Hexagon Shapes / Honeycombs for Photoshop and Elements inc. Polygons, hex, outlines

hexagon custom shapes for Photoshop

Hexagon custom shapes for Photoshop CC 2017 2015 CS6 CS5 etc and Photoshop Elements gallery (Volume 104) 100 Hexagon custom shapes / vectors CSH with many mixed designs all in vector format for your work such as outlines and hex and rounded artwork.


Related sets include hexagon fonts and eps vector shapes and hexagon and hexagonal brushes as well as polygon / triangular fonts and eps shapes and Photoshop polygon custom shapes and polygon brushes for Photoshop, psp etc


The hexagon custom shapes can be combined with other designs such as radial themed custom shapes and rhombus and frame curved custom shapes The hexagon shapes can be colored and modified by using patterns such as ring and circular patterns and rose petal / flower seamless tile patterns and can be masked by using brushes as well as tiles and gradients etc Use the hexagon shapes together, use the direct selection tool to manipulate the paths and more. Find out more about the custom shapes via our tutorials such as how to use vector shapes with blending modes in Photoshop tutorial

dynamic row of hexagon shapes for Photoshop and elements hexagon shapes photoshop

Photoshop hexagon shapes gallery (Volume 21) 100 Vector designs PDF format (for use in PSP etc as well)

Hexagon shapes gallery (Volume 175) 100 Vector artworks CSH format

Shapes gallery (Volume 187) 100 Graphics CSH format

wide blue hexagon custom shapes hexagon custom shapes hexagon custom shapes hexagon custom shapes hexagon custom shapes