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100 Horse custom shapes for Photoshop 2015 CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3 Elements 7 CC includes drawn, silhouette, rough presets, running presets, highlights, sketchy, scratchy, racing, head preset, faded, realistic and more. All included in CSH and EPS (for use in many other software beyond PS and Elements). PC and MAC OS X. Use to create books, wrapping paper, cards, leaflets, fashions, logos, textiles, stickers, country side, items for sale and much more. Commercial use, all royalty free, no credit is required, world wide use. Combine them, modify them, re-color them, warp, export and more. Load the Photoshop horse shapes via the open command or the presets palette as well as the PS edit menu.

Horse shapes for Photoshop and Elements


How to use them ???

You can use them to create items for commercial as well as personal use, you can also use them to create items that can be used in turn to create items for sale CU4CU. Use to create logos, brush strokes, adverts, packaging, videos, documents, items for sale on zazzle, sell items on cafepress, scrap booking, t-shirts, kitchen towels, toilet paper, animal covers, catalogs, skateboards, tiles and much more. If you have any questions about them, please contact us



How to use them in other apps??

Can I use them in other applications ? Not directly but you can always apply them as a layer in PS and then export the vector shape decorative graphic as an AI document via the export menu or via the PSD and PDF. You can also export the vector via the clipboard into applications such as Illustrator You can also save the raster format animal (with a selection) as a PNG image via the save menu. They can therefore be used in PaintShop Pro and Photos-paint as well as PS



Video tutorials - how can I find out more about them ??

You can find all our videos via the graphicxtras channel on youtube as well as many on the excellent TipDesk website. You can find out how to install them, apply the them as layers and paths and fills, how to use with styles, how to use visual effects, how to export the images to other applications, how to distort them, how to create brushes from them and much more. Any questions, please contact us via our contact page (email, twitter, youtube etc) and I will try and create a video or two about the subject



How to use them in Affinity Designer etc ??

The files are supplied in CSH as well as EPS in the pack 161 set. They can also be used in PS as well as elements but they can be used in many other apps as well such as Affinity Designer, PSP etc In most cases you can simply import them via the file open command of the app or the file place / import command and they can then be used either as a raster layer (such as in PSP) or as a vector in Affinity Designer etc. You can then manipulate the vector in countless ways such as setting the item to a huge size or perhaps duplicating the item or using it as a source for patterns and more (if AD then you will have to convert the EPS files to PNG format and then use those as a bitmap fill for the patterns). You can also edit the various anchor points in tools such as Affinity Designer as well as Illustrator and Inkscape and then save the result to a new EPS file or perhaps a PDF or SVG file for use on the web



How to use them as brushes as well ???

You can use them to create a vast number of brushes as well as patterns. Simply apply the preset (once or multiple times), perhaps apply some effects as required (oil paint is always a favourite for me) and then go to the edit menu and define brush. They offer an unlimited supply of wonderful and unique brush strokes for your projects. You can also combine the vectors with effects and adjustments by using the items as a smart object. The smart object can also combine more than one vector path and can also hold more than one filter or adjustment effect and with the latest version of CC you can now add layer styles with multiple shadows and glows and strokes and more



What do I get once I purchase the set ???

What do I get when I buy the set ? You get a ZIP from (they handle all the various transactions for the site as well as the downloads) and they will then send the ZIP via a download link / e-mail. The ZIP contains the CSH presets along with documentation and gallery and serial number for any future updates of the set.



How to edit them ???

You can do minor editing of the vectors in PS but the best results can be achieved by exporting them to applications such as Illustrator. You can save the vectors to the CC library and then edited in Illustrator. You can also export the items to tools such as Affinity Photo as well as Inkscape. The vectors can then be copied back into PS and used as a new CSH or just used as a standard layer.



How did you create them ?

How were they created ?? They were created using a single 3D model in Poser (an application from Smith Micro). The animal was posed in a variety of ways as well as different lighting and other effects used as well as different camera angles (such as closeups etc) and these were then rendered in a variety of ways and these were then saved as a PNG or JPG file. The files were then opened in Illustrator as well as Adobe PS and manipulated in a variety of ways to create a whole range of sketch effects / illustrations / silhouettes / realistic etc artworks which were then copied over into PS and then defined as a vector via the edit menu and saved to the preset palette. The palette was then saved as a CSH format file (this was done using PS 6 which means all the vectors can be used with all versions upwards). All are by Andrew Buckle /



How to use them with the shape blur ?

Yes, you can use them with the powerful PS shape blur filter (found in the filter menu). They can be used to create a vast range of unique blurring effects for any images as well as text. I have always found the tool one of the best blurring tools but it does require a little of research beforehand and careful handling. You can totally wipe out any image if you apply a large setting so subtle blurs probably work best or perhaps use it with fading or blend modes. You can use the tool multiple times and with the smart objects / smart filters you can add multiple low powered blurs to an equine layer



How to use them as a cookie cutter ???

Can I use them as a cookie cutter in PS Elements ? Yes, you can use the presets with the PS element cookie cutter tool. The cookie cutter tool has now been tucked away in the PSE toolbox next to the crop tool. Not sure why it has been demoted as a tool as I have always found it very useful. You can use once or multiple times to cut away pixels from an image. You can also combine the effect in multiple ways with images and other effects. If you load them for the CSH tool then the same selection of cutters are available.



How to use them with styles in PS ???

If you add them as a layer, you can add styles / layer effects to the them such as a shadow or bevel or glow. With the latest release of the Creative cloud CC 2015 you can now add multiple shadows as well as multiple glows and strokes etc as well as adding patterns and bevels / textures. This is done via the layer menu and layer styles though you can quickly add styles via the styles palette. The result can be saved to the CC library for future use as well as keeping all the items secure. As a layer you can also use the 3D menu and add an extrusion to the layer as well as a variety of different extrusions such as twirls etc. The 3D vector can be saved as a new 3D model in OBJ etc format.



How to open the EPS ???

The EPS can be loaded via the open command and place command. They can be added to the CC creative library and loaded that way. The EPS layers are raster but they can still be edited as a vector (as they are displayed as a smart object). You can also load the EPS files in Illustrator and edit them as a vector animal (as well as in Affinty Photo and Designer and others). The EPS artworks can also be used with filters / adjustments / styles etc and exported as a PSD or TIFF or PNG




A selection of examples : Basic / Example / running / Sketched / Circled / Multiple items / Different colors / Very loose sketch / Woodcut approach / Yellow sketch / Screenshot in PS