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Updated: October 8th, 2014

horseshoe custom shapes for Photoshop

Horseshoe shapes for Photoshop gallery (V11)

150 Horseshoe and lucky shapes for Photoshop CC CS5 CS6 CS4 CS3 CS1 CS2 2014 etc Elements royalty free - Stunning vector horseshoe shape decorative graphics for any size of work. The vector artworks can be combined, modified, re-colored, warped, effects applied, layer effects applied, distortions, points changed, exported and much more. Easy to load designs for all kinds of work. Access the CSH presets set via the open command or via the presets palette load replace commands. Once loaded, apply the presets via the presets tool as layers, paths, fills etc. Combine the wonderful Vector graphics to create 1000s of different artworks. Re-color the shapes via the foreground color in the toolbox. Commercial (CU4CU) use artworks, no time limits for their use - use to create items for sale, videos, wallpaper, patterns, bottles, posters, patches, gloves, fashions, calendars, farm equipment, adverts, packaging, caps and much more.

horseshoe graphic vector design shape for Photoshop

Horseshoe shapes for Photoshop gallery PDF (V36)

170 Horseshoe shapes including emboss, shadows, colorful artworks and more. All the artworks are in standard PDF (Adobe Acrobat) and the PDF can be opened and imported into CC CS6 CS5.5 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 7 6 as well as PS Elements, Adobe IND, Apple Pages, Xara and others. PC and MAC OS X. The artworks are all vectors so can be imported and opened at any size for your projects so if you want to use the vectors at 100 x 100 then you can, you can also use them at 3000 x 3000 and more. commercial (CU4CU) use- use to create items for sale, books, leaflets, stationery, books, baby apparel, farm equipment, posters, logos, bags, hats and much more.

Horseshoe graphics designs pdf vector extruded

Horseshoe shapes gallery PDF (V35)

100 Horseshoe shapes, embossed, shadows, 3D, rotated designs, super colorful designs and more - a stunning selection of vectors for all kinds of work. Use the artworks in PS and PS Elements, Adobe IND, Apple Pages, Xara Photo Designer and many other applications on the PC and MAC. PDF. Commercial use

Horseshoe custom shapes for Photoshop and Elements

Installation of horseshoe shapes in Adobe PS

All are stored in CSH. All are Vector graphics, so infinitely more useful than the raster format brushes ABR etc. Sadly, the CSH is probably the least supported format for installation and opening in PS. The easiest way to open the Vector graphics in PS is to add the CSH presets to the presets folder in PS or PS Elements and then go to the right side menu of the palette and select the CSH presets - once loaded, access the horseshoe designs from the palette (while using the custom shapes tool as well as the cookie cutter tool in PS Elements.


horseshoe shapes for Photoshop white and text combined


They can be combined with text in numerous ways

horseshoe shapes for Photoshop combine paths


They can be combined with others such as the red ellipse in the center

horseshoe shapes for Photoshop tiles guides


You can use the powerful smart guides in CC 2014 to align the vector presets to create a pattern design

horseshoe shapes for Photoshop and elements layers combined


They can be duplicated over and over and aligned in a row

horseshoe shapes layers for Photoshop aligned invert


They can be re-colored (in the above, inverted) and transformed (above, rotated)

horseshoe shapes for Photoshop layer effects camera raw


They can be modified in countless ways as a shape layer with layer effects and standard gallery effects

PDF Horseshoe shapes in Adobe PS and psp etc

The PDF shapes can be loaded via the open command in PS as well as the place command. The PDF horseshoe shapes can be loaded via the open command in PaintShop Pro.