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Hexagon Shapes / Honeycombs for Photoshop and Elements inc. Polygons, hex

hexagon custom shapes for Photoshop

Hexagon custom shapes for Adobe Photoshop CC CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3 etc and Elements. The hexagon custom shapes are supplied in CSH format and includes notes, gallery and serial. Many different hexagon custom shapes are included in the sets such as rounded hexagon shapes, grid hexagon custom shapes, outline hexagon custom shapes, frame hexagon custom shapes. The hexagon custom shapes are all for commercial use and personal use. All are for royalty free use, all are by The Photoshop hexagon custom shapes can be used in any color. You can also use them as a great source for images and layers as well as brush strokes and pattern sources. You can use the hexagon custom shapes as a great source for amazing masks as well as selections. You can also apply masks to the hexagon shapes to create many variations of the same artworks. You can modify the hexagon custom shapes in countless ways in your projects. You can also use the hexagon custom shapes as a wonderful cookie cutter in Photoshop elements. The hexagon custom shapes can be used to create the most amazing edge and frame designs.


buy $3.49 (approx £2.73) -- 100 Hexagon custom shapes CSH Hexagon gallery

buy $3.49 (approx £2.73) -- 100 Hexagon vectors PDF Gallery V21

buy $3.49 (approx £2.73) -- 100 Hexagons CSH Gallery V175

buy $3.49 (approx £2.73) -- 100 Hexagon shapes CSH Gallery V187

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