including hand drawn, doodles and more. Commercial use. PAT + PNG

heart pattern tile designs and radial effects in Photoshop seamless designs on pink

Heart patterns gallery (V37)

100 colorful valentine patterns seamless tiles for Adobe PS and PS Elements, commercial use, PAT and PNG

ornamental heart patterns for Photoshop seamless tiles for any design in pink

Heart tiles for Photoshop gallery (V38)

100 wonderful valentine day pattern tiles including elaborate tiles, extruded, shadows and more. Commercial. PAT + PNG. PC & MAC.

Heart patterns for Photoshop and Elements


heart patterns photoshop duplicated calligraphic sketched design in red psp


The Photoshop heart patterns can be applied once or multiple times to build up ever complex graphics in PS and other applications

What can I do with them ??

You can use the Photoshop heart patterns in thousands of ways. You can use them in commercial as well as personal use projects. You can use them to create items that can in turn be used to create items for sale (CU4CU). You can use the to create cards, mugs, posters, books, tiles, lovely ceramics, skateboards, videos, logos, adverts, backgrounds, packaging and much more. If you have any questions about their use, please contact us on support@graphicxtras.com

Application of the designs in PS ?

You can apply the Photoshop heart patterns purely as layers, as fill content layers, via the scripted fills, fills, custom shapes properties, stamp brush; layer styles such overlay, bevel textures, strokes etc. You can also use the PNG images as a source for brushes, displacement maps and more. Each of the tools mentioned here also have many different options so they can be applied as is but they can also be modified in 1000s of different ways to create many different and unique graphics. For example, the new scripted feature can apply the designs as random fills, along paths, in spiral designs, brick fills, cross weaves and more and even those different options include many different settings such as scaling and rotation and color and brightness settings




calligraphic heart patterns for Photoshop and elements balloon like design on white


Many different designs can be created by combining designs in PS

circle heart patterns ring design for Photoshop and psp pattern tile design on purple


They can be applied to different backgrounds (many have transparency) such as the above scarlet red,

smart patterns heart and layer effects pattern design in Photoshop on pink with shadows


They can can be changed into smart objects and then drop shadows / layer effects can be applied

heart patterns overlay in red for Photoshop and elements on red background

Colorful tiles for Photoshop gallery PAT only (V5)

120 Heart patterns for Adobe PS and PS Elements only. PAT. PC & MAC Commercial. Super colorful seamless tiles.


heart patterns for Photoshop CC CS3 CS5 etc hand drawn pink


They come in all kinds of styles and designs such as the hand drawn above

heart patterns for Photoshop and elements adjustment layers pink


They can be quickly re-colored in PS using adjustment layers - hue / saturation

heart patterns calligraphic scratchy design tile in pink on white background for Photoshop and elements


You can always re-color the designs to any color, fill with gradients, fill with tiles, fill with text and much more. They can also be combined with other design elements as well as other tiles in PS and PSP

Perfect for Valentine's day

Yes, they are great resource set for PS on Valentine's day - great for cards, posters.. anything to say 'I love you'

Opening and loading in PS - PAT PNG

The set can be opened in a variety of ways. The PATs are opened via the palette in PS. The PNG images are opened via the open command in PS or via the place command (so the designs can be used as layers). The PNG images can be located anywhere and can be accessed in OS from any location; though the PAT are best used via the presets folder. All are seamless tiles for any size of work. You can also double click the PAT tiles as well as right click the PAT and select the open command.

Use with styles

You can also apply wonderful styles to the fill layers, simply select the layer and then go to the smart objects option (layers) and convert and then go to the styles palette (window menu) and apply glows etc


heart patterns styles gel design for Photoshop on blue background red design tiles


Many of the designs in the set have transparency and can have styles / layer effects and the styles scaled and the glows etc changed via the layer effects dialog.


