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heart Photoshop patterns seamless tiles for psp etc on pink

Works with: Photoshop, Elements, Illustrator, Pages, PaintShop Pro, GIMP, Affinity Photo etc

Format: PAT, PNG (please check the notes for each product for exact items)

License: Extended Commercial, royalty free, worldwide, multiple usage, no time limits

Free samplers

Heart patterns for Photoshop gallery (#86) 100 Romance 'Heart' pattern themed tiles for Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 CS6 CS5 CS4 etc, Elements, PSP, GIMP, Pages, Creative Cloud, Affinity Photo etc. Many different sizes of artwork, 300 DPI includes calligraphic heart patterns presets, sketch, colorful tiles, curled, embellished and many more.


Combine, distort, use visual effects, blend, blur, export to other applications and much more. Stunning artwork for all your creative projects. The set is supplied in PAT and PNG format.


On purchase of the heart patterns, receive the seamless tiles as well as documentation and gallery and serial and PS actions.


Commercial use, all royalty free, all are by Andrew Buckle / graphicxtras.com. Use to create logos, books, adverts, web pages, backgrounds, overlays, textiles, fashions, posters and much more

heart photoshop patterns red

Photoshop heart patterns gallery (#85) 100 Calligraphic seamless tiles including hand drawn, doodles and more for use in Adobe ® Photoshop ®, Elements, PSP, Pages, Photo-paint, 3D apps, textures and much more. PAT & PNG format.

Heart Photoshop patterns gallery (#37) 100 Colorful valentine seamless tiles including rounded items, circular items and many more for Adobe ® Photoshop ® and PS Elements, PSP, Pages, Photo-paint, GIMP, Illustrator, Inkscape and many others. PAT & PNG format.

Heart tiles for Photoshop gallery (#38) 100 Wonderful valentine day pattern tiles including elaborate tiles, calligraphic, scratched, outlines, extruded, shadows and more for Adobe ® Photoshop ® CC CS6 CS5 CS4 etc Elements, PSP, GIMP, Pages, Photo-paint and many others. PAT & PNG format.

Colorful heart patterns for Photoshop PAT only gallery (#5) 120 Romantic tiles for PS CC CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 7 6 and PS Elements only (as well as standalone Adobe ® Photoshop ®) and includes red romantic tiles, curved, shadow items, gels, grey items, calligraphic, outline, small and big items, pink, purple tiles and many more. PAT format only.

Heart patterns for Photoshop and Elements

What can I do with them

You can use them in thousands of ways. You can use them in commercial as well as personal use projects. You can use them to create items that can in turn be used to create items for sale (CU4CU). You can use the to create cards, mugs, posters, books, tiles, lovely ceramics, skateboards, videos, logos, adverts, backgrounds, packaging and much more. If you have any questions about their use, please contact us via our contact page (email, forum, twitter, youtube etc)


Related sets

You may be interested in the heart fonts for use in all kinds of apps such as PS and PS Elements and PSP and many others as well as brush strokes and also custom shapes


How to use them with the creative cloud updates

With the October 2014 release of the creative cloud, you can now use the powerful libraries feature with the romantic items. Create a new fill content layer with the tiles and then drag that to the Creative cloud library. It is stored in the current selected library. You can then use that to drag the same layer to the document at any point in the future with the same scaling etc. You can also use the work in Illustrator / on different machines / on different OS. You can also copy the source image for the tile to the library and use that in future projects. You can also save styles made up of those overlays as well. You can also combine paths with the flame tool with the latest Creative cloud release, great for all kinds of blazing imagery. The October 2014 release also has a new assets feature and you can quickly save the imagery from PS to a selection of PNG / etc files. All super useful for all kinds of projects.


How to open the PAT and PNGs

The heart patterns set can be opened in a variety of ways. The PATs are opened via the panel in PS. The PNG images are opened via the open command in PS or via the place command (so they can be used as layers). The PNG images can be located anywhere and can be accessed in OS from any location; though the PAT are best used via the presets folder. You can also double click the PAT tiles as well as right click the PAT and select the open command but this does depend on the file associations so you don't want to have Microsoft Word open instead. You can always reset this association to correct it


Video tutorials - how to learn more about them

You can find all our videos via our graphicxtras channel on Youtube (see the link at the top of the page for all our tutorials) You can see how to install the PAT, how to load the PNG images, how to convert them to other formats, use them as other resources, use them via the fill command, how to use the stamp brush tool and more. Any questions, please contact us via e-mail etc Re-coloring the tiles [Youtube] video tutorial


How to use them in Paint Shop Pro

The PAT cannot be used in PaintShop Pro (not yet anyway) but you can use the PNG images. Place the PNG images into the path of PSP and then access the presets via the materials panel / properties. You can use the tiles with shapes etc. You can also place the PNG images into the textures etc folders. You can find the locations of the folders via the file preferences and file locations in PSP


How to use them in PSP

You can use them via the edit menu fill command, they are especially good with the latest version (creative cloud) and the scripted tools as you can apply them via the random fill, along a curve / path etc. You can also use them in the layer menu new fill content layer command. You can use the PATs with the stamp tool found in the PS toolbox (you can also use them with the other brush tools if you go to the brushes panel and set the texture for the tool - that uses the overlay). You can use them via the layer menu layer styles and overlay and textures and stroke settings. You can now also use them with the custom shapes tool and the fill / stroke properties.


How to combine multiple tiles

You can use the presets as is but you can also create millions of more images by using multiple layers. Many of the PNG images include transparency so to create a new work, simply use the move / shift tool to align the selected layer to a different position (or use the scale feature). Some of the tiles (without transparency) require the use of blending modes such as darken or difference to see the lower layers. Once you have finished, you can flatten the image and use them to create new work or just use it as a new image (depending on the seams of the tile or if you wish to create abstract art etc). You can also combine the multiple items with smart filters to create even more amazing unique graphics