You can find all our videos via our graphicxtras channel on Youtube (see the link at the top of the page for all our tutorials) You can see how to install the PAT, how to load the PNG images, how to convert them to other formats, use them as other resources, use them via the fill command, how to use the stamp brush tool and more. Any questions, please contact us via support@graphicxtras.com


Re-coloring the tiles (Youtube) video tutorial


heart patterns background fading on pink for Photoshop embellished design tiles


They can be applied to any design as well as colorful gradient backgrounds in PS or PSP etc

Use in PSP (PaintShop Pro)

The PAT cannot be used in PaintShop Pro (not yet anyway) but you can use the PNG images. Place the PNG images into the path of PSP and then access the presets via the materials palette / properties. You can use the tiles with shapes etc. You can also place the PNG images into the textures etc folders. You can find the locations of the folders via the file preferences and file locations in PSP

Using them in PS ?

You can use the Photoshop heart patterns via the edit menu fill command, they are especially good with the latest version (creative cloud) and the scripted tools as you can apply the designs via the random fill, along a curve etc. You can also use them in the layer menu new fill content layer command. You can use the PAT designs with the stamp tool. You can use them via the layer menu layer styles and overlay and textures and stroke settings. You can now also use them with the custom shapes tool and the fill / stroke properties.

Combining multiple tiles in PSP etc

You can use the presets as is but you can also create millions of more designs by using multiple layers. Many of the PNG images include transparency so in many cases to create new designs, simply use the move tool to align the selected layer to a different position (or use the scale feature). Some require the use of blending modes such as darken or difference to see the lower layers. Once you have finished, you can flatten the image and use the design to create new designs or just use it as a new image (depending on the seams of the design or if you wish to create abstract designs etc). You can also combine the multiple designs with smart filters to create even more amazing unique graphics


heart patterns effects oil paint and smeared designs in Photoshop in pink on dark background


The above was created using multiple layers and the designs were then aligned. The background was created using pink gradients using blending modes and the overall image was modified using the wonderful oil paint filter

Use as layers

If you open the PNG images via the place command in PS you can use the designs as basic layers and the layers can be combined and merged and blended in 1000s of ways using the powerful blending modes (lighten, darken etc) in PS & Elements. They can also be used as layers in PS via the layer menu fill layer command and these also can be combined in millions of different ways. The layers can be used to create ever more complex graphics. With the fill content layer, you can even scale the designs (this feature is not available via the edit menu fill command unless you use the scripted feature in CC)


heart basic pattern for Photoshop and elements patterns layer tiles on red


The packs for CC CS3 CS2 etc include many different designs / seamless tiles for all sizes of documents

heart pattern tiles for Photoshop and elements in red on a black background


The tiles are for PS and elements and are seamless tiles for any size of work

green heart tiles for Photoshop by recoloring a pattern design on a black background


You don't have to keep the design as is, you can always re-color the tiles for PS and elements using the image adjustments

heart patterns for Photoshop and elements adding other paths to the design in white


You can modify the presets in numerous ways by adding additional elements to the design such as white paths in PS - millions of designs can be created even with this basic set of designs.

heart patterns for Photoshop and elements and applying effects such as blurs and camera raw


You can also modify the tiles in numerous ways by using plugin effects in PS and elements etc such as camera raw filter and oil paint and blurs etc

heart patterns can be scaled in Photoshop via the layer pattern command


You can also re-scale the preset (in the above example the scale is set to 10%) in PS via the layer palette

Convert to styles

You can also use the presets via the layer style menu and the powerful overlay. You can also use the presets with the stroke section in the layer style dialog. The styles can also then be saved as permanent styles ASL format for future use

Applications that can use the PNG images ??

CC 2014 & CS 6 5 4 3 2 1 & 7 6 Elements 12 - 1 and Standalone 14-6

PaintShop Pro X6 - 8






Illustrator 17-10

Adobe IND


3D Studio Max


and many others


Commercial use Free download 1